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四川家居业“动作”频频 企业抱团突破千亿元大关

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2.新政遭遇疯狂“透支” 楼市踏空风险逐渐加剧
4.家装热潮提前到 卖场促销抢蛋糕
5.政策演进 住房制度体系再优化


1. 《大城小妞》(Broad City),Comedy Central,1月14日播出。伊拉纳·格雷泽(Ilana Glazer)与艾比·雅克布逊(Abbi Jacobson)带着第二季回归了,它讽刺了纽约那些大材小用而又自恋的人们生活中的故作姿态、妥协与纯粹粗俗。
2. Swiss school IMD comes top in the ranking of open-enrolment courses, available to all working managers, and jumps two places to second for customised programmes, which are tailor-made for corporate customers. Iese of Spain holds on to the top spot in the custom ranking and remains second in the open ranking.
3. 12. “The Kindergarten Teacher” (Nadav Lapid)
4. 3.3M公司
5. Age: 33
6. 1. China’s Economy.China is the second largest consumer of oil in the world and surpassed the United States as the largest importer of liquid fuels in late 2013. More importantly for oil prices is how much China’s consumption will increase in the coming years. According to the EIA, China is expected burn through 3 million more barrels per day in 2020 compared to 2012, accounting for about one-quarter of global demand growth over that timeframe. Although there is much uncertainty, China just wrapped up a disappointing fourth quarter, capping off its slowest annual growth in over a quarter century. It is not at all obvious that China will be able to halt its sliding growth rate, but the trajectory of China’s economy will significantly impact oil prices in 2015.


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1、海南房地产量价齐升 商品住宅去化期收窄
3、落实城市主体责任 促房地产市场平稳健康发展
5、京沪前7个月投资遇“寒流” 房地产撑起半壁江山
6、LED企业双主业布局渐成趋势 文体产业成跨界首选....