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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the meanwhile the hours passed, if not rapidly, at leasttolerably. Faria, as we have said, without having recoveredthe use of his hand and foot, had regained all the clearnessof his understanding, and had gradually, besides the moralinstructions we have detailed, taught his youthful companionthe patient and sublime duty of a prisoner, who learns tomake something from nothing. They were thus perpetuallyemployed, -- Faria, that he might not see himself grow old;Dantes, for fear of recalling the almost extinct past whichnow only floated in his memory like a distant lightwandering in the night. So life went on for them as it doesfor those who are not victims of misfortune and whoseactivities glide along mechanically and tranquilly beneaththe eye of providence.
2.  "Oh," said she, seizing the count's hand and raising it toher lips; "oh, thank you, thank you, Edmond! Now you areexactly what I dreamt you were, -- the man I always loved.Oh, now I may say so!"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "'Twere better we should not be seen together; those guidesare nothing but spies, and might possibly recognize you;and, however I may be honored by your friendship, my worthyfriend, if once the extent of our intimacy were known, I amsadly afraid both my reputation and credit would sufferthereby."
5.  "Yes."
6.  "Why, my dear boy, when a man has been proscribed by themountaineers, has escaped from Paris in a hay-cart, beenhunted over the plains of Bordeaux by Robespierre'sbloodhounds, he becomes accustomed to most things. But goon, what about the club in the Rue Saint-Jacques?"


1.  "No, I never saw him until a few days since, and am notresponsible for him."
2.  "I said a million," replied Danglars, with the confidence ofignorance.
3.  "A Strasbourg pie?" asked Beauchamp.
4.  "I beg your pardon, madame, but you were about to relatesome story, were you not? You said, `only imagine,' -- andthen paused. Pray continue."
5.  "M. Lucien," said the baroness, "I assure you I have nodesire to sleep, and that I have a thousand things to tellyou this evening, which you must listen to, even though youslept while hearing me."
6.  "To whom?"


1.  "Yes, we know that."
2.  "You have a right to be unjust to them, monsieur; they areyour compatriots."
3.  "He is writing," she said. They had understood each otherwithout speaking. Madame Morrel looked again through thekeyhole, Morrel was writing; but Madame Morrel remarked,what her daughter had not observed, that her husband waswriting on stamped paper. The terrible idea that he waswriting his will flashed across her; she shuddered, and yethad not strength to utter a word. Next day M. Morrel seemedas calm as ever, went into his office as usual, came to hisbreakfast punctually, and then, after dinner, he placed hisdaughter beside him, took her head in his arms, and held herfor a long time against his bosom. In the evening, Julietold her mother, that although he was apparently so calm,she had noticed that her father's heart beat violently. Thenext two days passed in much the same way. On the evening ofthe 4th of September, M. Morrel asked his daughter for thekey of his study. Julie trembled at this request, whichseemed to her of bad omen. Why did her father ask for thiskey which she always kept, and which was only taken from herin childhood as a punishment? The young girl looked atMorrel.
4.  "You are very good, madame, but M. de Villefort has so manyimportant and urgent occupations."
5.   "Wait an instant," said the host; "Number 3 has twostaircases, -- inside and outside."
6.  "By your misfortune?"


1.  "It was the only letter you had?"
2.  "Morcerf!" repeated Debray. Then noticing in the dim lightthe still youthful and veiled figure of Madame de Morcerf:-- "Pardon me," he added with a smile, "I leave you,Albert." Albert understood his thoughts. "Mother," he said,turning towards Mercedes, "this is M. Debray, secretary ofthe minister for the interior, once a friend of mine."
3.  "I know it is very bitter," said Valentine; "so bitter, thatall I drink afterwards appears to have the same taste."Noirtier looked inquiringly at his granddaughter. "Yes,grandpapa," said Valentine; "it is so. Just now, before Icame down to you, I drank a glass of sugared water; I lefthalf, because it seemed so bitter." Noirtier turned pale,and made a sign that he wished to speak. Valentine rose tofetch the dictionary. Noirtier watched her with evidentanguish. In fact, the blood was rushing to the young girl'shead already, her cheeks were becoming red. "Oh," cried she,without losing any of her cheerfulness, "this is singular! Ican't see! Did the sun shine in my eyes?" And she leanedagainst the window.
4、  "Probably you have some correspondent in Greece?"
5、  "He has broken his ribs," said the commander, in a lowvoice. "No matter; he is an excellent fellow, and we mustnot leave him. We will try and carry him on board thetartan." Dantes declared, however, that he would rather diewhere he was than undergo the agony which the slightestmovement cost him. "Well," said the patron, "let what mayhappen, it shall never be said that we deserted a goodcomrade like you. We will not go till evening." This verymuch astonished the sailors, although, not one opposed it.The patron was so strict that this was the first time theyhad ever seen him give up an enterprise, or even delay inits execution. Dantes would not allow that any suchinfraction of regular and proper rules should be made in hisfavor. "No, no," he said to the patron, "I was awkward, andit is just that I pay the penalty of my clumsiness. Leave mea small supply of biscuit, a gun, powder, and balls, to killthe kids or defend myself at need, and a pickaxe, that I maybuild a shelter if you delay in coming back for me."




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      "Very well," replied M. Danglars, who had listened to allthis preamble with imperturbable coolness, but withoutunderstanding a word, since like every man burdened withthoughts of the past, he was occupied with seeking thethread of his own ideas in those of the speaker.

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      Monte Cristo turned to Albert. "Do you know modern Greek,"asked he.

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       "Oh, you are beautiful -- always beautiful!" cried Louise."Now, where are you going?"

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      "Madame de Villefort?"

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    {  "Look round you then." Dantes rose and looked forward, whenhe saw rise within a hundred yards of him the black andfrowning rock on which stands the Chateau d'If. This gloomyfortress, which has for more than three hundred yearsfurnished food for so many wild legends, seemed to Danteslike a scaffold to a malefactor.

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      "To Fontainebleau," replied Eugenie with an almost masculinevoice.}

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      "Is this carriage for me?" said Dantes.

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      "I only fear one thing; namely, to find a man who will notfight."

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       A new source of noise and movement was added to the crowd.The sellers of moccoletti entered on the scene. The moccoli,or moccoletti, are candles which vary in size from thepascal taper to the rushlight, and which give to each actorin the great final scene of the Carnival two very seriousproblems to grapple with, -- first, how to keep his ownmoccoletto alight; and secondly, how to extinguish themoccoletti of others. The moccoletto is like life: man hasfound but one means of transmitting it, and that one comesfrom God. But he has discovered a thousand means of takingit away, and the devil has somewhat aided him. Themoccoletto is kindled by approaching it to a light. But whocan describe the thousand means of extinguishing themoccoletto? -- the gigantic bellows, the monstrousextinguishers, the superhuman fans. Every one hastened topurchase moccoletti -- Franz and Albert among the rest.

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    {  "There's nothing gives you so much courage as good reasons,"continued the sailor; "and during that time the wind hadabated, and the sea gone down, but the water kept rising;not much, only two inches an hour, but still it rose. Twoinches an hour does not seem much, but in twelve hours thatmakes two feet, and three we had before, that makes five.`Come,' said the captain, `we have done all in our power,and M. Morrel will have nothing to reproach us with, we havetried to save the ship, let us now save ourselves. To theboats, my lads, as quick as you can.' Now," continuedPenelon, "you see, M. Morrel, a sailor is attached to hisship, but still more to his life, so we did not wait to betold twice; the more so, that the ship was sinking under us,and seemed to say, `Get along -- save yourselves.' We soonlaunched the boat, and all eight of us got into it. Thecaptain descended last, or rather, he did not descend, hewould not quit the vessel; so I took him round the waist,and threw him into the boat, and then I jumped after him. Itwas time, for just as I jumped the deck burst with a noiselike the broadside of a man-of-war. Ten minutes after shepitched forward, then the other way, spun round and round,and then good-by to the Pharaon. As for us, we were threedays without anything to eat or drink, so that we began tothink of drawing lots who should feed the rest, when we sawLa Gironde; we made signals of distress, she perceived us,made for us, and took us all on board. There now, M. Morrel,that's the whole truth, on the honor of a sailor; is not ittrue, you fellows there?" A general murmur of approbationshowed that the narrator had faithfully detailed theirmisfortunes and sufferings.

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      "He shall be both blind and deaf," replied the young man,with an air of determination that made his companionshudder.