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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Come, come, madam, it is useless. Give up the letter."She darted to the bell.
2.  "That is Leonardo," she said.
3.  "He knows it already. When I had cleared it all up I had aninterview with him, and finding that he would not tell me the story, Itold it to him, on which he had to confess that I was right and to addthe very few details which were not yet quite clear to me. Your newsof this morning, however, may open his lips."
4.  "Yes, sir, very close."
6.  "Come again next night with a more useful tool."


1.  "'You shall see her if you sign. Where are you from?'
2.  "Yes, and I have no doubt that is her ring."
3.  "Your ladyship places me in a very delicate position. I beg that youwill sit down and tell me what you desire, but I fear that I cannotmake any unconditional promise."
4.  "'Many people, Mr. Dodd,' said he, 'would take offence at yourinfernal pertinacity and would think that this insistence hadreached the point of damned impertinence.'
5.  "No, sir."
6.  "'For the sake of the trust.'


1.  "But why do you follow me? What do you want?"
2.  "'I had L4 a month in my last place with Colonel Spence Munro.'"'Oh, tut, tut! sweating-rank sweating!' he cried, throwing hisfat hands out into the air like a man who is in a boiling passion.'How could anyone offer so pitiful a sum to a lady with suchattractions and accomplishments?'
4.  "Surely there are details in her story which, if we looked at incold blood, would excite our suspicion. These burglars made aconsiderable haul at Sydenham a fortnight ago. Some account of themand of their appearance was in the papers, and would naturally occurto anyone who wished to invent a story in which imaginary robbersshould play a part. As a matter of fact, burglars who have done a goodstroke of business are, as a rule, only too glad to enjoy the proceedsin peace and quiet without embarking on another perilousundertaking. Again, it is unusual for burglars to operate at soearly an hour, it is unusual for burglars to strike a lady toprevent her screaming, since one would imagine that was the sure wayto make her scream, it is unusual for them to commit murder when theirnumbers are sufficient to overpower one man, it is unusual for them tobe content with a limited plunder when there was much more withintheir reach, and finally, I should say, that it was very unusual forsuch men to leave a bottle half empty. How do all these unusualsstrike you, Watson?"
5.   "As a matter of fact, he could not," said Soames, "for I enteredby the side door."
6.  "'A hundred and four.'


1.  "It's very black against her. I can't deny that. And women lead aninward life and may do things beyond the judgment of a man. At first Iwas so rattled and taken aback that I was ready to think she hadbeen led away in some extraordinary fashion that was clean against herusual nature. One explanation came into my head. I give it to you, Mr.Holmes, for what it is worth. There is no doubt that my wife wasbitterly jealous. There is a soul-jealousy that can be as frantic asany body-jealousy, and though my wife had no cause- and I think sheunderstood this- for the latter, she was aware that this Englishgirl exerted an influence upon my mind and my acts that she herselfnever had. It was an influence for good, but that did not mend thematter. She was crazy with hatred, and the beat of the Amazon wasalways in her blood. She might have planned to murder Miss Dunbar-or we will say to threaten her with a gun and so frighten her intoleaving us. Then there might have been a scuffle and the gun goneoff and shot the woman who held it."
2.  "Where lies the difficulty?"
3.  "The police have the letters," he explained. "I could not bringthem. But there is no doubt that it was a serious love affair. I seeno reason, however, to connect it with that horrible happening save,indeed, that the lady had made an appointment with him.""But hardly at a bathing-pool which all of you were in the habitof using," I remarked.
4、  Our visitor had consumed his milk and biscuits. The light had comeback to his eyes and the colour to his cheeks, as he set himselfwith great vigour and lucidity to explain the situation."I must inform you, gentlemen, that the Priory is a preparatoryschool, of which I am the founder and principal. Huxtable's Sidelightson Horace may possibly recall my name to your memories. The Priory is,without exception, the best and most select preparatory school inEngland. Lord Leverstoke, the Earl of Blackwater, Sir Cathcart Soames-they all have intrusted their sons to me. But I felt that my schoolhad reached its zenith when, weeks ago, the Duke of Holdernesse sentMr. James Wilder, his secretary, with intimation that young LordSaltire, ten years old, his only son and heir, was about to becommitted to my charge. Little did I think that this would be theprelude to the most crushing misfortune of my life.
5、  "And that ring went with him to London?"




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      "Perhaps we may make them less so."

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      "One moment, Lestrade," said Holmes. "Half an hour more or lesscan make no difference to you, and the gentleman was about to giveus an account of this very interesting affair, which might aid us inclearing it up."

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       "Where are they now?"

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      "Leonardo had a clever, scheming brain. It was he who planned it.I do not say that to blame him, for I was ready to go with him everyinch of the way. But I should never have had the wit to think ofsuch a plan. We made a club- Leonardo made it- and in the leadenhead lie fastened five long steel nails, the points outward, with justsuch a spread as the lion's paw. This was to give my husband hisdeath-blow, and yet to leave the evidence that it was the lion whichwe would loose who had done the deed.

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    {  "For long?"

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      "Ah, my dear Watson," said he, striding into the room, "I am verydelighted to see you! I trust that Mrs. Watson has entirelyrecovered from all the little excitements connected with our adventureof the Sign of Four."}

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      "'Hampshire. Charming rural place. The Copper Beeches, five miles onthe far side of Winchester. It is the most lovely country, my dearyoung lady, and the dearest old country-house.'

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      "'Ah, very well; then that quite settles the matter. It is a pity,because in other respects you would really have done very nicely. Inthat case, Miss Stoper, I had best inspect a few more of your youngladies.'

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       "All very fine, Mr. Holmes," said he. "But there is one littleflaw in your splendid theory. I was myself in my room, and I neverleft it during the day."

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    {  "But what is that compared with the number of your successes?""It is true that I have been generally successful."

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      "She's devoted enough," he answered at last. "But I won't say towhom."