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市场低迷迫使差异化经营 家居业现逆市升级风

中国建材行业一周大事记(4.18-4.22) 说明


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1.多地光伏项目弃电高达七成 新能源消纳能力不足
3.朝阳区“一绿”首批6个乡试点 1.2万余人将搬迁上楼
5.“控风险”再获强调 未来房地产市场或“趋稳”


1. Yes, even if real GDP growth does not. Speculation over the true GDP growth rate in China, as opposed to the official one, has spawned a cottage industry of specialist economists. The official figures are deceptively stable and serene thanks to suspected “smoothing” by the Chinese authorities, as they bend the figures to fit growth targets. So even if growth does stumble in 2018, the official growth rate is almost certain to come in above the preordained 6.5 per cent.
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3. The ECB ended the year with a vote on December 3 to cut its deposit rate to minus 0.3 per cent and an expansion in asset purchases that leaves its quantitative easing programme at 1.46tn. The move came days before the US Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the first time since 2006, underlining the sharply divergent policies being pursued on either side of the Atlantic.
4. 2018年,中国电影票房收入增长9%,达到89亿美元(约合609.8亿人民币)。
5. The number of such applications in Beijing last year increased 426% from that of 2015.
6. 你不停的想他/她,以至于你都没有发现这里没有第十二条


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2、饥饿营销成就了小米 薄利多销才是家具企业的发展利器
3、印度六大家具电商盘点 将助印家具市场增长十倍
4、菏泽取消限售并不具备全国效应 明年楼市会回温吗?
5、7月成交明显走低 京城楼市迎来购房窗口期?
6、金九未现银十回暖 业内:房价普涨可能性很小....


      The Baltic Dry index, a measure of the trade in bulk commodities, has been touching historic lows. China, which in 2014 overtook the US as the biggest trading nation, this month reported double-digit falls in both exports and imports in January. In Brazil, which is experiencing its worst recession in more than a century, imports from China have collapsed.