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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, first, and then to go to Paris."
2.  "Well, then, you should go and bring your Count of MonteCristo to us."
3.  "But," said the envoy, "you do not go about it in the rightway to kill him, if I understand you correctly."
4.  "But do you understand?"
5.  "The same orders for her as for the two sailing vessels."
6.  "What?" cried the magistrate, with an accent of horror andconsternation, "are you still harping on that terribleidea?"


1.  "No," said Villefort, rising hastily; "stay where you are.It is for me to give orders here, and not you."
2.  This note was in a different hand from the rest, whichshowed that it had been added since his confinement. Theinspector could not contend against this accusation; hesimply wrote, -- "Nothing to be done."
3.  Tears, entreaties, prayers, have availed me nothing.Yesterday, for two hours, I was at the church ofSaint-Phillippe du Roule, and for two hours I prayed mostfervently. Heaven is as inflexible as man, and the signatureof the contract is fixed for this evening at nine o'clock. Ihave but one promise and but one heart to give; that promiseis pledged to you, that heart is also yours. This evening,then, at a quarter to nine at the gate.
4.  "Why so?"
5.  "Ah," said Villefort, with a startling accent; "does shewish that?" -- The man drew back and said, "If you wish togo alone, sir, I will go and tell my mistress." Villefortremained silent for a moment, and dented his pale cheekswith his nails. "Tell your mistress," he at length answered,"that I wish to speak to her, and I beg she will wait for mein her own room."
6.  "A delay would save my honor, and consequently my life."


1.  When Franz had finished reading this account, so dreadfulfor a son; when Valentine, pale with emotion, had wiped awaya tear; when Villefort, trembling, and crouched in a corner,had endeavored to lessen the storm by supplicating glancesat the implacable old man, -- "Sir," said d'Epinay toNoirtier, "since you are well acquainted with all thesedetails, which are attested by honorable signatures, --since you appear to take some interest in me, although youhave only manifested it hitherto by causing me sorrow,refuse me not one final satisfaction -- tell me the name ofthe president of the club, that I may at least know whokilled my father." Villefort mechanically felt for thehandle of the door; Valentine, who understood sooner thananyone her grandfather's answer, and who had often seen twoscars upon his right arm, drew back a few steps."Mademoiselle," said Franz, turning towards Valentine,"unite your efforts with mine to find out the name of theman who made me an orphan at two years of age." Valentineremained dumb and motionless.
2.  "And have you communicated your triumphant idea to anybody?"
3.  "What is it, sir?"
4.  On landing, the count turned towards the cemetery, where hefelt sure of finding Morrel. He, too, ten years ago, hadpiously sought out a tomb, and sought it vainly. He, whoreturned to France with millions, had been unable to findthe grave of his father, who had perished from hunger.Morrel had indeed placed a cross over the spot, but it hadfallen down and the grave-digger had burnt it, as he did allthe old wood in the churchyard. The worthy merchant had beenmore fortunate. Dying in the arms of his children, he hadbeen by them laid by the side of his wife, who had precededhim in eternity by two years. Two large slabs of marble, onwhich were inscribed their names, were placed on either sideof a little enclosure, railed in, and shaded by fourcypress-trees. Morrel was leaning against one of these,mechanically fixing his eyes on the graves. His grief was soprofound that he was nearly unconscious. "Maximilian," saidthe count, "you should not look on the graves, but there;"and he pointed upwards.
5.   "Count," said he, "you have offered us places in yourcarriage, and at your windows in the Rospoli Palace. Can youtell us where we can obtain a sight of the Piazza delPopolo?"
6.  "And where is the messenger?"


1.  "Or?" repeated Morrel.
2.  "Beauchamp is a worthy fellow," said Monte Cristo, when thejournalist was gone; "is he not, Albert?"
3.  "Why, yes, he is actually insolent over the matter -- hasalready offered me his patronage, as if he were a grandpersonage, and proffered me a loan of money, as though hewere a banker."
4、  "Which?" asked the young man.
5、  "Well, then," said Dantes, "What shall you teach me first? Iam in a hurry to begin. I want to learn."




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      "Oh, he is always as colorless as you now see him," saidFranz.

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      "Well, you know he reigned over a rich valley which wasoverhung by the mountain whence he derived his picturesquename. In this valley were magnificent gardens planted byHassen-ben-Sabah, and in these gardens isolated pavilions.Into these pavilions he admitted the elect, and there, saysMarco Polo, gave them to eat a certain herb, whichtransported them to Paradise, in the midst of ever-bloomingshrubs, ever-ripe fruit, and ever-lovely virgins. What thesehappy persons took for reality was but a dream; but it was adream so soft, so voluptuous, so enthralling, that they soldthemselves body and soul to him who gave it to them, andobedient to his orders as to those of a deity, struck downthe designated victim, died in torture without a murmur,believing that the death they underwent was but a quicktransition to that life of delights of which the holy herb,now before you had given them a slight foretaste."

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       "Ah," said the priest, in a marked Italian accent; "yes, Ihave heard that death is in that house."

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      "I am ready, my son," said Mercedes. Albert ran to fetch acarriage. He recollected that there was a small furnishedhouse to let in the Rue de Saints Peres, where his motherwould find a humble but decent lodging, and thither heintended conducting the countess. As the carriage stopped atthe door, and Albert was alighting, a man approached andgave him a letter. Albert recognized the bearer. "From thecount," said Bertuccio. Albert took the letter, opened, andread it, then looked round for Bertuccio, but he was gone.He returned to Mercedes with tears in his eyes and heavingbreast, and without uttering a word he gave her the letter.Mercedes read: --

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    {  "And you have a letter?"

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      Valentine, whom we have in the rapid march of our narrativepresented to our readers without formally introducing her,was a tall and graceful girl of nineteen, with brightchestnut hair, deep blue eyes, and that reposeful air ofquiet distinction which characterized her mother. Her whiteand slender fingers, her pearly neck, her cheeks tinted withvarying hues reminded one of the lovely Englishwomen whohave been so poetically compared in their manner to thegracefulness of a swan. She entered the apartment, andseeing near her stepmother the stranger of whom she hadalready heard so much, saluted him without any girlishawkwardness, or even lowering her eyes, and with an elegancethat redoubled the count's attention. He rose to return thesalutation. "Mademoiselle de Villefort, my daughter-in-law,"said Madame de Villefort to Monte Cristo, leaning back onher sofa and motioning towards Valentine with her hand. "AndM. de Monte Cristo, King of China, Emperor of Cochin-China,"said the young imp, looking slyly towards his sister.}

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      "Oh," said Monte Cristo "it would be quite superfluous foryou to tell me, for I already know it."

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       "Yes, you're right," replied the companion.

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    {  "As you will, Valentine."

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      "And by whom are you forbidden?"