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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And the king has seen the cardinal?" asked M. de Treville."In all probability he has," replied the valet, "for I saw thehorses harnessed to his Eminence's carriage this morning, andwhen I asked where he was going, they told me, "To St. Germain.'""He is beforehand with us," said M. de Treville. "Gentlemen, Iwill see the king this evening; but as to you, I do not adviseyou to risk doing so."
2.  "In the course of the day Madame de Lannoy, in her quality oftire-woman of the queen, looked for this casket, appeared uneasyat not finding it, and at length asked information of the queen.""And then the queen?"
3.  "Nothing," replied Milady.
4.  "Then," said Felton, who became impatient, "say yourself, madame,what treatment you wish followed."
5.  "Yes; I."
6.  "Is that all, monseigneur?"


1.  They immediately sent their lackeys for Porthos and Aramis,and on their arrival made them acquainted with thesituation.
2.  "Private interests are as nothing before the interests of all. Iam for those who save the state," said Bonacieux, emphatically."And what do you know about the state you talk of?" said Mme.Bonacieux, shrugging her shoulders. "Be satisfied with being aplain, straightforward citizen, and turn to that side whichoffers the most advantages."
3.  "My faith," said Athos, "I have nothing to say against aretreat. We bet upon one hour, and we have stayed an hourand a half. Nothing can be said; let us be off, gentlemen,let us be off!"
4.  "Thou alarmest me!" said Athos, who never used thee and thoubut upon very particular occasions, "what has happened?""Look you, my friends!" cried D'Artagnan, "a horriblesuspicion crosses my mind! Can this be another vengeance ofthat woman?"
5.  During this passage, Felton related everything to Milady--how,instead of going to London, he had chartered the little vessel;how he had returned; how he had scaled the wall by fasteningcramps in the interstices of the stones, as he ascended, to givehim foothold; and how, when he had reached the bars, he fastenedhis ladder. Milady knew the rest.
6.  "Then," continued the host, "I replied that as from the moment weseemed not likely to come to a good understanding with respect topayment, I hoped that he would have at least the kindness togrant the favor of his custom to my brother host of the GoldenEagle; but Monsieur Porthos replied that, my house being thebest, he should remain where he was. This reply was tooflattering to allow me to insist on his departure. I confinedmyself then to begging him to give up his chamber, which is thehandsomest in the hotel, and to be satisfied with a pretty littleroom on the third floor; but to this Monsieur Porthos repliedthat as he every moment expected his mistress, who was one of thegreatest ladies in the court, I might easily comprehend that thechamber he did me the honor to occupy in my house was itself verymean for the visit of such a personage. Nevertheless, whileacknowledging the truth of what he said, I thought proper toinsist; but without even giving himself the trouble to enter intoany discussion with me, he took one of his pistols, laid it onhis table, day and night, and said that at the first word thatshould be spoken to him about removing, either within the houseor our of it, he would blow out the brains of the person whoshould be so imprudent as to meddle with a matter which onlyconcerned himself. Since that time, monsieur, nobody enter hischamber but his servant."


1.  Unfortunately, the hour was badly chosen for a privateconference. The morning drum had just been beaten; everyoneshook off the drowsiness of night, and to dispel the humidmorning air, came to take a drop at the inn. Dragoons,Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded oneanother with a rapidity which might answer the purpose ofthe host very well, but agreed badly with the views of thefour friends. Thus they applied very curtly to thesalutations, healths, and jokes of their companions."I see how it will be," said Athos: "we shall get into somepretty quarrel or other, and we have no need of one justnow. D'Artagnan, tell us what sort of a night you have had,and we will describe ours afterward."
2.  "For me?" said D'Artagnan; "are you sure of that?""PARDIEU, monsieur, I can't be more sure. The SOUBRETTE said,'For your master.' I have no other master but you; so-a pretty little lass, my faith, is that SOUBRETTE!"D'Artagnan opened the letter, and read these words:
3.  "And that is mine also," said the curate.
4.  "Good!" cried D'Artagnan, "I will be there ten minutes beforetwelve." And he set off running as if the devil possessed him,hoping that he might yet find the stranger, whose slow pace couldnot have carried him far.
5.   Aramis drew the letter from his pocket; the three friendssurrounded him, and the three lackeys grouped themselves againnear the wine jar.
6.  "Which means?"


1.  As he gained the top of the Rue Guenegaud, he saw two personscoming out of the Rue Dauphine whose appearance very much struckhim. Of the two persons who composed this group, one was a manand the other a woman. The woman had the outline of Mme.Bonacieux; the man resembled Aramis so much as to be mistaken forhim.
2.  "Well," said Milady, in a trembling voice, "why do you notenter? Count, Count," added she, "you know that I wait foryou."
3.  Felton lowered his head and reflected.
4、  "Oh, you do quite right, monsieur."
5、  "Be tranquil," murmured Milady; "I will avenge you--andcruelly!"




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      Porthos, at the sound of that voice, started like a man awakenedfrom a sleep of a hundred years.

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      "Then you would employ for me your arm which has alreadyacquired so much renown?"

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       "And what guarantee will you give me," asked she, "if I consentto confide this message to you?"

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      Silence was re-established. Two hours passed away. Milady'ssupper was brought in, and she was found deeply engaged in sayingher prayers aloud--prayers which she had learned of an oldservant of her second husband, a most austere Puritan. Sheappeared to be in ecstasy, and did not pay the least attention towhat was going on around her. Felton made a sign that she shouldnot be disturbed; and when all was arranged, he went out quietlywith the soldiers.

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    {  'Has he anything remarkable about him by which one may recognizehim?"

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      "And what have you been doing since yesterday?"}

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      "Felton!" cried she. "I am saved."

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      "How! 'If there is any left!" murmured he.

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       "I think not."

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    {  "Without speaking to anyone but yourself?"

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      D'Artagnan profited by the circumstance to speak to M. deTreville of the letter with the great red seal and thecardinal's arms. It is well understood that he did notbreathe a word about the other.