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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Yours affectionate
2.  "Let us go," repeated D'Artagnan.
3.  "In that case Porthos will assist us."
4.  "Eight hundred livres."
5.  Milady made no reply, but became as pale as a corpse."Oh, I see you prefer peregrination. That's well madame; andthere is an old proverb that says, 'Traveling trains youth.' Myfaith! you are not wrong after all, and life is sweet. That'sthe reason why I take such care you shall not deprive me of mine.There only remains, then, the question of the five shillings tobe settled. You think me rather parsimonious, don't you? That'sbecause I don't care to leave you the means of corrupting yourjailers. Besides, you will always have your charms left toseduce them with. Employ them, if your check with regard toFelton has not disgusted you with attempts of that kind.""Felton has not told him," said Milady to herself. "Nothing islost, then."
6.  "How many days would it require to make two studs exactly likethem? You see there are two wanting."


1.  "Then the diamond is safe?" said he, timidly.
2.  "In the first place, Monsieur Athos is arrested.""Arrested! Athos arrested! What for?"
3.  There was silence. Porthos could hardly keep hiscountenance.
4.  "It is worth something, you see, to have been brought up somewhere.""You will wait for me, then?"
5.  "How far distant?"
6.  "You are wounded?" asked Buckingham, as he opened the letter."Oh, nothing but a scratch," said D'Artagnan.


1.  All this she owes to D'Artagnan, without doubt. From whom cancome so many disgraces heaped upon her head, if not from him? Healone could have transmitted to Lord de Winter all thesefrightful secrets which he has discovered, one after another, bya train of fatalities. He knows her brother-in-law. He musthave written to him.
2.  "She loves him devilishly," he murmured. Then he went out.This time Kitty was nowhere waiting for him; neither in theantechamber, nor in the corridor, nor beneath the greatdoor. It was necessary that D'Artagnan should find alonethe staircase and the little chamber. She heard him enter,but she did not raise her head. The young man went to herand took her hands; then she sobbed aloud.
3.  "Be careful of your life, which is menaced, and which will be dear to mefrom the moment I am not obliged to see an enemy in you."Your affectionate
4.  On the landing they were no longer fighting, but amusedthemselves with stories about women, and in the antechamber, withstories about the court. On the landing D'Artagnan blushed; inthe antechamber he trembled. His warm and fickle imagination,which in Gascony had rendered formidable to young chambermaids,and even sometimes their mistresses, had never dreamed, even inmoments of delirium, of half the amorous wonders or a quarter ofthe feats of gallantry which were here set forth in connectionwith names the best known and with details the least concealed.But if his morals were shocked on the landing, his respect forthe cardinal was scandalized in the antechamber. There, to hisgreat astonishment, D'Artagnan heard the policy which made allEurope tremble criticized aloud and openly, as well as theprivate life of the cardinal, which so many great nobles had beenpunished for trying to pry into. That great man who was sorevered by D'Artagnan the elder served as an object of ridiculeto the Musketeers of Treville, who cracked their jokes upon hisbandy legs and his crooked back. Some sang ballads about Mme.d'Aguillon, his mistress, and Mme. Cambalet, his niece; whileothers formed parties and plans to annoy the pages and guards ofthe cardinal duke--all things which appeared to D'Artagnanmonstrous impossibilities.
5.   "Two hours passed away without anything fresh happening. Oh, myGod! who could have said so the evening before? I began to fearthat he would not come.
6.  "PARIDIEU!" said D'Artagnan to himself, to whose mind the nieceof the theologian reverted, "PARDIEU, it would be droll if thisbelated dove should be in search of our friend's house. But onmy soul, it looks so. Ah, my dear Aramis, this time I shall findyou out." And D'Artagnan, making himself as small as he could,concealed himself in the darkest side of the street near a stonebench placed at the back of a niche.


1.  "My dear Planchet, I an the happiest of men!"
2.  And then commenced a roar of laughter in which they all joined,to the astonishment of poor Porthos; but when he was informed ofthe cause of their hilarity, he shared it vociferously accordingto his custom.
3.  The young Musketeer was in excellent disposition to die heroically.Richelieu still continued thinking, rolling and unrolling the paper inhis hands.
4、  Porthos looked at the bottle, which was Dear him, and hopedthat with wine, bread, and cheese, he might make a dinner;but wine was wanting, the bottle was empty. M. and Mme.Coquenard did not seem to observe it.
5、  In fact, they touched the sloop.




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      As long as they were within the circle of the camp, the fourfriends did not exchange one word; besides, they werefollowed by the curious, who, hearing of the wager, wereanxious to know how they would come out of it. But whenonce they passed the line of circumvallation and foundthemselves in the open plain, D'Artagnan, who was completelyignorant of what was going forward, thought it was time todemand an explanation.

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      Planchet, very proud of being raised to the dignity oflandlord, thought he would make all ready, like anintelligent man; and with this view called in the assistanceof the lackey of one of his master's guests, named Fourreau,and the false soldier who had tried to kill D'Artagnan andwho, belonging to no corps, had entered into the service ofD'Artagnan, or rather of Planchet, after D'Artagnan hadsaved his life.

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       "Capital!" cried Athos; "you are the king of poets, my dearAramis. You speak like the Apocalypse, and you are as trueas the Gospel. There is nothing now to do but to put theaddress to this letter."

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      "Without reckoning that he dresses as nobody else can," saidPorthos. "I was at the Louvre on the day when he scattered hispearls; and, PARDIEU, I picked up two that I sold for tenpistoles each. Do you know him, Aramis?"

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    {  "A spent ball?"

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      If a repast were on foot, Athos presided over it better than anyother, placing every guest exactly in the rank which hisancestors had earned for him or that he had made for himself. Ifa question in heraldry were started, Athos knew all the noblefamilies of the kingdom, their genealogy, their alliances, theircoats of arms, and the origin of them. Etiquette had no minutiaeunknown to him. He knew what were the rights of the great landowners. He was profoundly versed in hunting and falconry, andhad one day when conversing on this great art astonished evenLouis XIII himself, who took a pride in being considered a pastmaster therein.}

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      "So far from it, madame, he was too proud of your prudence, andabove all, of your love."

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      "Aramis," said Athos, "you went to breakfast the day beforeyesterday at the inn of the Parpaillot, I believe?""Yes."

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       M. de Treville was the father of his soldiers. The lowest or theleast known of them, as soon as he assumed the uniform of thecompany, was as sure of his aid and support as if he had been hisown brother.

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    {  Mounted on an excellent horse, which he was to leave at theend of twenty leagues in order to take the post, Planchetset off at a gallop, his spirits a little depressed by thetriple promise made him by the Musketeers, but otherwise aslight-hearted as possible.

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      And having put three or four double pistoles into his pocketto answer the needs of the moment, he placed the others inthe ebony box, inlaid with mother of pearl, in which was thefamous handkerchief which served him as a talisman.The two friends repaired to Athos's, and he, faithful to hisvow of not going out, took upon him to order dinner to bebrought to them. As he was perfectly acquainted with thedetails of gastronomy, D'Artagnan and Aramis made noobjection to abandoning this important care to him.They went to find Porthos, and at the corner of the Rue Bacmet Mousqueton, who, with a most pitiable air, was drivingbefore him a mule and a horse.