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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Oh death! I know it - 'tis my famulus My fairest fortune now escapes! That allthese visionary shapes A soulless groveller should banish thus!(Wagner in his dressing gown and night - cap, a lamp in his hand. Faust turnsround reluctantly.)
2.  Say, what therewith to bore? You cannot have the wine - casks at the door?Altmayer
3.  Good! If I catch thee with my guile!
4.  Faust
5.  Here too thou'rt free to act without control; I ne'er have cherished hate forsuch as thee. Of all the spirits who deny, The scoffer is least wearisome tome. Ever too prone is man activity to shirk, In unconditioned rest he fainwould live; Hence this companion purposely I give, Who stirs, excites, andmust, as devil, work. But ye, the genuine sons of heaven, rejoice! In the fullliving beauty still rejoice! May that which works and lives, the ever - growing,In bonds of love enfold you, mercy - fraught, And Seeming's changeful forms,around you flowing, Do ye arrest, in ever - during thought!(Heaven closes, the Archangels disperse.)
6.  The Witch


1.  A high vaulted narrow Gothic chamber. Faust, restless, seated at his desk.Faust
2.  Ay, truly! 'tis well done, that you Our festive meeting thus attend; You, who inevil days of yore, So often show'd yourself our friend! Full many a one standsliving here, Who from the fever's deadly blast, Your father rescu'd, when hisskill The fatal sickness stay'd at last. A young man then, each house yousought, Where reign'd the mortal pestilence. Corpse after corpse was carriedforth, But still unscath'd you issued thence. Sore then your trials and severe;The Helper yonder aids the helper here.
3.  Aloft to you we would mount with glee! We wash, and free from all stain arewe, Yet barren evermore must be!
4.  Witches; old and young; Wizards, Will - o' - the - Wisp,Witch Pedlar,
5.  How? Where? The treasure hath he buried, pray?Mephistopheles
6.  I saw among them some such thing, A string of pearls to grace her neck.Faust


1.  Happy the man around whose brow he binds The bloodstain'd wreath inconquest's dazzling hour; Or whom, excited by the dance, he finds Dissolv'din bliss, in love's delicious bower! O that before the lofty spirit's might,Enraptured, I had rendered up my soul!
2.  How mean you that? have you of every sort?
3.  (She plucks off the leaves and murmurs to herself.)Faust
4.  The Manager.
5.   People
6.  Faust


1.  What bliss! what torture! vainly I essay To turn me from that piteous lookaway. How strangely doth a single crimson line Around that lovely neck itscoil entwine, It shows no broader than a knife's blunt edge!Mephistopheles
2.  Spider's foot and midge's wing, A toad in form and feature; Together verses itcan string, Though scarce a living creature.
3.  What then am I, if I aspire in vain The crown of our humanity to gain,Towards which my every sense doth strain?
4、  Margaret
5、  Stop, Kind element, be still, I say!




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      If e'er upon my couch, stretched at my ease, I'm found, Then may my life thatinstant cease! Me canst thou cheat with glozing wile Till self - reproach away Icast, Me with joy's lure canst thou beguile; Let that day be for me the last! Bethis our wager!

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      (Perceiving the beasts.)

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       From marshy bogs we sprang to light, Yet here behold us dancing; The gayestgallants of the night, In glitt'ring rows advancing.Shooting Star

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      Without! without!

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    {  No, no! I to the town my steps retrace.

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      How from yon sacristy, athwart the night, Its beams the ever - burning taperthrows, While ever waning, fades the glimmering light, As gathering darknessdoth around it close! So night - like gloom doth in my bosom reign.Mephistopheles}

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      The He - Monkey (approaching and fawning on Mephistopheles)Quick! quick! throw the dice, Make me rich in a trice, Oh give me the prize!Alas, for myself! Had I plenty of pelf, I then should be wise.Mephistopheles

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      Enough! 'tis granted thee! Divert This mortal spirit from his primal source;Him, canst thou seize, thy power exert And lead him on thy downwardcourse, Then stand abash'd, when thou perforce must own, A good man in hisdarkest aberration, Of the right path is conscious still.Mephistopheles

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       My friend, you now speak sensibly. In truth, Nature a method giveth to renewthy youth: But in another book the lesson's writ; It forms a curious chapter, Iadmit.

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    {  Ci - devant Genius of the Age

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      Ye twain, in trouble and distress True friends whom I so oft have found, Say,for our scheme on German ground, What prospect have we of success? Fainwould I please the public, win their thanks; They live and let live, hence it isbut meet. The posts are now erected, and the planks, And all look forward toa festal treat. Their places taken, they, with eyebrows rais'd, Sit patiently, andfain would be amaz'd. I know the art to hit the public taste, Yet ne'er of failurefelt so keen a dread; True, they are not accustomed to the best, But thenappalling the amount they've read. How make our entertainment striking, new,And yet significant and pleasing too? For to be plain, I love to see the throng,As to our booth the living tide progresses; As wave on wave successive rollsalong, And through heaven's narrow portal forceful presses; Still in broaddaylight, ere the clock strikes four, With blows their way towards the boxthey take; And, as for bread in famine, at the baker's door, For tickets arecontent their necks to break. Such various minds the bard alone can sway,My friend, oh work this miracle to - day!