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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, I had given Miss Harrison instructions to lock the door on theoutside and take the key with her when she went to bed. She carriedout every one of my injunctions to the letter, and certainly withouther cooperation you would not have that paper in your coat-pocket. Shedeparted then and the lights went out, and I was left squatting in therhododendron-bush.
2.  "You can imagine from what I say that my poor sister Julia and I hadno great pleasure in our lives. No servant would stay with us, and fora long time we did all the work of the house. She was but thirty atthe time of her death, and yet her hair had already begun to whiten,even as mine has."
3.  "That is so. Mr. Holmes, you are a wizard."
4.  "And why did you wish to see me?" He looked across at my companionwith despair in his weary eyes, as though his question was alreadyanswered.
5.  "But this danger, Holmes?"
6.  "They were on his tray this morning. I brought them because I hadheard that you can read great things out of small ones."Holmes shrugged his shoulders.


1.  "Of course the calculation now was a simple one. If a rod of sixfeet threw a shadow of nine, a tree of sixty-four feet would throw oneof ninety-six, and the line of the one would of course be the lineof the other. I measured out the distance, which brought me almostto the wall of the house, and I thrust a peg into the spot. You canimagine my exultation, Watson, when within two inches of my peg Isaw a conical depression in the ground. I knew that it was the markmade by Brunton in his measurements, and that I was still upon histrail.
2.  Holmes snorted his contempt.
3.  "Then we had a talk as to what we should do, and Frank was all foropenness, but I was so ashamed of it all that I felt as if I shouldlike to vanish away and never see any of them again-just sending aline to pa, perhaps, to show him that I was alive. It was awful tome to think of all those lords and ladies sitting round thatbreakfast-table and waiting for me to come back. So Frank took mywedding clothes and things and made a bundle of them, so that I shouldnot be traced, and dropped them away somewhere where no one could findthem. It is likely that we should have gone on to Paris to-morrow,only that this good gentleman, Mr. Holmes, came round to us thisevening, though how he found us is more than I can think, and heshowed us very clearly and kindly that I was wrong and that Frankwas right, and that we should be putting ourselves in the wrong ifwe were so secret. Then he offered to give us a chance of talking toLord St. Simon alone, and so we came right away round to his roomsat once. Now, Robert, you have heard it all, and I am very sorry ifI have given you pain, and I hope that you do not think very meanly ofme."
4.  .
5.  Holmes laughed at the young giant's naive astonishment."You live in a different world to me, Mr. Overton- a sweeter andhealthier one. My ramifications stretch out into many sections ofsociety, but never, I am happy to say, into amateur sport, which isthe best and soundest thing in England. However, your unexpected visitthis morning shows me that even in that world of fresh air and fairplay, there may be work for me to do. So now, my good sir, I beg youto sit down and to tell me, slowly and quietly, exactly what it isthat has occurred, and how you desire that I should help you."Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who ismore accustomed to using his muscles than his wits, but by degrees,with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from hisnarrative, he laid his strange story before us.
6.  He had rung loudly at the door of a great dark house in the centreof Poultney Square. It was opened immediately, and the figure of atall woman was outlined against the dim-lit hall.


1.  "It was most unfortunate, sir. But I have occasionally done the samething at other times."
2.  "It is Lestrade's little cock-a-doodle of victory," Holmes answered,with a bitter smile. "And yet it may be premature to abandon the case.After all, important fresh evidence is a two-edged thing, and maypossibly cut in a very different direction to that which Lestradeimagines. Take your breakfast, Watson, and we will go out together andsee what we can do. I feel as if I shall need your company and yourmoral support today."
3.  "Get out!" said he.
4.  "Why, it is after nine now," answered. "I should not be surprised ifthat were he. I thought I heard a ring."
5.   The fat man cast his eyes round, and then up at the open skylight."It is for me to ask you that," he shrieked, "you thieves! Spies andthieves! I have caught you, have I? You are in my power. I'll serveyou!" He turned and clattered down the stairs as hard as he could go."He's gone for the dog!" cried Miss Hunter.
6.  "Our French friends seem to have touched the spot this time. Nodoubt it's just as they say. She knocked at the door- surprisevisit, I guess, for he kept his life in water-tight compartments- helet her in, couldn't keep her in the street. She told him how shehad traced him, reproached him. One thing led to another, and thenwith that dagger so handy the end soon came. It wasn't all done inan instant, though, for these chairs were all swept over yonder, andhe had one in his hand as if he had tried to hold her off with it.We've got it all clear as if we had seen it."


1.  "No."
2.  The beautiful Italian looked with awe at my companion.
3.  "I had only known her a few weeks."
4、  The Premier looked at Holmes with twinkling eyes.
5、  salmon-coloured tie. His broad face and flattened nose were thrustforward, as his sullen dark eyes, with a smouldering gleam of malicein them, turned from one of us to the other.




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      "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror." She raised her veil as shespoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state ofagitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightenedeyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure werethose of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray,and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her overwith one of his quick, all-comprehensive glances.

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      Bannister licked his dry lips.

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       "What else can be indicated by that right cuff so very shinyfor five inches, and the left one with the smooth patch near theelbow where you rest it upon the desk?"

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      "Admirable!" he said. "A most illuminating remark. It isimpossible as I state it, and therefore I must in some respect havestated it wrong. Yet you saw for yourself. Can you suggest anyfallacy?"

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    {  "Yes, my boy, these were all done prematurely before my biographerhad come to glorify me." He lifted bundle after bundle in a tender,caressing sort of way.

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      Our months of partnership had not been so uneventful as he hadstated, for I find, on looking over my notes, that this periodincludes the case of the papers of ex-President Murillo, and alsothe shocking affair of the Dutch steamship Friesland, which sonearly cost us both our lives. His cold and proud nature was alwaysaverse, however, from anything in the shape of public applause, and hebound me in the most stringent terms to say no further word ofhimself, his methods, or his successes- a prohibition which, as I haveexplained, has only now been removed.}

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      "There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. Youmust put this piece of paper which you have shown us into thebrass box which you have described. You must also put in a noteto say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle, andthat this is the only one which remains. You must assert that insuch words as will carry conviction with them. Having done this,you must at once put the box out upon the sundial, as directed.Do you understand?"

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       Sherlock Holmes rose with a smile.

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    {  "Well, if you couldn't you couldn't. If the Countess is a hardmistress, you have your chance to get level with her now. Bless thegirl, what are you shivering about? That's right. Pull yourselftogether. Now, let us get down to business." He took a notebook fromthe drawer of his desk. "You say that you have five letters whichcompromise the Countess d'Albert. You want to sell them. I want to buythem. So far so good. It only remains to fix a price. I should want toinspect the letters, of course. If they are really good specimens-Great heavens, is it you?"

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      "Yes, my dear Watson, I have solved the mystery."