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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, you are a cardinalist, then, monsieur, are you?" cried she;"and you serve the party of those who maltreat your wife andinsult your queen?"
2.  "Go and call upon him, in order that he may give evidence if yourhaving been with him at half past nine. In a court of justicethat is called an alibi."
3.  As to Aramis, he never played. He was the worst Musketeer andthe most unconvivial companion imaginable. He had alwayssomething or other to do. Sometimes in the midst of dinner, wheneveryone, under the attraction of wine and in the warmth ofconversation, believed they had two or three hours longer toenjoy themselves at table, Aramis looked at his watch, arose witha bland smile, and took leave of the company, to go, as he said,to consult a casuist with whom he had an appointment. At othertimes he would return home to write a treatise, and requested hisfriends not to disturb him.
4.  "Ready money is needful for the present time, and we mustlearn how to make sacrifices. Go, D'Artagnan, go; Grimaudwill accompany you with his musketoon."
5.  So saying, he pulled out his own handkerchief, likewise a veryelegant handkerchief, and of fine cambric--though cambric wasdear at the period--but a handkerchief without embroidery andwithout arms, only ornamented with a single cipher, that of itsproprietor.
6.  "Their vows were sacred and irrevocable. Their connection could notlast long without ruining both. She prevailed upon him to leave thecountry; but to leave the country, to fly together, to reach anotherpart of France, where they might live at ease because unknown, money wasnecessary. Neither had any. The priest stole the sacred vases, andsold them; but as they were preparing to escape together, they were botharrested.


1.  The king came out first from his room. He was in a most eleganthunting costume; and Monsieur and the other nobles were dressedlike him. This was the costume that best became the king. Sodressed, he really appeared the first gentleman of his kingdom.The cardinal drew near to the king, and placed in his hand asmall casket. The king opened it, and found in it two diamondstuds.
2.  "Oh, grace, grace, pardon!" cried the wretch, falling on her knees.The unknown waited for silence, and then resumed, "I told you well thatshe would know me. Yes, I am the executioner of Lille, and this is myhistory."
3.  "Yes, how do you know it? No half-confidence, or--you understand!""I know it from my wife, monsieur--from my wife herself.""Who learns it from whom?"
4.  "And to which?"
5.  His eyes were fixed upon the little pavilion situated at theangle of the wall, of which all the windows were closed withshutters, except one on the first story. Through this windowshone a mild light which silvered the foliage of two or threelinden trees which formed a group outside the park. There couldbe no doubt that behind this little window, which threw forthsuch friendly beams, the pretty Mme. Bonacieux expected him.Wrapped in this sweet idea, D'Artagnan waited half an hourwithout the least impatience, his eyes fixed upon that charminglittle abode of which he could perceive a part of the ceilingwith its gilded moldings, attesting the elegance of the rest ofthe apartment.
6.  Brave as they appeared to be, the two English gentlemen looked ateach other hesitatingly. One might have thought there was inthat cellar one of those famished ogres--the gigantic heroes ofpopular legends, into whose cavern nobody could force their waywith impunity.


1.  D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.
2.  "Pardon! Pardon!" cried Felton, "oh, pardon!"
3.  Milady arose, went to the door, opened it, looked in the corridor, andthen returned and seated herself close to Mme. Bonacieux."Then," said she, "he has well played his part."
4.  "Our wine!" said Athos, astonished.
5.   "'You are a prostitute,' said he, in a voice of thunder, 'and youshall undergo the punishment of prostitutes! Branded in the eyesof the world you invoke, try to prove to that world that you areneither guilty nor mad!'
6.  "MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is notyou who can give me a lesson in good manners, I warn you.""Perhaps," said Athos.


1.  "So that since that time-" replied D'Artagnan, totally unable torefrain from laughing at the pitiable face of the host."So from that time, monsieur," continued the latter, "we have ledthe most miserable life imaginable; for you must know, monsieur,that all our provisions are in the cellar. There is our wine inbottles, and our wine in casks; the beer, the oil, and thespices, the bacon, and sausages. And as we are prevented fromgoing down there, we are forced to refuse food and drink to thetravelers who come to the house; so that our hostelry is dailygoing to ruin. If your friend remains another week in my cellarI shall be a ruined man."
2.  The stranger went out.
3.  "But there are four against you; leave off, I command you.""Ah, if you command me, that's another thing," said Bicarat. "Asyou are my commander, it is my duty to obey." And springingbackward, he broke his sword across his knee to avoid thenecessity of surrendering it, threw the pieces over the conventwall, and crossed him arms, whistling a cardinalist air.Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy. The Musketeerssaluted Bicarat with their swords, and returned them to theirsheaths. D'Artagnan did the same. Then, assisted by Bicarat,the only one left standing, he bore Jussac, Cahusac, and one ofAramis's adversaries who was only wounded, under the porch of theconvent. The fourth, as we have said, was dead. They then rangthe bell, and carrying away four swords out of five, they tooktheir road, intoxicated with joy, toward the hotel of M. deTreville.
4、  "It is thus I will always treat my enemies and yours, Duke,however high they may be placed, and whatever peril I may incurin acting severely toward them."
5、  "Well, so be it," said D'Artagnan. "Draw up this note forus, Aramis; but by our Holy Father the Pope, cut it short,for I shall prune you in my turn, I warn you."




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      "You don't think of holding out against a whole regiment, doyou?" said Porthos.

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      "Three hundred livres? Then put down three hundred livres,"said the procurator's wife, with a sigh.

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       "No," said the captain, "I make but one bargain; and I haveagreed with this young man that the other five hundred shall notbe due to me till we arrive at Boulogne."

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      He drew Kitty to him. She had the less motive to resist,resistance would make so much noise. Therefore Kittysurrendered.

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    {  "Which?"

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      The host, on seeing a young man followed by a lackey with twoextra horses, advanced respectfully to the door. Now, as theyhad already traveled eleven leagues, D'Artagnan thought it timeto stop, whether Porthos were or were not in the inn. Perhaps itwould not be prudent to ask at once what had become of theMusketeer. The result of these reflections was that D'Artagnan,without asking information of any kind, alighted, commended thehorses to the care of his lackey, entered a small room destinedto receive those who wished to be alone, and desired the host tobring him a bottle of his best wine and as good a breakfast aspossible--a desire which further corroborated the high opinionthe innkeeper had formed of the traveler at first sight.D'Artagnan was therefore served with miraculous celerity. Theregiment of the Guards was recruited among the first gentlemen ofthe kingdom; and D'Artagnan, followed by a lackey, and travelingwith four magnificent horses, despite the simplicity of hisuniform, could not fail to make a sensation. The host desiredhimself to serve him; which D'Artagnan perceiving, ordered twoglasses to be brought, and commenced the following conversation."My faith, my good host," said D'Artagnan, filling the twoglasses, "I asked for a bottle of your best wine, and if you havedeceived me, you will be punished in what you have sinned; forseeing that I hate drinking my myself, you shall drink with me.Take your glass, then, and let us drink. But what shall we drinkto, so as to avoid wounding any susceptibility? Let us drink tothe prosperity of your establishment."}

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      D'Artagnan took his hat, examined the hole made by the ball,and shook his head. The ball was not a musket ball--it wasan arquebus ball. The accuracy of the aim had first givenhim the idea that a special weapon had been employed. Thiscould not, then, be a military ambuscade, as the ball wasnot of the regular caliber.

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      39 A VISION

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       "Yes, you."

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    {  Aramis returned home, and Athos and D'Artagnan busiedthemselves about pledging the sapphire.

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      "PARBLEU! whom do you expect to find with me at this hour?""Well, well!" and D'Artagnan rushed into Athos's chamber."Come, speak!" said the latter, closing the door and boltingit, that they might not be disturbed. "Is the king dead?Have you killed the cardinal? You are quite upset! Come,come, tell me; I am dying with curiosity and uneasiness!""Athos," said D'Artagnan, getting rid of his femalegarments, and appearing in his shirt, "prepare yourself tohear an incredible, an unheard-of story."