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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The He - Monkey
2.  Margaret
3.  Frosch
4.  Faust
5.  Valentine
6.  Merryman.


1.  Whoever quarrels, turn him out! With open throat drink, roar, and shout.Hollo! Hollo! Ho!
2.  Heaven bless the trusty friend, and long To help the poor his life prolong!Faust
3.  When seated 'mong the jovial crowd, Where merry comrades boasting loudEach named with pride his favourite lass, And in her honour drain'd his glass;Upon my elbows I would lean, With easy quiet view the scene, Nor give mytongue the rein until Each swaggering blade had talked his fill. Then smiling Imy beard would stroke, The while, with brimming glass, I spoke; "Each to histaste! - but to my mind, Where in the country will you find, A maid, as mydear Gretchen fair, Who with my sister can compare?" Cling! Clang! so rangthe jovial sound! Shouts of assent went circling round; Pride of her sex is she!- cried some; Then were the noisy boasters dumb.And now! - I could tear out my hair, Or dash my brains out in despair! Meevery scurvy knave may twit, With stinging jest and taunting sneer! Likeskulking debtor I must sit, And sweat each casual word to hear! And though Ismash'd them one and all, Yet them I could not liars call.Who comes this way? who's sneaking here? If I mistake not, two draw near.If he be one, have at him; - well I wot Alive he shall not leave this spot!Faust. Mephistopheles
4.  I have, alas! Philosophy, Medicine, Jurisprudence too, And to my costTheology, With ardent labour, studied through. And here I stand, with all mylore, Poor fool, no wiser than before. Magister, doctor styled, indeed,Already these ten years I lead, Up, down, across, and to and fro, My pupilsby the nose, - and learn, That we in truth can nothing know! That in my heartlike fire doth burn. 'Tis true I've more cunning than all your dull tribe, Magisterand doctor, priest, parson, and scribe; Scruple or doubt comes not to enthrallme, Neither can devil nor hell now appal me Hence also my heart must allpleasure forego! I may not pretend, aught rightly to know, I may not pretend,through teaching, to find A means to improve or convert mankind. Then Ihave neither goods nor treasure, No worldly honour, rank, or pleasure; Nodog in such fashion would longer live! Therefore myself to magic I give, Inhope, through spirit - voice and might, Secrets now veiled to bring to light,That I no more, with aching brow, Need speak of what I nothing know; ThatI the force may recognise That binds creation's inmost energies; Her vitalpowers, her embryo seeds survey, And fling the trade in empty words away.O full - orb'd moon, did but thy rays Their last upon mine anguish gaze!Beside this desk, at dead of night, Oft have I watched to hail thy light: Then,pensive friend! o'er book and scroll, With soothing power, thy radiance stole!In thy dear light, ah, might I climb, Freely, some mountain height sublime,Round mountain caves with spirits ride, In thy mild haze o'er meadows glide,And, purged from knowledge - fumes, renew My spirit, in thy healing dew!Woe's me! still prison'd in the gloom Of this abhorr'd and musty room! Whereheaven's dear light itself doth pass, But dimly through the painted glass!Hemmed in by volumes thick with dust, Worm - eaten, hid 'neath rust andmould, And to the high vault's topmost bound, A smoke - stained papercompassed round; With boxes round thee piled, and glass, And many auseless instrument, With old ancestral lumber blent This is thy world! a world!alas! And dost thou ask why heaves thy heart, With tighten'd pressure in thybreast? Why the dull ache will not depart, By which thy life - pulse isoppress'd? Instead of nature's living sphere, Created for mankind of old,Brute skeletons surround thee here, And dead men's bones in smoke andmould.
5.  Depart! elsewhere another servant choose What! shall the bard his godlikepower abuse? Man's loftiest right, kind nature's high bequest, For your meanpurpose basely sport away? Whence comes his mastery o'er the humanbreast, Whence o'er the elements his sway, But from the harmony that,gushing from his soul, Draws back into his heart the wondrous whole? Withcareless hand when round her spindle, Nature Winds the interminable threadof life; When 'mid the clash of Being every creature Mingles in harshinextricable strife; Who deals their course unvaried till it falleth, In rhythmicflow to music's measur'd tone? Each solitary note whose genius calleth, Toswell the mighty choir in unison? Who in the raging storm sees passionlow'ring? Or flush of earnest thought in evening's glow? Who every blossom insweet spring - time flowering Along the loved one's path would strow? Who,Nature's green familiar leaves entwining, Wreathe's glory's garland, won onevery field? Makes sure Olympus, heavenly powers combining? Man's mightyspirit, in the bard reveal'd!
6.  To play the spy diverts you then?


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Faust (after a pause)
3.  The Massive Ones
4.  Mephistopheles
5.   These that I'm hitting off to - day Are sketches unpretending; Towards Italywithout delay, My steps I think of bending.
6.  Characters in the Tragedy


1.  My sweet child!
2.  Here is a song, sung o'er, sometimes you'll see, That 'twill a singular effectproduce.
3.  Then we the witch must summon after all.
4、  (Mephistopheles knocks.)
5、  Why, this is nothing but a juggler's trick!




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      I cannot loose the bands of the avenger, nor withdraw his bolts. - Save her! -Who was it plunged her into perdition? I or thou?(Faust looks wildly around.)

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      Ignis Fatuus

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    {  Grapes the vine - stock bears, Horns the buck - goat wears! Wine is sap, thevine is wood, The wooden board yields wine as good. With a deeper glanceand true The mysteries of nature view! Have faith and here's a miracle! Yourstoppers draw and drink your fill!

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      I'm like a tom - cat in a thievish vein, That up fire - ladders tall and steep, Andround the walls doth slyly creep; Virtuous withal, I feel, with, I confess, Atouch of thievish joy and wantonness. Thus through my limbs already burnsThe glorious Walpurgis night! After to - morrow it returns, Then why onewakes, one knows aright!

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       Dash! Smash! There lies the glass! There lies the slime! 'Tis but a jest; I butkeep time, Thou hellish pest, To thine own chime!(While the Witch steps back in rage and astonishment.)Dost know me! Skeleton! Vile scarecrow, thou! Thy lord and master dostthou know? What holds me, that I deal not now Thee and thine apes astunning blow? No more respect to my red vest dost pay? Does my cock'sfeather no allegiance claim? Have I my visage masked to - day? Must I beforced myself to name?

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    {  Which?

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