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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What are you doing, reverend sir? Suppose a watchman shouldpass?" And he blew out the light. He then descended, but itwas only when he felt his foot touch the ground that he wassatisfied of his safety.
2.  "Oh, the good father, the brave father, the very honestfather!" said Caderousse, twirling a plate in the airbetween his two hands.
3.  "Look!" said Jacopo.
4.  "Do you see that ray of sunlight?"
5.  The court of Saint-Bernard has its own particular apartmentfor the reception of guests; it is a long rectangle, dividedby two upright gratings placed at a distance of three feetfrom one another to prevent a visitor from shaking handswith or passing anything to the prisoners. It is a wretched,damp, nay, even horrible spot, more especially when weconsider the agonizing conferences which have taken placebetween those iron bars. And yet, frightful though this spotmay be, it is looked upon as a kind of paradise by the menwhose days are numbered; it is so rare for them to leave theLions' Den for any other place than the barrierSaint-Jacques or the galleys!
6.  The doctor was right; steps were heard in the passage. M.d'Avrigny opened the door, and took from the hands of thechambermaid a cup which contained two or three spoonfuls ofthe syrup, he then carefully closed the door. "Look," saidhe to the procureur, whose heart beat so loudly that itmight almost be heard, "here is in this cup some syrup ofviolets, and this decanter contains the remainder of thelemonade of which M. Noirtier and Barrois partook. If thelemonade be pure and inoffensive, the syrup will retain itscolor; if, on the contrary, the lemonade be drugged withpoison, the syrup will become green. Look closely!"


1.  "No, sir; before all who are here."
2.  "Ma foi," said the young man; "was it possible there couldbe two answers to such a question?"
3.  "You are not Busoni? -- you are not Monte Cristo? Oh,heavens -- you are, then, some secret, implacable, andmortal enemy! I must have wronged you in some way atMarseilles. Oh, woe to me!"
4.  "Madame, you are mistaken, they are not misfortunes, -- itis a punishment. It is not I who strike M. de Morcerf; it isprovidence which punishes him."
5.  "Very little, at least; I know of none which Cavalcantipossesses, excepting his palace in Lucca."
6.  * ,600,000 in 1894.


1.  "How so?" said Andrea.
2.  "Does your majesty wish me to drop the subject?"
3.  "Andrea, Andrea," repeated several young people, who werealready on sufficiently intimate terms with him to call himby his Christian name.
4.  "Have you the keys?"
5.   "Of course," said he; "of what else should I speak?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "But I have no permission to shoot over this island."
2.  "You do not understand me, Maximilian. About a year ago, Italked of retiring to a convent. Madame de Villefort, inspite of all the remarks which she considered it her duty tomake, secretly approved of the proposition, my fatherconsented to it at her instigation, and it was only onaccount of my poor grandfather that I finally abandoned theproject. You can form no idea of the expression of that oldman's eye when he looks at me, the only person in the worldwhom he loves, and, I had almost said, by whom he is belovedin return. When he learned my resolution, I shall neverforget the reproachful look which he cast on me, and thetears of utter despair which chased each other down hislifeless cheeks. Ah, Maximilian, I experienced, at thatmoment, such remorse for my intention, that, throwing myselfat his feet, I exclaimed, -- `Forgive me, pray forgive me,my dear grandfather; they may do what they will with me, Iwill never leave you.' When I had ceased speaking, hethankfully raised his eyes to heaven, but without uttering aword. Ah, Maximilian, I may have much to suffer, but I feelas if my grandfather's look at that moment would more thancompensate for all."
3.  "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."
4、  "Yes, yes, Edmond, that is true, but you forgot at that timea little debt to our neighbor, Caderousse. He reminded me ofit, telling me if I did not pay for you, he would be paid byM. Morrel; and so, you see, lest he might do you an injury"--
5、  "I could scarcely walk when my mother, who was calledVasiliki, which means royal," said the young girl, tossingher head proudly, "took me by the hand, and after putting inour purse all the money we possessed, we went out, bothcovered with veils, to solicit alms for the prisoners,saying, `He who giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.'Then when our purse was full we returned to the palace, andwithout saying a word to my father, we sent it to theconvent, where it was divided amongst the prisoners."




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      "Count for yourself."

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      "No, I am alone in the world."

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      "A stranger who will not send in his name! What can he wantwith me?"

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    {  "So young," said Albert, forgetting at the moment theCount's command that he should ask no questions of the slaveherself, "is it possible that you can have known whatsuffering is except by name?"

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      "On the contrary, do not look at him, but at this."}

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      "I hope to be captain without that," said Dantes.

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      "You are angry with us all on account of this marriage, areyou not?"

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       Monte Cristo shuddered, and arose. The concierge held outthe strips of cloth upon which the Abbe Faria had spread theriches of his mind. The manuscript was the great work by theAbbe Faria upon the kingdoms of Italy. The count seized ithastily, his eyes immediately fell upon the epigraph, and heread, "`Thou shalt tear out the dragons' teeth, and shalltrample the lions under foot, saith the Lord.'"

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    {  "Yes, sir," replied the count; "l have sought to make of thehuman race, taken in the mass, what you practice every dayon individuals -- a physiological study. I have believed itwas much easier to descend from the whole to a part than toascend from a part to the whole. It is an algebraic axiom,which makes us proceed from a known to an unknown quantity,and not from an unknown to a known; but sit down, sir, I begof you."

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      "You see, sir, he is really dead," said the doctor; "thisburn in the heel is decisive. The poor fool is cured of hisfolly, and delivered from his captivity."