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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The Coroner: I understand that the cry of 'Cooee' was a commonsignal between you and your father?
2.  1903
3.  "No, certainly not."
4.  "I fear, sir," said Holmes, "that, interesting and indeedessential as these details are, my inquiries must go more to theroot of things. What was the letter?"
5.  "This is a serious proposition," said he. "It is certainly bolted aswell as locked. We would do better in the area. There is anexcellent archway down yonder in case a too zealous policeman shouldintrude. Give me a hand, Watson, and I'll do the same for you."A minute later we were both in the area. Hardly had we reached thedark shadows before the step of the policeman was heard in the fogabove. As its soft rhythm died away, Holmes set to work upon the lowerdoor. I saw him stoop and strain until with a sharp crash it flewopen. We sprang through into the dark passage, closing the area doorbehind us. Holmes led the way up the curving, uncarpeted stair. Hislittle fan of yellow light shone upon a low window.
6.  "And from a noble client?"


1.  "Very likely not; but I can quickly show you a close connection.Here are the missing links of the very simple chain: 1. You hadchalk between your left finger and thumb when you returned from theclub last night. 2. You put chalk there when you play billiards, tosteady the cue. 3. You never play billiards except with Thurston.4. You told me, four weeks ago, that Thurston had an option on someSouth African property which would expire in a month, and which hedesired you to share with him. 5. Your check book is locked in mydrawer, and you have not asked for the key. 6. You do not propose toinvest your money in this manner."
2.  "Sherlock has all the energy of the family," said Mycroft, turning tome. "Well, you take the case up by all means and let me know if you doany good."
4.  "It had not been there the morning before."
5.  "'Pooh man; you should soar above it. You are not in your truesphere. Now, I'll tell you how it stands with me. What I have to offeris little enough when measured by your ability, but when compared withMawson's it's light to dark. Let me see. When do you go to Mawson's?'"'On Monday.'
6.  "Now, sir, I must ask you more particularly what this document is,and why its disappearance should have such momentous consequences?"The two statesmen exchanged a quick glance and the Premier'sshaggy eyebrows gathered in a frown.


1.  Gilchrist pointed to Bannister.
2.  "No, I am not."
3.  "Return ticket from Mackleton, in the north of England," saidHolmes, drawing it from the watch-pocket. "It is not twelve o'clockyet He has certainly been an early starter."
4.  "I've wasted time enough," said Lestrade, rising. "I believe in hardwork and not in sitting by the fire spinning fine theories.Good-day, Mr. Holmes, and we shall see which gets to the bottom of thematter first." He gathered up the garments, thrust them into thebag, and made for the door.
5.   "Come, Watson, come!" cried Holmes, and we stole as softly as wecould through the bushes until we had gained a spot whence we couldsee the other side of the house, which was bathed in the light ofthe half-moon. The professor was clearly visible crouching at the footof the ivy-covered wall. As we watched him he suddenly began withincredible agility to ascend it. From branch to branch he sprang, sureof foot and firm of grasp, climbing apparently in mere joy at hisown powers, with no definite object in view. With his dressing-gownflapping on each side of him, he looked like some huge bat gluedagainst the side of his own house, a great square dark patch uponthe moonlit wall. Presently he tired of this amusement, and,dropping from branch to branch, he squatted down into the old attitudeand moved towards the stables, creeping along in the same strangeway as before. The wolfhound was out now, barking furiously, andmore excited than ever when it actually caught sight of its master. Itwas straining on its chain and quivering with eagerness and rage.The professor squatted down very deliberately just out of reach of thebound and began to provoke it in every possible way. He tookhandfuls of pebbles from the drive and threw them in the dog's face,prodded him with a stick which he had picked up, flicked his handsabout only a few inches from the gaping mouth, and endeavoured inevery way to increase the animal's fury, which was already beyondall control. In all our adventures I do not know that I have ever seena more strange sight than this impassive and still dignified figurecrouching frog-like upon the ground and goading to a wilder exhibitionof passion the maddened hound, which ramped and raged in front of him,by all manner of ingenious and calculated cruelty.
6.  "`And the work?'


1.  "Do you know, Watson," said he, "that it is one of the curses of amind with a turn like mine that I must look at everything withreference to my own special subject. You look at these scatteredhouses, and you are impressed by their beauty. I look at them, and theonly thought which comes to me is a feeling of their isolation andof the impunity with which crime may be committed there.""Good heavens!" I cried. "Who would associate crime with thesedear old homesteads?"
2.  Holmes sank back in his chair.
3.  "You were yourself struck by the nature of the injury as recorded bythe surgeon at the inquest. The blow was struck from immediatelybehind, and yet was upon the left side. Now, how can that be unless itwere by a left-handed man? He had stood behind that tree during theinterview between the father and son. He had even smoked there. Ifound the ash of a cigar, which my special knowledge of tobaccoashes enables me to pronounce as an Indian cigar. I have, as you know,devoted some attention to this, and written a little monograph onthe ashes of 140 different varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarettetobacco. Having found the ash, I then looked round and discoveredthe stump among the moss where he had tossed it. It was an Indiancigar, of the variety which are rolled in Rotterdam."
4、  Mycroft Holmes and Lestrade had come round by appointment afterbreakfast next day and Sherlock Holmes had recounted to them ourproceedings of the day before. The professional shook his head overour confessed burglary.
5、  .




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      "Get down, Watson!" cried Holmes, with a heavy hand upon myshoulder. We had hardly sunk from view when the man flew past us onthe road. Amid a rolling cloud of dust, I caught a glimpse of apale, agitated face- a face with horror in every lineament, themouth open, the eyes staring wildly in front. It was like some strangecaricature of the dapper James Wilder whom we had seen the nightbefore.

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      A smart maid, the only modern thing which we had seen in thehouse, had brought in some tea. As she was serving it the dooropened and a youth entered the room. He was a remarkable lad,pale-faced and fair-haired, with excitable light blue eyes whichblazed into a sudden flame of emotion and joy as they rested uponhis father. He rushed forward and threw his arms round his neck withthe abandon of a loving girl.

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       "Excellent! And a mask?"

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      As we passed through the hall Holmes's eyes, which missed nothing,lighted upon several trunks and cases which were piled in a corner.The labels shone out upon them.

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    {  "I had forgotten all about Mawson's in my joy. 'I'll write andresign,' said I.

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      "There was something shocking about the man, Mr. Holmes. It wasn'tmerely that ghastly face glimmering as white as cheese in thedarkness. It was more subtle than that- something slinking,something furtive, something guilty- something very unlike thefrank, manly lad that I had known. It left a feeling of horror in mymind.}

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      "Then I think we had better hear their story at once."

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      "What have you to say now?"

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       "Of course, we still have the feathers, legs, crop, and so onof your own bird, so if you wish--"

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    {  "Don't know- may be anything. But I suspect it is the sequel ofthe story of the statues. In that case our friend the image-breakerhas begun operations in another quarter of London. There's coffee onthe table, Watson, and I have a cab at the door."

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      "She puts them all down as slanders."