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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "With the greatest pleasure. Dantes was then guilty, and nowhe is innocent, and it is as much my duty to free him as itwas to condemn him." Villefort thus forestalled any dangerof an inquiry, which, however improbable it might be, if itdid take place would leave him defenceless.
2.  "But," observed the honest notary, "the count is, I think,mistaken; it is only fifty thousand francs, everythingincluded."
3.  "I was the first to discover Duprez at Naples, and the firstto applaud him. Bravo, bravo!" Morrel saw it was useless tosay more, and refrained. The curtain, which had risen at theclose of the scene with Albert, again fell, and a rap washeard at the door.
4.  "`I thought you were at Smyrna.' -- `I was; but am now backagain.'
5.  "Then you profess ignorance of the crime with which you arecharged?"
6.  "Do not give yourselves the trouble, excellency," returnedSignor Pastrini, with the smile peculiar to the Italianspeculator when he confesses defeat; "I will do all I can,and I hope you will be satisfied."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "I will name to you several sums which will increase bygradation; you will stop me when I reach the onerepresenting the amount of your own possessions?"
3.  "Nautilus. I staked on him."
4.  The soldiers interposed their bayonets, for they thoughtthat he was about to attack the inspector, and the latterrecoiled two or three steps. Dantes saw that he was lookedupon as dangerous. Then, infusing all the humility hepossessed into his eyes and voice, he addressed theinspector, and sought to inspire him with pity.
5.  "Then we are once more reunited?" said Andrea.
6.  "My father and the Baron d'Epinay lived in the stormy timesof which I only saw the ending," said Villefort.


1.  "One!" said the count mysteriously, his eyes fixed on thecorpse, disfigured by so awful a death. Ten minutesafterwards the surgeon and the procureur arrived, the oneaccompanied by the porter, the other by Ali, and werereceived by the Abbe Busoni, who was praying by the side ofthe corpse.
2.  "How long has he left it?"
3.  "Well, then, if, like us, your excellency lived at Leghorn,you would hear, from time to time, that a little merchantvessel, or an English yacht that was expected at Bastia, atPorto-Ferrajo, or at Civita Vecchia, has not arrived; no oneknows what has become of it, but, doubtless, it has struckon a rock and foundered. Now this rock it has met has been along and narrow boat, manned by six or eight men, who havesurprised and plundered it, some dark and stormy night, nearsome desert and gloomy island, as bandits plunder a carriagein the recesses of a forest."
4.  "I do not know; he is no longer in my hands," repliedVillefort.
5.   "You are right; and she is one of the greatest in hercountry too."
6.  "Enough, viscount; you will remember those two vows, willyou not? But I know you to be a man of honor." The countagain struck the gong. Ali reappeared. "Tell Haidee," saidhe, "that I will take coffee with her, and give her tounderstand that I desire permission to present one of myfriends to her." Ali bowed and left the room. "Now,understand me," said the count, "no direct questions, mydear Morcerf; if you wish to know anything, tell me, and Iwill ask her."


1.  "Oh, yes, very gloomy, my friend. Some one had just died inthe house to which that garden belonged. One of the personswhose conversation I overheard was the master of the house;the other, the physician. The former was confiding to thelatter his grief and fear, for it was the second time withina month that death had suddenly and unexpectedly enteredthat house which was apparently destined to destruction bysome exterminating angel, as an object of God's anger."
2.  "I will come again at that time," replied the visitor, whothen retired.
3.  Fear, that relentless pursuer, clogged Dantes' efforts. Helistened for any sound that might be audible, and every timethat he rose to the top of a wave he scanned the horizon,and strove to penetrate the darkness. He fancied that everywave behind him was a pursuing boat, and he redoubled hisexertions, increasing rapidly his distance from the chateau,but exhausting his strength. He swam on still, and alreadythe terrible chateau had disappeared in the darkness. Hecould not see it, but he felt its presence. An hour passed,during which Dantes, excited by the feeling of freedom,continued to cleave the waves. "Let us see," said he, "Ihave swum above an hour, but as the wind is against me, thathas retarded my speed; however, if I am not mistaken, I mustbe close to Tiboulen. But what if I were mistaken?" Ashudder passed over him. He sought to tread water, in orderto rest himself; but the sea was too violent, and he feltthat he could not make use of this means of recuperation.
4、  "Why, everything is relative," answered the abbe. "To one inEdmond's position the diamond certainly was of great value.It was estimated at fifty thousand francs."
5、  "To ask for an engagement at the Opera. Really, I never sawsuch an infatuation for music; it is quite ridiculous for ayoung lady of fashion." Debray smiled. "Well," said he, "lether come, with your consent and that of the baron, and wewill try and give her an engagement, though we are very poorto pay such talent as hers."




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      "Casa Pastrini!" said the cicerone to the coachman, and thecarriage drove rapidly on. Ten minutes afterwards the baronentered his apartment, and Peppino stationed himself on thebench outside the door of the hotel, after having whisperedsomething in the ear of one of the descendants of Marius andthe Gracchi whom we noticed at the beginning of the chapter,who immediately ran down the road leading to the Capitol athis fullest speed. Danglars was tired and sleepy; hetherefore went to bed, placing his pocketbook under hispillow. Peppino had a little spare time, so he had a game ofmora with the facchini, lost three crowns, and then toconsole himself drank a bottle of Orvieto.

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      "Do you think so, M. Bossuet? And you -- what will youbecome? A peer of France?"

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       "Sir," said Valentine, "I will do all I can to live. forthere are two beings whose existence depends upon mine -- mygrandfather and Maximilian."

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      "And who was that?"

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    {  "Excuse me, sir," replied the notary; "on the contrary, themeaning of M. Noirtier is quite evident to me, and I canquite easily connect the train of ideas passing in hismind."

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      "Not so," murmured the journalist; "on the contrary" --}

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      "Some one has told you the secret; or, perhaps, you guessedthat he was here."

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      "Yes; but then he could tell of what complaint the poormarquis had died."

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       "Your age?" repeated the president.

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    {  "But surely your excellency will be so good as to inform mewhom you are expecting to receive?"

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      "There, -- that calash filled with Roman peasants."