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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Spirits, if present, grace the scene. And if with me united, Then gratulate theking and queen, Their troth thus newly plighted!Puck
2.  Out with it then! Your doings I'll defend.
3.  Now tell me, gentlemen, what you desire?
4.  A! tara lara da!
5.  Now forth at once! thou dar'st not rest.
6.  Then I repeat, Come in! Mephistopheles


1.  Your courtesy much flatters me! A man like other men you see; Pray haveyou yet applied elsewhere?
2.  Soldiers
3.  (She opens the press to put away her clothes, and perceives the casket.)How comes this lovely casket here? The press I locked, of that I'm confident.'Tis very wonderful! What's in it I can't guess; Perhaps 'twas brought by someone in distress, And left in pledge for loan my mother lent.Here by a ribbon hangs a little key! I have a mind to open it and see!Heavens! only look! what have we here! In all my days ne'er saw I such asight! Jewels! which any noble dame might wear, For some high pageantrichly dight! This chain - how would it look on me! These splendid gems,whose may they be?
4.  Once a fair vision came to me; There in I saw an apple - tree, Two beauteousapples charmed mine eyes; I climb'd forthwith to reach the prize.The Fair One
5.  Altmayer (aside)
6.  Faust (entering with the poodle)


1.  They rail and scuffle, scream and fight!
2.  Is dead? True heart! Oh misery! My husband dead! Oh, I shall die!Margaret
3.  Mephisto, seest thou there Standing far off, a lone child, pale and fair? Slowfrom the spot her drooping form she tears, And seems with shackled feet tomove along; I own, within me the delusion' strong, That she the likeness of myGretchen wears.
4.  That is not fair!
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  Ariel


1.  Thou'rt free to do so! Gladly I'll attend; But be thine art a pleasant one!Mephistopheles
2.  Is it not dust, wherewith this lofty wall, With hundred shelves, confines meround; Rubbish, in thousand shapes, may I not call What in this moth - worlddoth my being bound? Here, what doth fail me, shall I find? Read in athousand tomes that, everywhere, Self - torture is the lot of human - kind,With but one mortal happy, here and there? Thou hollow skull, that grin, whatshould it say, But that thy brain, like mine, of old perplexed, Still yearning forthe truth, hath sought the light of day. And in the twilight wandered, sorelyvexed? Ye instruments, forsooth, ye mock at me, With wheel, and cog, andring, and cylinder; To nature's portals ye should be the key; Cunning yourwards, and yet the bolts ye fail to stir. Inscrutable in broadest light, To beunveil'd by force she doth refuse, What she reveals not to thy mental sight,Thou wilt not wrest me from her with levers and with screws. Old uselessfurnitures, yet stand ye here, Because my sire ye served, now dead and gone.Old scroll, the smoke of years dost wear, So long as o'er this desk the sorrylamp hath shone. Better my little means hath squandered quite away, Thanburden'd by that little here to sweat and groan! Wouldst thou possess thyheritage, essay, By use to render it thine own! What we employ not, butimpedes our way, That which the hour creates, that can it use alone! Butwherefore to yon spot is riveted my gaze? Is yonder flasket there a magnet tomy sight? Whence this mild radiance that around me plays, As when, 'midforest gloom, reigneth the moon's soft light?
3.  Cease thus to gnash thy ravenous fangs at me! I loathe thee! - Great andglorious spirit, thou who didst vouchsafe to reveal thyself unto me, thou whodost know my very heart and soul, why hast thou linked me with this baseassociate, who feeds on mischief and revels in destruction?Mephistopheles
4、  How stoutly once I could inveigh, If a poor maiden went astray; Not wordsenough my tongue could find, 'Gainst others' sin to speak my mind! Black as itseemed, I blacken'd it still more, And strove to make it blacker than before.And did myself securely bless Now my own trespass doth appear! Yet ah! -what urg'd me to transgress, God knows, it was so sweet, so dear!Zwinger
5、  No, Lord! I find things there, as ever, in sad plight. Men, in their evil days,move my compassion; Such sorry things to plague is nothing worth.The Lord




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      Huckster - Witch

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      'Tis done! Full soon thou'lt see my exultation; As for my bet no fears Ientertain. And if my end I finally should gain, Excuse my triumphing with allmy soul. Dust he shall eat, ay, and with relish take, As did my cousin, therenowned snake.

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       This hour enjoyment more intense, Shall captivate each ravish'd sense, Thanthou could'st compass in the bound Of the whole year's unvarying round; Andwhat the dainty spirits sing, The lovely images they bring. Are no fantasticsorcery. Rich odours shall regale your smell, On choicest sweets your palatedwell, Your feelings thrill with ecstasy. No preparation do we need, Here wetogether are. Proceed.

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    {  Chorus of Disciples

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      Walpurgis - Night}

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      Parchment, is that the sacred fount whence roll Waters, he thirsteth not whoonce hath quaffed? Oh, if it gush not from thine inmost soul, Thou has not wonthe life - restoring draught.

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       And had you naught besides to bring?

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    {  Mephistopheles

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      Well, he hath paid the forfeit, and is dead. Now were I in your place, mycounsel hear; My weeds I'd wear for one chaste year, And for another lovermeanwhile would look out.