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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I'll see you later," he said, with a pretence of disturbance atbeing interrupted.
2.  Hurstwood approached and held out his own toward the fire. Hewas sick of the bareness and privation of all things connectedwith his venture, but was steeling himself to hold out. Hefancied he could for a while.
3.  "Well, I'll be in the barber shop," said the other. "I want toget a shave."
4.  "Looks quite an affair, doesn't it?"
5.  At last he had a clew to her interest, and followed it deftly.In a few minutes he had come about into her seat. He talked ofsales of clothing, his travels, Chicago, and the amusements ofthat city.
6.  Chapter XLIV


1.  She tried to answer, but he turned away and shuffled off towardthe east.
2.  "I don't know," she said to Lola one day, sitting at one of thewindows which looked down into Broadway, "I get lonely; don'tyou?"
3.  "Well," he said, as he took her arm--and there was an exuberanceof good-fellowship in the word which fairly warmed the cockles ofher heart.
4.  There was a good dinner in the flat that evening, owing to themere lifting of the terrible strain. Hurstwood went out for ashave, and returned with a fair-sized sirloin steak.
5.  "Yes," she said.
6.  The poor girl thrilled as she walked away from Drouet. She feltashamed in part because she had been weak enough to take it, buther need was so dire, she was still glad. Now she would have anice new jacket! Now she would buy a nice pair of pretty buttonshoes. She would get stockings, too, and a skirt, and, and--until already, as in the matter of her prospective salary, shehad got beyond, in her desires, twice the purchasing power of herbills.


1.  By evening, when Hurstwood reached home, she had brooded herselfinto a state of sullen desire for explanation and revenge. Shewanted to know what this peculiar action of his imported. Shewas certain there was more behind it all than what she had heard,and evil curiosity mingled well with distrust and the remnants ofher wrath of the morning. She, impending disaster itself, walkedabout with gathered shadow at the eyes and the rudimentarymuscles of savagery fixing the hard lines of her mouth.
2.  "I'll look around," said Carrie, observing that the proposedchange seemed to be a serious thing with him.
3.  "Yes," answered Carrie, mildly, overwhelmed by the man'sassurance.
4.  "I wisht I was in Sing Sing."
5.   One afternoon, five weeks before the Warren Street place closedup, he left the saloon to visit three or four places he sawadvertised in the "Herald." One was down in Gold Street, and hevisited that, but did not enter. It was such a cheap lookingplace he felt that he could not abide it. Another was on theBowery, which he knew contained many showy resorts. It was nearGrand Street, and turned out to be very handsomely fitted up. Hetalked around about investments for fully three-quarters of anhour with the proprietor, who maintained that his health waspoor, and that was the reason he wished a partner.
6.  The strain of the situation was too much for her, however. Shemade one more vain effort and then burst into tears.


1.  They filed out, and he affected to take no notice of her. Alean-faced, rather commonplace woman recognised Carrie on theplatform and hurried forward.
2.  He hastened to his room with rising spirits and changed hislinen. As he did so, he made up his mind that if Carrie wasalone, or if she had gone to another place, it behooved him tofind out. He decided to call at once.
3.  "That sounds like somebody that can act, doesn't it?" saidQuincel.
4、  "Eat," he mumbled. "That's right, eat. Nobody else wants any."
5、  Now a fierce feeling against Carrie welled up--just one fierce,angry thought before the whole thing slipped out of his mind.




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      He had no thought that this was in her mind--that any removalwould be suggested.

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      "Yes," said Hurstwood calmly. He knew the type so thoroughlythat some of his old familiar indifference to it returned. Suchmen as these were of the lowest stratum welcomed at the resort.He stepped out and closed the door.

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       In the lapse of another half-hour it became apparent to Carriethat it was quite a run to wherever he was taking her, anyhow.

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      "I am very glad to meet you," he said to Mrs. Vance when Carrieintroduced him, showing much of the old grace which hadcaptivated Carrie."Did you think your wife had run away?" said Mr. Vance, extendinghis hand upon introduction.

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    {  In this situation her thoughts went out to her sister in VanBuren Street, whom she had not seen since the night of herflight, and to her home at Columbia City, which seemed now a partof something that could not be again. She looked for no refugein that direction. Nothing but sorrow was brought her bythoughts of Hurstwood, which would return. That he could havechosen to dupe her in so ready a manner seemed a cruel thing.

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      "Is it the Casino show you told me about?"}

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      "Huh!" returned the grocer. "This is fine. I must have that. Ineed the money."

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      "Certainly," said Drouet. "Eh, Carrie?"

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       Doing her simple part, Carrie gradually realised the meaning ofthe applause which was for her, and it was sweet. She feltmildly guilty of something--perhaps unworthiness. When herassociates addressed her in the wings she only smiled weakly.The pride and daring of place were not for her. It never oncecrossed her mind to be reserved or haughty--to be other than shehad been. After the performances she rode to her room with Lola,in a carriage provided.

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    {  Ames had taken a seat beside Carrie, and accordingly he felt ithis bounden duty to pay her some attention. He was interested tofind her so young a wife, and so pretty, though it was only arespectful interest. There was nothing of the dashing lady's manabout him. He had respect for the married state, and thoughtonly of some pretty marriageable girls in Indianapolis.

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      "Supposing you get 'em and take 'em out to dinner?"