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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He went out smiling and visited the place. Shaughnessy wasthere. They had made all arrangements to share according totheir interests. When, however, he had been there several hours,gone out three more, and returned, his elation had departed. Asmuch as he had objected to the place, now that it was no longerto exist, he felt sorry. He wished that things were different.
2.  When Hurstwood called, she met a man who was more clever thanDrouet in a hundred ways. He paid that peculiar deference towomen which every member of the sex appreciates. He was notoverawed, he was not overbold. His great charm wasattentiveness. Schooled in winning those birds of fine featheramong his own sex, the merchants and professionals who visitedhis resort, he could use even greater tact when endeavouring toprove agreeable to some one who charmed him. In a pretty womanof any refinement of feeling whatsoever he found his greatestincentive. He was mild, placid, assured, giving the impressionthat he wished to be of service only--to do something which wouldmake the lady more pleased.
3.  "I don't know," said Carrie. "The name on the bell is Vance.Some one over there plays beautifully. I guess it must be she."
4.  "Of course," she said, smiling; "did you think I wouldn't?"
5.  "Certainly," cried Lola.
6.  "You didn't do me right, Cad," he said, as if he were addressingher in the flesh.


1.  "You have a bath there," said he. "Now you can clean up when youget ready."
2.  "Never mind what you were just. Keep your ears open."
3.  "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"
4.  "Are you?" said her mother.
5.  It so happened that on the night when Hurstwood, Carrie, andDrouet were in the box at McVickar's, George, Jr., was in thesixth row of the parquet with the daughter of H. B. Carmichael,the third partner of a wholesale dry-goods house of that city.Hurstwood did not see his son, for he sat, as was his wont, asfar back as possible, leaving himself just partially visible,when he bent forward, to those within the first six rows inquestion. It was his wont to sit this way in every theatre--tomake his personality as inconspicuous as possible where it wouldbe no advantage to him to have it otherwise.
6.  "Will you marry me?" she asked, forgetting how.


1.  "I didn't know," he replied.
2.  "Yes, I will," said Drouet.
3.  "Come out of it," he said, "they won't care. I'll help you getalong."
4.  He watched her walk from him with tender solicitation. Suchyouth and prettiness reacted upon him more subtly than wine.
5.   "Now, now," said one of the officers. "It's only a scratch."
6.  "Oh, you haven't," he said, eyeing her keenly.


1.  "I want the Waukesha money to-morrow morning," she said.
2.  "Isn't it just awful?" said Carrie, studying the winter's storm.
3.  "Who's here?" said Hurstwood, passing into the theatre proper,where the lights were turned up and a company of gentlemen werelaughing and talking in the open space back of the seats.
4、  Carrie interrupted:
5、  For answer, her lips replied.




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      "Of course it is," said the youth, who saw visions of a finedinner now, and such invigorating talk as would result in areunion after the show. He was greatly taken with Carrie."We'll drive down to Delmonico's now and have something there,won't we, Orrin?"

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      With the stolidity and indifference of despair, however, heendured it all, sleeping in an attic at the roof of the house,eating what the cook gave him, accepting a few dollars a week,which he tried to save. His constitution was in no shape toendure.

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       Hurstwood heard this, dead to the horror of it. He rocked alittle to and fro, and chewed at his finger. It seemed all verynatural in such extreme states. He would do better later on.

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      "Come on," he said, "I'll see you through all right. Get yourselfsome clothes."

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    {  As the waiter bowed and scraped about, felt the dishes to see ifthey were hot enough, brought spoons and forks, and did all thoselittle attentive things calculated to impress the luxury of thesituation upon the diner, Ames also leaned slightly to one sideand told her of Indianapolis in an intelligent way. He reallyhad a very bright mind, which was finding its chief developmentin electrical knowledge. His sympathies for other forms ofinformation, however, and for types of people, were quick andwarm. The red glow on his head gave it a sandy tinge and put abright glint in his eye. Carrie noticed all these things as heleaned toward her and felt exceedingly young. This man was farahead of her. He seemed wiser than Hurstwood, saner and brighterthan Drouet. He seemed innocent and clean, and she thought thathe was exceedingly pleasant. She noticed, also, that hisinterest in her was a far-off one. She was not in his life, norany of the things that touched his life, and yet now, as he spokeof these things, they appealed to her.

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      "Where's the conductor?" he asked.}

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      Carrie looked at him with the tenderness which virtue ever feelsin its hope of reclaiming vice. How could such a man needreclaiming? His errors, what were they, that she could correct?Small they must be, where all was so fine. At worst, they weregilded affairs, and with what leniency are gilded errors viewed.He put himself in such a lonely light that she was deeply moved.

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      "Certainly," said Carrie. "You know how often he came."

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       "Oh, do you?" she interrupted, aroused by memories of longingstheir show windows had cost her.

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    {  Carrie readily acquiesced, glad to escape the trying situation,and liberal now that she saw a way out. She was elated and beganfiguring at once. She needed a hat first of all. How Minnieexplained to Hanson she never knew. He said nothing at all, butthere were thoughts in the air which left disagreeableimpressions.

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      "Let's have another pot," he said, grimly.