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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What are your rates?" she inquired.
2.  "Oh, I'm here now," answered Hurstwood, anxious to get away.
3.  Hurstwood was perfectly indifferent. He took it for granted thatit would be worthless. All he cared for was to have it endurableenough to allow for pretension and congratulation afterward.
4.  "All right," said Drouet, fishing for bills.
5.  "I don't know," she murmured at last, "what I can do."
6.  "If you do as well in the rest of the play, you will make us allthink you are a born actress."


1.  "Where are you going?" she asked.
2.  The true meaning of money yet remains to be popularly explainedand comprehended. When each individual realises for himself thatthis thing primarily stands for and should only be accepted as amoral due--that it should be paid out as honestly stored energy,and not as a usurped privilege--many of our social, religious,and political troubles will have permanently passed. As forCarrie, her understanding of the moral significance of money wasthe popular understanding, nothing more. The old definition:"Money: something everybody else has and I must get," would haveexpressed her understanding of it thoroughly. Some of it she nowheld in her hand--two soft, green ten-dollar bills--and she feltthat she was immensely better off for the having of them. It wassomething that was power in itself. One of her order of mindwould have been content to be cast away upon a desert island witha bundle of money, and only the long strain of starvation wouldhave taught her that in some cases it could have no value. Eventhen she would have had no conception of the relative value ofthe thing; her one thought would, undoubtedly, have concerned thepity of having so much power and the inability to use it.
3.  For all the liberal analysis of Spencer and our modernnaturalistic philosophers, we have but an infantile perception ofmorals. There is more in the subject than mere conformity to alaw of evolution. It is yet deeper than conformity to things ofearth alone. It is more involved than we, as yet, perceive.Answer, first, why the heart thrills; explain wherefore someplaintive note goes wandering about the world, undying; makeclear the rose's subtle alchemy evolving its ruddy lamp in lightand rain. In the essence of these facts lie the first principlesof morals.
4.  In the light of the world's attitude toward woman and her duties,the nature of Carrie's mental state deserves consideration.Actions such as hers are measured by an arbitrary scale. Societypossesses a conventional standard whereby it judges all things.All men should be good, all women virtuous. Wherefore, villain,hast thou failed?
5.  "You'd like that. I know you would. I've seen you dancingaround here and giving imitations and that's why I asked you.You're clever enough, all right."
6.  She had risen, and now walked angrily out of the room.


1.  At a corner farther up a man stood by the track and signalled thecar to stop.
2.  "We might try it," he suggested. "I've been thinking that ifwe'd take a smaller flat down town and live economically for ayear, I would have enough, with what I have invested, to open agood place. Then we could arrange to live as you want to."
3.  "I don't know what I'll do yet," said Carrie.
4.  "Made a lot of money in his time, though, hasn't he?"
5.   Hurstwood showed his hand. He was done. The bitter fact that hehad lost seventy-five dollars made him desperate.
6.  "Why don't you come over with me today?" she asked.


1.  "I won't apply as a motorman," he answered. "I can ring up faresall right."
2.  "What's out there?" he asked, secretly irritated and chagrined tothink that he should be made to pump for information in thismanner.
3.  In the face of so much distress on Carrie's part, he had to makesome showing, and it was thus he did so. It was lassitude'sapology to energy.
4、  Frequently there were two-story frame houses standing out in theopen fields, without fence or trees, lone outposts of theapproaching army of homes.
5、  "Very well," said Hurstwood. "Rather anxious about you though.You'd better go out now and cheer her up."




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      At the flat that evening Carrie felt a new phase of itsatmosphere. The fact that it was unchanged, while her feelingswere different, increased her knowledge of its character.Minnie, after the good spirits Carrie manifested at first,expected a fair report. Hanson supposed that Carrie would besatisfied.

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      "Now, I have eight cents. Four more will give this man a bed.Come, gentlemen. We are going very slow this evening. You allhave good beds. How about these?"

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       "Did I do all right?"

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      That little student had mastered her part to her ownsatisfaction, much as she trembled for her fate when she shouldonce face the gathered throng, behind the glare of thefootlights. She tried to console herself with the thought that ascore of other persons, men and women, were equally tremulousconcerning the outcome of their efforts, but she could notdisassociate the general danger from her own individualliability. She feared that she would forget her lines, that shemight be unable to master the feeling which she now feltconcerning her own movements in the play. At times she wishedthat she had never gone into the affair; at others, she trembledlest she should be paralysed with fear and stand white andgasping, not knowing what to say and spoiling the entireperformance.

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    {  "I'd like it ever so much," she replied.

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      He was not a man who traveled much, but when he did, he had beenaccustomed to take her along. On one occasion recently a localaldermanic junket had been arranged to visit Philadelphia--ajunket that was to last ten days. Hurstwood had been invited.}

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      "Oh, I don't know whether I can get up and say it off here," shesaid bashfully.

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      "Do you want to hire any men?" inquired Hurstwood.

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       "Because," answered Carrie, "I never did."

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    {  At last she picked upon something, which not only used up all hersurplus above twelve, but invaded that sum. She knew she wasgoing too far, but her feminine love of finery prevailed. Thenext day Hurstwood said:

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      "Sure," interrupted Drouet, "that's a good idea."