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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, ahaughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign wasthe reply of Aramis.
2.  "Without confiding to them the secret which I am not willing toknow?"
3.  "Oh, I will be a match for you!" murmured Milady, between herteeth; "be assured of that, you poor spoiled monk, you poorconverted soldier, who has cut his uniform out of a monk'sfrock!"
4.  "Well," said D'Artagnan to Athos, "you see, my dear friend,that this is war to the death."
5.  "Yes; I have parted with him."
6.  "Ah, my yellow horse," cried he. "Aramis, look at thathorse!"


1.  "Can you guess," said D'Artagnan, "who was the man who headedthis infernal expedition?"
2.  "What would you have?" said the Musketeer. "This fashion iscoming in. It is a folly, I admit, but still it is the fashion.Besides, one must lay out one's inheritance somehow.""Ah, Porthos!" cried one of his companions, "don't try to make usbelieve you obtained that baldric by paternal generosity. It wasgiven to you by that veiled lady I met you with the other Sunday,near the gate St. Honor?"
3.  When the young Guardsman and the three Musketeers werewithout witnesses, they looked at one another with an airwhich plainly expressed that each of them perceived thegravity of their situation.
4.  But soon thou dost afford
5.  "You have told me the truth, my gentlemen," said he,addressing the Musketeers, "and it will not be my fault ifour encounter this evening be not advantageous to you. Inthe meantime, follow me."
6.  As he might be only wounded and might denounce their crime,they came up to him with the purpose of making sure.Fortunately, deceived by D'Artagnan's trick, they neglectedto reload their guns.


1.  Then D'Artagnan, as the reader, from whom we have not concealedthe state of his fortune, very well knows--D'Artagnan was not amillionaire; he hoped to become one someday, but the time whichin his own mind he fixed upon for this happy change was still fardistant. In the meanwhile, how disheartening to see the womanone loves long for those thousands of nothings which constitute awoman's happiness, and be unable to give her those thousands ofnothings. At least, when the woman is rich and the lover is notthat which he cannot offer she offers to herself; and although itis generally with her husband's money that she procures herselfthis indulgence, the gratitude for it seldom reverts to him.Then D'Artagnan, disposed to become the most tender of lovers,was at the same time a very devoted friend, In the midst of hisamorous projects for the mercer's wife, he did not forget hisfriends. The pretty Mme. Bonacieux was just the woman to walkwith in the Plain St. Denis or in the fair of St. Germain, incompany with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, to whom D'Artagnan hadoften remarked this. Then one could enjoy charming littledinners, where one touches on one side the hand of a friend, andon the other the foot of a mistress. Besides, on pressingoccasions, in extreme difficulties, D'Artagnan would become thepreserver of his friends.
2.  "She was married?" asked Aramis.
3.  "Trust me, madame; the queen may appear to have abandoned those persons,but we must not put faith in appearances. The more they are persecuted,the more she thinks of them; and often, when they least expect it, theyhave proof of a kind remembrance."
4.  "And I?"
5.   The cardinal, after having read these two lines, sank into a profoundreverie; but he did not return the paper to D'Artagnan."He is meditating by what sort of punishment he shall cause me to die,"said the Gascon to himself. "Well, my faith! he shall see how agentleman can die."
6.  "Most willingly. And now?"


1.  In addition to this, after a half hour's conversationD'Artagnan was convinced that Milady was his compatriot; shespoke French with an elegance and a purity that left nodoubt on that head.
2.  "Ah, is that you, D'Artagnan, and you, Athos?" said the youngman. "I was reflecting upon the rapidity with which theblessings of this world leave us. My English horse, which hasjust disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with aliving image of the fragility of the things of the earth. Lifeitself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.""Which means--" said D'Artagnan, who began to suspect the truth."Which means that I have just been duped-sixty louis for a horsewhich by the manner of his gait can do at least five leagues anhour."
3.  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
4、  Athos then plunged into the street the man had indicated with hisfinger; but arriving at four crossroads, he stopped again, visiblyembarrassed. Nevertheless, as the crossroads offered him a betterchance than any other place of meeting somebody, he stood still. In afew minutes a night watch passed. Athos repeated to him the samequestion he had asked the first person he met. The night watch evincedthe same terror, refused, in his turn, to accompany Athos, and onlypointed with his hand to the road he was to take.Athos walked in the direction indicated, and reached the suburb situatedat the opposite extremity of the city from that by which he and hisfriends had entered it. There he again appeared uneasy and embarrassed,and stopped for the third time.
5、  The young man and young woman perceived they were watched, andredoubled their speed. D'Artagnan determined upon his course.He passed them, then returned so as to meet them exactly beforethe Samaritaine. Which was illuminated by a lamp which threw itslight over all that part of the bridge.




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      "Ah, ah!" said Aramis, "the black points and the red pointsare visibly enlarging. I am of D'Artagnan's opinion; wehave no time to lose in regaining our camp."

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      "Good, the Luxembourg! One might believe this is anallusion to the queen-mother! That's ingenious," saidAthos.

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       "She is dead."

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      We shall find her still in the despairing attitude in which weleft her, plunged in an abyss of dismal reflection--a dark hellat the gate of which she has almost left hope behind, because forthe first time she doubts, for the first time she fears.On two occasions her fortune has failed her, on two occasions shehas found herself discovered and betrayed; and on these twooccasions it was to one fatal genius, sent doubtlessly by theLord to combat her, that she has succumbed. D'Artagnan hasconquered her--her, that invincible power of evil.He has deceived her in her love, humbled her in her pride,thwarted her in her ambition; and now he ruins her fortune,deprives her of liberty, and even threatens her life. Stillmore, he has lifted the corner of her mask--that shield withwhich she covered herself and which rendered her so strong.D'Artagnan has turned aside from Buckingham, whom she hates asshe hates everyone she has loved, the tempest with whichRichelieu threatened him in the person of the queen. D'Artagnanhad passed himself upon her as De Wardes, for whom she hadconceived one of those tigerlike fancies common to women of hercharacter. D'Artagnan knows that terrible secret which she hassworn no one shall know without dying. In short, at the momentin which she has just obtained from Richelieu a carte blanche bythe means of which she is about to take vengeance on her enemy,this precious paper is torn from her hands, and it is D'Artagnanwho holds her prisoner and is about to send her to some filthyBotany Bay, some infamous Tyburn of the Indian Ocean.

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    {  "A PROPOS, you have probably one or two friends?""I have three, who would be honored by joining in the sportwith me."

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      43 The Sign of the Red Dovecot}

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      "And now, madame, till I see you again! Tomorrow I will come andannounce to you the departure of my messenger."

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      D'Artagnan was at the height of joy; he had realized theplan he had imagined beforehand, whose picturing hadproduced the smiles we noted upon his face.

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       "That head has never conspired," murmured he, "but it mattersnot; we will see."

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    {  "D'Artagnan, sire; he is the son of one of my oldest friends--theson of a man who served under the king your father, of gloriousmemory, in the civil war."

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      "Scoundrel, infamous scoundrel!" howled Milady.