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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Perhaps you may know at some future period, and in the meantime I request you to excuse my declining to put you inpossession of my reasons."
2.  It was noon, and Monte Cristo had set apart one hour to bepassed in the apartments of Haidee, as though his oppressedspirit could not all at once admit the feeling of pure andunmixed joy, but required a gradual succession of calm andgentle emotions to prepare his mind to receive full andperfect happiness, in the same manner as ordinary naturesdemand to be inured by degrees to the reception of strong orviolent sensations. The young Greek, as we have alreadysaid, occupied apartments wholly unconnected with those ofthe count. The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordancewith Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with therichest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung withbrocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture;while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, withpiles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to bearranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as soughtrepose. Haidee and three French maids, and one who was aGreek. The first three remained constantly in a smallwaiting-room, ready to obey the summons of a small goldenbell, or to receive the orders of the Romaic slave, who knewjust enough French to be able to transmit her mistress'swishes to the three other waiting-women; the latter hadreceived most peremptory instructions from Monte Cristo totreat Haidee with all the deference they would observe to aqueen.
3.  "Yes, and I am come to look for him; he is a friend ofmine."
4.  "Of course you sent for a doctor?"
5.  "You are very humble to-day," remarked the governor; "youare not so always; the other day, for instance, when youtried to kill the turnkey."
6.  "We were working at St. Mandrier, near Toulon. Do you knowSt. Mandrier?"


1.  In this state of mutual understanding, they reached Leghorn.Here Edmond was to undergo another trial; he was to find outwhether he could recognize himself, as he had not seen hisown face for fourteen years. He had preserved a tolerablygood remembrance of what the youth had been, and was now tofind out what the man had become. His comrades believed thathis vow was fulfilled. As he had twenty times touched atLeghorn, he remembered a barber in St. Ferdinand Street; hewent there to have his beard and hair cut. The barber gazedin amazement at this man with the long, thick and black hairand beard, which gave his head the appearance of one ofTitian's portraits. At this period it was not the fashion towear so large a beard and hair so long; now a barber wouldonly be surprised if a man gifted with such advantagesshould consent voluntarily to deprive himself of them. TheLeghorn barber said nothing and went to work.
2.  "You have not been long detained."
3.  "That is perfectly admirable; but what do you do, count,with all these horses?"
4.  The case was therefore prepared owing to the incessant laborof Villefort, who wished it to be the first on the list inthe coming assizes. He had been obliged to seclude himselfmore than ever, to evade the enormous number of applicationspresented to him for the purpose of obtaining tickets ofadmission to the court on the day of trial. And then soshort a time had elapsed since the death of poor Valentine,and the gloom which overshadowed the house was so recent,that no one wondered to see the father so absorbed in hisprofessional duties, which were the only means he had ofdissipating his grief.
5.  "Well?"
6.  "Just so; and now here are 32,500 francs payable shortly;they are all signed by you, and assigned to our house by theholders."


1.  The daring attempt to rob the count was the topic ofconversation throughout Paris for the next fortnight. Thedying man had signed a deposition declaring Benedetto to bethe assassin. The police had orders to make the strictestsearch for the murderer. Caderousse's knife, dark lantern,bunch of keys, and clothing, excepting the waistcoat, whichcould not be found, were deposited at the registry; thecorpse was conveyed to the morgue. The count told every onethat this adventure had happened during his absence atAuteuil, and that he only knew what was related by the AbbeBusoni, who that evening, by mere chance, had requested topass the night in his house, to examine some valuable booksin his library. Bertuccio alone turned pale wheneverBenedetto's name was mentioned in his presence, but therewas no reason why any one should notice his doing so.Villefort, being called on to prove the crime, was preparinghis brief with the same ardor that he was accustomed toexercise when required to speak in criminal cases.
2.  "Sire" -- stammered the baron.
3.  "Ah, sir," exclaimed Madame de Villefort, clasping herhands, "what do you say?"
4.  "Not when it comes from a friend."
5.   "And your slave?"
6.  "Well?" said the baroness.


1.  "I accuse no one, sir," said Danglars; "I relate, and I willrepeat before the count what I have said to you."
2.  "Yes, undoubtedly, the Abbe Busoni himself," replied MonteCristo. "And I am very glad you recognize me, dear M.Caderousse; it proves you have a good memory, for it must beabout ten years since we last met." This calmness of Busoni,combined with his irony and boldness, staggered Caderousse.
3.  "An old gentleman," continued the concierge, "a stanchfollower of the Bourbons; he had an only daughter, whomarried M. de Villefort, who had been the king's attorney atNimes, and afterwards at Versailles." Monte Cristo glancedat Bertuccio, who became whiter than the wall against whichhe leaned to prevent himself from falling. "And is not thisdaughter dead?" demanded Monte Cristo; "I fancy I have heardso."
4、  "None; on the contrary, he was very kind to me."
5、  "Oh, no; I should find there people who would force me tounderstand things of which I would prefer to remainignorant, and who would try to explain to me, in spite ofmyself, a mystery which even they do not understand. Ma foi,I should wish to keep my illusions concerning insectsunimpaired; it is quite enough to have those dissipatedwhich I had formed of my fellow-creatures. I shall,therefore, not visit either of these telegraphs, but one inthe open country where I shall find a good-naturedsimpleton, who knows no more than the machine he is employedto work."




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      "What, though payable at Rome?"

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      "In an hour?" inquired Danglars, turning pale. "How is that,my friend?"

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       "Just so; and now here are 32,500 francs payable shortly;they are all signed by you, and assigned to our house by theholders."

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      "That's true," said Dantes; "but the corridor you speak ofonly bounds one side of my cell; there are three others --do you know anything of their situation?"

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    {  "Well, write to your correspondent in Yanina, and ask himwhat part was played by a Frenchman named Fernand Mondego inthe catastrophe of Ali Tepelini."

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      "There is a providence; there is a God," said Monte Cristo,"of whom you are a striking proof, as you lie in utterdespair, denying him, while I stand before you, rich, happy,safe and entreating that God in whom you endeavor not tobelieve, while in your heart you still believe in him."}

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      "He called himself Vampa. You see. it's evident where thecount got the name."

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      "I know him; I shall know if you lie."

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       "Two, -- one here and one there." Andrea sketched twowindows in the room, which formed an angle on the plan, andappeared as a small square added to the rectangle of thebedroom. Caderousse became thoughtful. "Does he often go toAuteuil?" added he.

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    {  "Then that will make only 4,998 louis more," said Peppinowith the same indifference. "I shall get them all in time."

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      "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "and so those gentlemen downthere are men of great talent. I should not have guessed it.And for what kind of talent are they celebrated? You knowthere are different sorts."