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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Good-bye!" he said finally, and went out.
2.  Coming back, he resumed his place and began again.
3.  "Certainly," said McGarren, "I can fix that for you, George."
4.  Both policemen ran out toward the crowd, but the latter repliedby running toward the car. A woman--a mere girl in appearance--was among these, bearing a rough stick. She was exceedinglywrathful and struck at Hurstwood, who dodged. Thereupon, hercompanions, duly encouraged, jumped on the car and pulledHurstwood over. He had hardly time to speak or shout before hefell.
5.  "I won't," he said, squeezing her hand at parting and giving theglance she had just cautioned against.
6.  "I call," he said.


1.  "You will excuse me for intruding," he said; "but have you beenthinking of changing your apartments?"
2.  Carrie seemed not to listen. She only turned her head toward thewindow, where outside all was black. The train was speeding withsteady grace across the fields and through patches of wood. Thelong whistles came with sad, musical effect as the lonelywoodland crossings were approached.
3.  Still no answer.
4.  Hurstwood felt the long-range examination and recognised thetype. Instinctively he felt that the man was a detective--thathe was being watched. He hurried across, pretending not tonotice, but in his mind was a world of thoughts. What wouldhappen now? What could these people do? He began to troubleconcerning the extradition laws. He did not understand themabsolutely. Perhaps he could be arrested. Oh, if Carrie shouldfind out! Montreal was too warm for him. He began to long to beout of it.
5.  "I got some lard," he would add, as an afterthought. "I thoughtmaybe you might want to make some biscuit."
6.  "Wednesday. We'll go, won't we?"


1.  "Hold on a minute," cried the manager, throwing up his hands, asif in despair. His demeanour was fierce.
2.  Curiously, for all her leaning towards Hurstwood, he had nottaken a firm hold on her understanding. She was listening,smiling, approving, and yet not finally agreeing. This was dueto a lack of power on his part, a lack of that majesty of passionthat sweeps the mind from its seat, fuses and melts all argumentsand theories into a tangled mass, and destroys for the time beingthe reasoning power. This majesty of passion is possessed bynearly every man once in his life, but it is usually an attributeof youth and conduces to the first successful mating.
3.  "I haven't an earthly thing with me," said Carrie; "not even ahandkerchief."
4.  Not long after the management decided to transfer the show toLondon. A second summer season did not seem to promise wellhere.
5.   But now see wherein the parallel changes. A fortune, like a man,is an organism which draws to itself other minds and otherstrength than that inherent in the founder. Beside the youngminds drawn to it by salaries, it becomes allied with youngforces, which make for its existence even when the strength andwisdom of the founder are fading. It may be conserved by thegrowth of a community or of a state. It may be involved inproviding something for which there is a growing demand. Thisremoves it at once beyond the special care of the founder. Itneeds not so much foresight now as direction. The man wanes, theneed continues or grows, and the fortune, fallen into whose handsit may, continues. Hence, some men never recognise the turningin the tide of their abilities. It is only in chance cases,where a fortune or a state of success is wrested from them, thatthe lack of ability to do as they did formerly becomes apparent.Hurstwood, set down under new conditions, was in a position tosee that he was no longer young. If he did not, it was duewholly to the fact that his state was so well balanced that anabsolute change for the worse did not show.
6.  He found a hydrant, with a trough which had once been used forhorses, but there was no towel here, and his handkerchief wassoiled from yesterday. He contented himself with wetting hiseyes with the ice-cold water. Then he sought the foreman, whowas already on the ground.


1.  "And I'm telling you," he returned, fixing a clear, steady eye onher, "that it's no easy thing to get. I'm not sure whether themanager will give it to me."
2.  "Well, you wait a little while and see," he concluded. "I'llmarry you all right."
3.  The contagion of thought here demonstrated itself. While Hansonreally came for bread, the thought dwelt with him that now hewould see what Carrie was doing. No sooner did he draw near herwith that in mind than she felt it. Of course, she had nounderstanding of what put it into her head, but, nevertheless, itaroused in her the first shade of real antipathy to him. Sheknew now that she did not like him. He was suspicious.
4、  They ran the car to the end and both got off. Hurstwood wentinto the barn and sought a car step, pulling out his paper-wrapped lunch from his pocket. There was no water and the breadwas dry, but he enjoyed it. There was no ceremony about dining.He swallowed and looked about, contemplating the dull, homelylabour of the thing. It was disagreeable--miserablydisagreeable--in all its phases. Not because it was bitter, butbecause it was hard. It would be hard to any one, he thought.
5、  "You know," he said, "I think I'm going to get the worst of mydeal down there."




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      He looked around the square, and seeing the several large hotels,decided to go to one for dinner. He would get his papers andmake himself comfortable there.

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      "Yes, indeed," added Drouet, who was not in the least aware thata battle had been fought and his defences weakened. He was likethe Emperor of China, who sat glorying in himself, unaware thathis fairest provinces were being wrested from him.

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       There was a time when he had been considerably enamoured of hisJessica, especially when he was younger and more confined in hissuccess. Now, however, in her seventeenth year, Jessica haddeveloped a certain amount of reserve and independence which wasnot inviting to the richest form of parental devotion. She was inthe high school, and had notions of life which were decidedlythose of a patrician. She liked nice clothes and urged for themconstantly. Thoughts of love and elegant individualestablishments were running in her head. She met girls at thehigh school whose parents were truly rich and whose fathers hadstanding locally as partners or owners of solid businesses.These girls gave themselves the airs befitting the thrivingdomestic establishments from whence they issued. They were theonly ones of the school about whom Jessica concerned herself.

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      He could not have introduced a more incongruous proposition. Itmade clear to Carrie that he could not sympathise with her. Shecould not have framed thoughts which would have expressed hisdefect or made clear the difference between them, but she feltit. It was his first great mistake.

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    {  "I was," said Drouet.

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      "Oh, come," he said, "you've been thinking it over too long.I'll tell you what you do. You say you can't wear them outthere. Why don't you rent a furnished room and leave them inthat for a week?"}

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      He went out into the streets and tramped north, along SeventhAvenue, idly fixing upon the Harlem River as an objective point.He had seen some ships up there, the time he had called upon thebrewers. He wondered how the territory thereabouts was growing.

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      "Oh, dear," said Carrie.

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       "I wonder," he said, as he rode away in his cab, "how Drouet cameto win her."

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    {  "I have my mind he'll get his fill," returned the latter,quietly. They had been in strikes before.

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      "I'm not," he said. "Did any one else see him?"