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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, Mr. Holmes, that is the amazing part of it. There is nopossible way of reaching the window- and yet he was there.""The date being September 5th," said Holmes. "That certainlycomplicates matters."
2.  I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the secondmorning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him thecompliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in apurple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upon the right,and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied,near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on theangle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felthat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places. Alens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested thatthe hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose ofexamination.
3.  "You appear to me," he said, at last, "to be taking matters too muchfor granted. I am, of course, familiar with the contents of theseletters. My client will certainly do what I may advise. I shallcounsel her to tell her future husband the whole story and to trust tohis generosity."
4.  "I remember," Holmes gasped. "The spring! It drew blood. This box-this on the table."
5.  "In that safe. I put them there myself."
6.  "I think that it is not difficult to explain the facts. It cameout in evidence that Colonel Moran and young Adair had, betweenthem, won a considerable amount of money. Now, undoubtedly playedfoul- of that I have long been aware. I believe that on the day of themurder Adair had discovered that Moran was cheating. Very likely hehad spoken to him privately, and had threatened to expose him unlesshe voluntarily resigned his membership of the club, and promised notto play cards again. It is unlikely that a youngster like Adairwould at once make a hideous scandal by exposing a well known man somuch older than himself. Probably he acted as I suggest. The exclusionfrom his clubs would mean ruin to Moran, who lived by his ill-gottencard-gains. He therefore murdered Adair, who at the time wasendeavouring to work out how much money he should himself return,since he could not profit by his partner's foul play. He locked thedoor lest the ladies should surprise him and insist upon knowingwhat he was doing with these names and coins. Will it pass?""I have no doubt that you have hit upon the truth."


1.  I had never seen my friend's face so grim or his brow so dark asit was when we turned from the scene of this investigation. We hadwalked several times up and down the lawn, neither Miss Stoner normyself liking to break in upon his thoughts before he roused himselffrom his reverie.
2.  .
3.  "And yet you have sent for me?"
4.  "No, sir, I have not. He is big enough and old enough to lookafter himself, and if he is so foolish as to lose himself, Ientirely refuse to accept the responsibility of hunting for him.""I quite understand your position," said Holmes, with amischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Perhaps you don't quite understandmine. Godfrey Staunton appears to have been a poor man. If he has beenkidnapped, it could not have been for anything which he himselfpossesses. The fame of your wealth has gone abroad, LordMount-James, and it is entirely possible that a gang of thieves havesecured your nephew in order to gain from him some information as toyour house, your habits, and your treasure."
5.  "Who is this dead woman?"
6.  "Man or woman?" I asked.


1.  "Your cipher was not difficult, madam. Your presence here wasdesirable. I knew that I had only to flash "Vieni" and you wouldsurely come."
2.  "He began pouring out the story of his grievances. We walked downthe drive together, and of course I took a good look round. I havenever seen a worse-kept place. The garden was all running to seed,giving me an impression of wild neglect in which the plants had beenallowed to find the way of Nature rather than of art. How any decentwoman could have tolerated such a state of things, I don't know. Thehouse, too, was slatternly to the last degree, but the poor man seemedhimself to be aware of it and to be trying to remedy it, for a greatpot of green paint stood in the centre of the hall, and he wascarrying a thick brush in his left hand. He had been working on thewoodwork.
3.  "She left the office and I followed her. She walked up theKennington Road, and I kept behind her. Presently she went into ashop. Mr. Holmes, it was an undertaker's."
4.  "It must be admitted that the workings of this unhappy woman'smind were deep and subtle, so that it was no very simple matter tounravel her plot. I do not think that in our adventures we have evercome across a stranger example of what perverted love can bring about.Whether Miss Dunbar was her rival in a physical or in a merelymental sense seems to have been equally unforgivable in her eyes. Nodoubt she blamed this innocent lady for all those harsh dealings andunkind words with which her husband tried to repel her toodemonstrative affection. Her first resolution was to end her own life.Her second was to do it in such a way as to involve her victim in afate which was worse far than any sudden death could be."We can follow the various steps quite clearly, and they show aremarkable subtlety of mind. A note was extracted very cleverly fromMiss Dunbar which would make it appear that she had chosen the sceneof the crime. In her anxiety that it should be discovered she somewhatoverdid it by holding it in her hand to the last. This alone shouldhave excited my suspicions earlier than it did.
5.   His eyes gleamed behind his great spectacles. It was very clear thatno pains would be spared by Mr. Nathan Garrideb in finding a namesake."I merely called to make your acquaintance, and there is no reasonwhy I should interrupt your studies," said Holmes. "I prefer toestablish personal touch with those with whom I do business. There arefew questions I need ask, for I have your very clear narrative in mypocket, and I filled up the blanks when this American gentlemancalled. I understand that up to this week you were unaware of hisexistence."
6.  "For heaven's sake, tell me, then, what is this extraordinarymystery!"


1.  Dr. Sterndale drew from his pocket a paper packet and laid it uponthe table. On the outside was written "Radix pedis diaboli" with a redpoison label beneath it. He pushed it towards me. "I understand thatyou are a doctor, sir. Have you ever heard of this preparation?""Devil's-foot root! No, I have never heard of it."
2.  "Well, Wilson, any news?"
3.  "I am not clear yet what you want me to do in this matter, Mr.Mason," he said at last. "Can't you make it more definite?""Perhaps this will make it more definite, Mr. Holmes," said ourvisitor.
4、  "Certainly, that is always my custom."
5、  "'For two days after this Brunton was most assiduous in hisattention to his duties. I made no allusion to what had passed andwaited with some curiosity to see how he would cover his disgrace.On the third morning, however, he did not appear, as was his custom,after breakfast to receive my instructions for the day. As I leftthe dining-room I happened to meet Rachel Howells, the maid. I havetold you that she had only recently recovered from an illness andwas looking so wretchedly pale and wan that I remonstrated with herfor being at work.




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      "`What, be driven out of our own house by a practical joker?' saidI. `Why, we should have the whole county laughing at us.'"`Well, come to bed,' said she, `and we can discuss it in themorning.'

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      "I fear I am none the wiser."

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       It was, therefore, an empty room into which Billy, a minute later,ushered Count Sylvius. The famous game-shot, sportsman, andman-about-town was a big, swarthy fellow, with a formidable darkmoustache shading a cruel, thin-lipped mouth, and surmounted by along, curved nose like the beak of an eagle. He was well dressed,but his brilliant necktie, shining pin, and glittering rings wereflamboyant in their effect. As the door closed behind him he lookedround him with fierce, startled eyes, like one who suspects a trapat every turn. Then he gave a violent start as he saw the impassivehead and the collar of the dressing-gown which projected above thearmchair in the window. At first his expression was one of pureamazement. Then the light of a horrible hope gleamed in his dark,murderous eyes. He took one more glance round to see that there wereno witnesses, and then, on tiptoe, his thick stick half raised, heapproached the silent figure. He was crouching for his final springand blow when a cool, sardonic voice greeted him from the open bedroomdoor:

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      The old reprobate with the surplice burst into a volley of badlanguage.

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    {  "Well, well, two of you came over. His reverence is our own homemadearticle. You had known Ralph Smith in South Africa. You had reasonto believe he would not live long. You found out that his niecewould inherit his fortune. How's that- eh?"

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      He mused over it for a minute.}

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      "'So,' said I, 'this is where you went during the night.'"What do you mean?' she cried.

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      "There has been some new development?"

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       The doctor was our next goal. He had been called in, had found thewoman dying of pure senility, had actually seen her pass away, and hadsigned the certificate in due form. "I assure you that everythingwas perfectly normal and there was no room for foul play in thematter," said he. Nothing in the house had struck him as suspicioussave that for people of their class it was remarkable that they shouldhave no servant. So far and no farther went the doctor.Finally we found our way to Scotland Yard. There had beendifficulties of procedure in regard to the warrant. Some delay wasinevitable. The magistrate's signature might not be obtained untilnext morning. If Holmes would call about nine he could go down withLestrade and see it acted upon. So ended the day, save that nearmidnight our friend, the sergeant, called to say that he had seenflickering lights here and there in the windows of the great darkhouse, but that no one had left it and none had entered. We couldbut pray for patience and wait for the morrow.

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    {  plumber, was brought up upon the charge of having upon the 22dinst., abstracted from the jewel-case of the Countess ofMorcar the valuable gem known as the blue carbuncle. JamesRyder, upper-attendant at the hotel, gave his evidence to theeffect that he had shown Homer up to the dressing-room of theCountess of Morcar upon the day of the robbery in order thathe might solder the second bar of the grate, which was loose.He had remained with Horner some little time, but had finallybeen called away. On returning, he found that Horner haddisappeared, that the bureau had been forced open, and thatthe small morocco casket in which, as it afterwards

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      The officer gave the usual cautions.