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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Come at once without fail. Can give you information as to yourrecent loss.
2.  "We can now see a reason for the disappearance of Garcia'shousehold. They were all confederates in the same unknown crime. If itcame off when Garcia returned, any possible suspicion would bewarded off by the Englishman's evidence, and all would be well. Butthe attempt was a dangerous one, and if Garcia did not return by acertain hour it was probable that his own life had been sacrificed. Ithad been arranged, therefore, that in such a case his two subordinateswere to make for some prearranged spot where they could escapeinvestigation and be in a position afterwards to renew theirattempt. That would fully explain the facts, would it not?"The whole inexplicable tangle seemed to straighten out before me.I wondered, as I always did, how it had not been obvious to me before."But why should one servant return?"
3.  "It was an hour's good drive."
4.  "Ah! I am only a student- a man of dreams. I cannot explain thepractical things of life. But still, we are aware, my friend, thatlove-gages may take strange shapes. By all means take anothercigarette. It is a pleasure to see anyone appreciate them so. A fan, aglove, glasses- who knows what article may be carried as a token ortreasured when a man puts an end to his life? This gentleman speaks offootsteps in the grass, but, after all, it is easy to be mistaken onsuch a point. As to the knife, it might well be thrown far from theunfortunate man as he fell. It is possible that I speak as a child,but to me it seems that Willoughby Smith has met his fate by his ownhand."
5.  "Our next obvious step is to check, so far as we can, themovements of Mortimer Tregennis after he left the room. In thisthere is no difficulty, and they seem to be above suspicion. Knowingmy methods as you do, you were, of course, conscious of the somewhatclumsy water-pot expedient by which I obtained a clearer impress ofhis foot than might otherwise have been possible. The wet, sandypath took it admirably. Last night was also wet, you will remember,and it was not difficult- having obtained a sample print- to pickout his track among others and to follow his movements. He appearsto have walked away swiftly in the direction of the vicarage."If, then, Mortimer Tregennis disappeared from the scene, and yetsome outside person affected the cardplayers, how can we reconstructthat person, and how was such an impression of horror conveyed? Mrs.Porter may be eliminated. She is evidently harmless. Is there anyevidence that someone crept up to the garden window and in some mannerproduced so terrific an effect that he drove those who saw it out oftheir senses? The only suggestion in this direction comes fromMortimer Tregennis himself, who says that his brother spoke about somemovement in the garden. That is certainly remarkable, as the night wasrainy, cloudy, and dark. Anyone who had the design to alarm thesepeople would be compelled to place his very face against the glassbefore he could be seen. There is a three-foot flower-border outsidethis window, but no indication of a footmark. It is difficult toimagine, then, how an outsider could have made so terrible animpression upon the company, nor have we found any possible motive forso strange and elaborate an attempt. You perceive our difficulties,Watson?"
6.  "How absurdly simple!" I cried.


1.  "What of Mr. McPherson's dog?"
2.  "Still, of course, if you said nothing to anyone about the treatythese inquiries are irrelevant."
3.  The addition of a P and a D completed a message which showed me thatthe rascal was proceeding from persuasion to threats, and my knowledgeof the crooks of Chicago prepared me to find that he might veryrapidly put his words into action. I at once came to Norfolk with myfriend and colleague, Dr. Watson, but, unhappily, only in time to findthat the worst had already occurred."
4.  "`I wish to the Lord, Mr. Wilson, that I was a red-headedman.'
5.  We had ascended the kitchen stair and entered the suite of roomsupon the first floor. One was a dining-room, severely furnished andcontaining nothing of interest. A second was a bedroom, which alsodrew blank. The remaining room appeared more promising and mycompanion settled down to a systematic examination. It was litteredwith books and papers, and was evidently used as a study. Swiftlyand methodically Holmes turned over the contents of drawer afterdrawer and cupboard after cupboard, but no gleam of success came tobrighten his austere face. At the end of an hour he was no furtherthan when he started.
6.  "'I can give you it at once. It was sixty-four feet.'


1.  "The laugh faded from his lips, and he stared at me in greatsurprise.
2.  "Oh, if you say so, Mr. Jones, it is all right," said thestranger with deference. "Still, I confess that I miss my rubber.It is the first Saturday night for seven-and-twenty years that Ihave not had my rubber."
3.  "Write a message."
4.  A four-wheeler was at the door at eleven, and in it we drove to aspot at the other side of Hammersmith Bridge. Here the cabman wasdirected to wait. A short walk brought us to a secluded road fringedwith pleasant houses, each standing in its own grounds. In the lightof a street lamp we read "Laburnum Villa" upon the gate-post of one ofthem. The occupants had evidently retired to rest, for all was darksave for a fanlight over the hall door, which shed a single blurredcircle on to the garden path. The wooden fence which separated thegrounds from the road threw a dense black shadow upon the innerside, and here it was that we crouched.
5.   "Well, well!" said Holmes, shrugging his shoulders. "Come, Watson!And you, Lestrade, could you favour us with your company for an houror two? We will begin our investigation by a visit to Aldgate Station.Good-bye, Mycroft. I shall let you have a report before evening, but Iwarn you in advance that you have little to expect."
6.  "'One of the most precious public possessions of the empire,' saidI.


1.  "Don't you think it may be a little premature? I can't help thinkingthat your evidence is not complete."
2.  The remarkable acumen by which Inspector MacKinnon deduced fromthe smell of paint that some other smell, that of gas, for example,might be concealed; the bold deduction that the strong-room might alsobe the death-chamber, and the subsequent inquiry which led to thediscovery of the bodies in a disused well, cleverly concealed by adog-kennel, should live in the history of crime as a standingexample of the intelligence of our professional detectives."Well, well, MacKinnon is a good fellow," said Holmes with atolerant smile. "You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day thetrue story may be told."
3.  "What is it?"
4、  "I am about to tell you, Mr. Holmes, all that actually occurred, foryou already know so much that it is clearly to my interest that youshould know all. I have already explained the relationship in whichI stood to the Tregennis family. For the sake of the sister I wasfriendly with the brothers. There was a family quarrel about moneywhich estranged this man Mortimer, but it was supposed to be madeup, and I afterwards met him as I did the others. He was a sly,subtle, scheming man, and several things arose which gave me asuspicion of him, but I had no cause for any positive quarrel."One day, only a couple of weeks ago, he came down to my cottage andI showed him some of my African curiosities. Among other things Iexhibited this powder, and I told him of its strange properties, howit stimulates those brain centres which control the emotion of fear,and how either madness or death is the fate of the unhappy nativewho is subjected to the ordeal by the priest of his tribe. I toldhim also how powerless European science would be to detect it. Howhe took it I cannot say, for I never left the room, but there is nodoubt that it was then, while I was opening cabinets and stooping toboxes, that he managed to abstract some of the devil's-foot root. Iwell remember how he plied me with questions as to the amount andthe time that was needed for its effect, but I little dreamed thathe could have a personal reason for asking.
5、  "He could have got several thousands for them very easily.""Can you suggest any possible motive for taking the papers to Londonexcept to sell them?"




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      "That is enough." She rose briskly from her chair with the anxietyall swept from her face. "I shall go down to Hampshire quite easy inmy mind now. I shall write to Mr. Rucastle at once, sacrifice mypoor hair to-night, and start for Winchester to-morrow." With a fewgrateful words to Holmes she bade us both good-night and bustled offupon her way.

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      "You must obtain the release of young Neligan as soon aspossible," said Holmes. "I confess that I think you owe him someapology. The tin box must be returned to him, but, of course, thesecurities which Peter Carey has sold are lost forever. There's thecab, Hopkins, and you can remove your man. If you want me for thetrial, my address and that of Watson will be somewhere in Norway- I'llsend particulars later."

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      "But we have a long way still to go. Kindly walk clear of thepath. Now let us follow the trail. I fear that it will not lead veryfar."

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    {  "Might I share it?"

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      "Then I shall call upon you in a day, or in two days, withnews as to the box and the papers. I shall take your advice inevery particular." He shook hands with us and took his leave.Outside the wind still screamed and the rain splashed and patteredagainst the windows. This strange, wild story seemed to have cometo us from amid the mad elements--blown in upon us like a sheet ofsea-weed in a gale--and now to have been reabsorbed by them oncemore.}

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      "In that case," said Holmes, rising, "I think that my friend and Ican congratulate ourselves upon several most happy results from ourlittle visit to the North. There is one other small point upon which Idesire some light. This fellow Hayes had shod his horses with shoeswhich counterfeited the tracks of cows. Was it from Mr. Wilder that helearned so extraordinary a device?"

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      "And in this way he managed that your good man should have no wantof drink, and that a ladder should be ready at the moment when yourmaster had gone out."

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       "Good Lord!" The boxer's sallow face turned a shade whiter."Ikey Sanders has split on us."

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    {  "Well, when I called last week I was shown into the little office asusual, but found that Miss Stoper was not alone. A prodigiouslystout man with a very smiling face and a great heavy chin which rolleddown in fold upon fold over his throat sat at her elbow with a pair ofglasses on his nose, looking very earnestly at the ladies who entered.As I came in he gave quite a jump in his chair and turned quickly toMiss Stoper.

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      "Well, there are alternative explanations. Anyhow, he wanted toget this good old fossil up to Birmingham. That is very clear. I mighthave told him that he was clearly going on a wild-goose chase, but, onsecond thoughts, it seemed better to clear the stage by letting himgo. To-morrow, Watson- well, to-morrow will speak for itself."Holmes was up and out early. When he returned at lunchtime I noticedthat his face was very grave.