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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He is not at home, and I will carry away the key, after havingplaced you in his apartment."
2.  "Then Monsieur is satisfied?" asked Planchet.
3.  "But, my dear love, reflect a little upon what you require of me.London is far from Paris, very far, and perhaps the commissionwith which you charge me is not without dangers?""What matters it, if you avoid them?"
4.  Milady ran up to her apartment quickly: she there found Rochefort'slackey, and gave him his instructions.
5.  "That man," said Milady, lowering her voice, "is my brother.""Your brother!" cried Mme. Bonacieux.
6.  "May you tell me whither?"


1.  Every one drew back, and the man in the red cloak remained standingalone in the middle of the room.
2.  "Well, my Captain," said Porthos, quite beside himself, "thetruth is that we were six against six. But we were not capturedby fair means; and before we had time to draw our swords, two ofour party were dead, and Athos, grievously wounded, was verylittle better. For you know Athos. Well, Captain, he endeavoredtwice to get up, and fell again twice. And we did notsurrender--no! They dragged us away by force. On the way weescaped. As
3.  "Who?" asked his Eminence.
4.  The mendicant continued to rip his garments; and drew fromamid his rags a hundred and fifty Spanish double pistoles,which he laid down on the table; then he opened the door,bowed, and went out before the young man, stupefied by hisletter, had ventured to address a word to him.
5.  An expression of unspeakable joy lightened the countenance ofMilady; but this expression was fleeting as the reflection oflightning. Without appearing to have heard the dialogue, ofwhich she had not lost a word, she began again, giving to hervoice all the charm, all the power, all the seduction the demonhad bestowed upon it:
6.  This evening, especially, Aramis was melancholy and thoughtful.D'Artagnan asked some questions about this prolonged melancholy.Aramis pleaded as his excuse a commentary upon the eighteenthchapter of St. Augustine, which he was forced to write in Latinfor the following week, and which preoccupied him a good deal.After the two friends had been chatting a few moments, a servantfrom M. de Treville entered, bringing a sealed packet."What is that?" asked Aramis.


1.  "For everything," cried D'Artagnan, who knew beforehand thathe had not much to risk in engaging himself thus."Well, now let us talk a little seriously," said Milady, inher turn drawing her armchair nearer to D'Artagnan's chair."I am all attention, madame," said he.
2.  "My Lord, The person who writes these few lines had thehonor of crossing swords with you in the little enclosure ofthe Rue d'Enfer. As you have several times since declaredyourself the friend of that person, he thinks it his duty torespond to that friendship by sending you importantinformation. Twice you have nearly been the victim of a nearrelative, whom you believe to be your heir because youare ignorant that before she contracted a marriage inEngland she was already married in France. But the thirdtime, which is the present, you may succumb. Your relativeleft La Rochelle for England during the night. Watch herarrival, for she has great and terrible projects. If yourequire to know positively what she is capable of, read herpast history on her left shoulder."
3.  "Tell me who this man was!" cried the young officer.Milady saw at a single glance all the painful feelings sheinspired in Felton by dwelling on every detail of her recital;but she would not spare him a single pang. The more profoundlyshe wounded his heart, the more certainly he would avenge her.She continued, then, as if she had not heard his exclamation, oras if she thought the moment was not yet come to reply to it."Only this time it was no longer an inert body, without feeling,that the villain had to deal with. I have told you that withoutbeing able to regain the complete exercise of my faculties, Iretained the sense of my danger. I struggled, then, with all mystrength, and doubtless opposed, weak as I was, a longresistance, for I heard him cry out, 'These miserable Puritans!I knew very well that they tired out their executioners, but Idid not believe them so strong against their lovers!'"Alas! this desperate resistance could not last long. I felt mystrength fail, and this time it was not my sleep that enabled thecoward to prevail, but my swoon."
4.  "Come hither, I say, and don't be afraid," continued Athos. "Atthe very moment when I was about to pay you, I had placed mypurse on the table."
5.   "Good God," cried Kitty, "there is my mistress calling me!Go; go directly!"
6.  D'Artagnan did not budge.


1.  Athos dwelt in the Rue Ferou, within two steps of the Luxembourg.His apartment consisted of two small chambers, very nicely fittedup, in a furnished house, the hostess of which, still young andstill really handsome, cast tender glances uselessly at him.Some fragments of past splendor appeared here and there upon thewalls of this modest lodging; a sword, for example, richlyembossed, which belonged by its make to the times of Francis I,the hilt of which alone, encrusted with precious stones, might beworth two hundred pistoles, and which, nevertheless, in hismoments of greatest distress Athos had never pledged or offeredfor sale. It had long been an object of ambition for Porthos.Porthos would have given ten years of his life to possess thissword.
2.  "Yes, let us chat, brother," said she, with a kind ofcheerfulness, decided as she was to draw from the conversation,in spite of all the dissimulation Lord de Winter could bring, therevelations of which she stood in need to regulate her futureconduct.
3.  As soon as this organization was established, they set aboutdriving the English from the Isle.
4、  "Not so, if you please, my good friend--not here, at least. Doyou not perceive that we are opposite the Hotel d'Arguillon,which is full of the cardinal's creatures? How do I know thatthis is not his Eminence who has honored you with the commissionto procure my head? Now, I entertain a ridiculous partiality formy head, it seems to suit my shoulders so correctly. I wish tokill you, be at rest as to that, but to kill you quietly in asnug, remote place, where you will not be able to boast of yourdeath to anybody."
5、  "There are five of them," said Athos, half aloud, "and we are butthree; we shall be beaten again, and must die on the spot, for,on my part, I declare I will never appear again before thecaptain as a conquered man."




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      "I disturb you, perhaps, my dear Aramis," continued D'Artagnan,"for by what I see, I am led to believe that you are confessingto these gentlemen."

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      "Does not your Eminence fear that the punishment inflictedupon Ravaillac may deter anyone who might entertain the ideaof imitating him?"

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       "That's the man!" cried D'Artagnan, "again he, forever he! He ismy demon, apparently. And the other?"

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      "Yes, where is this letter?" cried D'Artagnan. "In the firstplace, I warn you that that letter is for Monsieur de Treville,and it must be found, he will not know how to find it."His threat completed the intimidation of the host. After theking and the cardinal, M. de Treville was the man whose name wasperhaps most frequently repeated by the military, and even bycitizens. There was, to be sure, Father Joseph, but his name wasnever pronounced but with a subdued voice, such was the terrorinspired by his Gray Eminence, as the cardinal's familiar wascalled.

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    {  The favorite of two kings, immensely rich, all-powerful in akingdom which he disordered at his fancy and calmed again at hiscaprice, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, had lived one ofthose fabulous existences which survive, in the course ofcenturies, to astonish posterity.

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      He then went straight to the door and knocked, murmuring, "I willgo myself and be caught in the mousetrap, but woe be to the catsthat shall pounce upon such a mouse!"}

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      "Possibly," continued Aramis, "came toward me, accompanied byfive or six men who followed about ten paces behind him; and inthe politest tone, 'Monsieur Duke,' said he to me, 'and youmadame,' continued he, addressing the lady on my arm--""The doctor's niece?"

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      "Let your Majesty remember," said Treville, "that Monsieur Athosis the Musketeer who, in the annoying duel which you areacquainted with, had the misfortune to wound Monsieur de Cahusacso seriously. A PROPOS, monseigneur," continued Treville.Addressing the cardinal, "Monsieur de Cahusac is quite recovered,is he not?"

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       "What, my horse?"

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    {  D'Artagnan added M. de Treville to the others, as may beperceived; but he thought this addition would do no harm."I have the greatest veneration for the cardinal," continued he,"and the most profound respect for his actions. So much thebetter for me, sir, if you speak to me, as you say, withfrankness--for then you will do me the honor to esteem theresemblance of our opinions; but if you have entertained anydoubt, as naturally you may, I feel that I am ruining myself byspeaking the truth. But I still trust you will not esteem me theless for it, and that is my object beyond all others."M. de Treville was surprised to the greatest degree. So muchpenetration, so much frankness, created admiration, but did notentirely remove his suspicions. The more this young man wassuperior to others, the more he was to be dreaded of he meant todeceive him; "You are an honest youth; but at the present momentI can only do for you that which I just now offered. My hotelwill be always open to you. Hereafter, being able to ask for meat all hours, and consequently to take advantage of allopportunities, you will probably obtain that which you desire.""That is to say," replied D'Artagnan, "that you will wait until Ihave proved myself worthy of it. Well, be assured," added he,with the familiarity of a Gascon, "you shall not wait long." Andhe bowed in order to retire, and as if he considered the futurein his own hands.

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      The captain replied by ordering the necessary maneuvers, andtoward seven o'clock in the morning the little vessel cast anchorin the bay that had been named.