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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They ran the car to the end and both got off. Hurstwood wentinto the barn and sought a car step, pulling out his paper-wrapped lunch from his pocket. There was no water and the breadwas dry, but he enjoyed it. There was no ceremony about dining.He swallowed and looked about, contemplating the dull, homelylabour of the thing. It was disagreeable--miserablydisagreeable--in all its phases. Not because it was bitter, butbecause it was hard. It would be hard to any one, he thought.
2.  "H. R. Jacob's," said Minnie.
3.  "Yes, and I'll have to have a new dress. Some of the nicestgirls in the school are going to be in it. Miss Palmer is goingto take the part of Portia."
4.  "Is she?" said Mrs. Hurstwood.
5.  "You foolish girl."
6.  "When did you get home?" he asked foolishly.


1.  "I lost you," he said, seizing her little hand, "and I was at themercy of any flirt who chose to give me an inviting look. It wasyour fault--you know it was--why did you leave me?"
2.  "I'd tell her to keep it if I were you. She might be here weekswithout getting another one."
3.  "Have you ever had any experience at this kind of work?" heinquired.
4.  It would be the same with each one, only Vance essayed to orderfor all, inviting counsel and suggestions. Carrie studied thecompany with open eyes. So this was high life in New York. Itwas so that the rich spent their days and evenings. Her poorlittle mind could not rise above applying each scene to allsociety. Every fine lady must be in the crowd on Broadway in theafternoon, in the theatre at the matinee, in the coaches anddining-halls at night. It must be glow and shine everywhere,with coaches waiting, and footmen attending, and she was out ofit all. In two long years she had never even been in such aplace as this.
5.  All day and all night it snowed, and the city began to sufferfrom a general blockade of traffic. Great attention was given tothe details of the storm by the newspapers, which played up thedistress of the poor in large type.
6.  "What's the use wearing my good ones around here?" he asked.


1.  "His office is upstairs," said a man in the box-office.
2.  "'Tis a foine couple," he observed to himself. "They must berich."
3.  Drouet was on the corner waiting, in good spirits.
4.  "I don't know," said Carrie; "I'll go down Monday and see if Ican't get something."
5.   Now a sharper lash of wind cut down and they huddled closer. Itwas an edging, shifting, pushing throng. There was no anger, nopleading, no threatening words. It was all sullen endurance,unlightened by either wit or good fellowship.
6.  "I thought maybe you didn't," he said, beating about the bush inthe most useless manner.


1.  Carrie went with her to apply to another manager.
2.  Hurstwood was charmed by the development of the fact that thegirl had capabilities. There is nothing so inspiring in life asthe sight of a legitimate ambition, no matter how incipient. Itgives colour, force, and beauty to the possessor.
3.  "That fellow at the door there didn't want to let me in, until Ipaid him. I knew it was you, all right. Say, you've got a greatshow. You do your part fine. I knew you would. I just happenedto be passing to night and thought I'd drop in for a few minutes.I saw your name on the programme, but I didn't remember it untilyou came on the stage. Then it struck me all at once. Say, youcould have knocked me down with a feather. That's the same nameyou used out there in Chicago, isn't it?"
4、  "And a pot of coffee."
5、  "What are you--a motorman?"




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      "Don't know! Ah, Carrie, what makes you say that? Don't tormentme. Be serious."

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      "The man who owns this ground has sold it."

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       "And you looking like that!" said Carrie, throwing aside a longreserve.

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      He moved nervously about, while Carrie looked at him confusedly.

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    {  In her indifferent wandering she turned into Jackson Street, notfar from the river, and was keeping her way along the south sideof that imposing thoroughfare, when a piece of wrapping paper,written on with marking ink and tacked up on the door, attractedher attention. It read, "Girls wanted--wrappers & stitchers."She hesitated a moment, then entered.

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      Hurstwood moved his eyes over the paper slowly, but said nothing.}

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      The while he was doing this Mrs. Hurstwood was observing himcasually through the medium of the mirror which was before her.She noticed his pleasant and contented manner, his airy grace andsmiling humour, and it merely aggravated her the more. Shewondered how he could think to carry himself so in her presenceafter the cynicism, indifference, and neglect he had heretoforemanifested and would continue to manifest so long as she wouldendure it. She thought how she should like to tell him--whatstress and emphasis she would lend her assertions, how she shoulddrive over this whole affair until satisfaction should berendered her. Indeed, the shining sword of her wrath was butweakly suspended by a thread of thought.

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      "Now, let me see," said Hurstwood, looking over Carrie's shouldervery deferentially. "What have you?" He studied for a moment."That's rather good," he said.

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       Once during the day, when he sat near the radiator, hunched upand reading, she passed through, and seeing him, wrinkled herbrows. In the front room, where it was not so warm, she sat bythe window and cried. This was the life cut out for her, was it?To live cooped up in a small flat with some one who was out ofwork, idle, and indifferent to her. She was merely a servant tohim now, nothing more.

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    {  Carrie listened to these things with considerable interest, forthey were suggested with more of friendliness than is usuallycommon between pretty women. Mrs. Vance liked Carrie's stablegood-nature so well that she really took pleasure in suggestingto her the latest things.

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      "Do you think I could get something?" she asked.