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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The Stock-Broker's Clerk
2.  "So far I had got when we went to visit the scene of action.I surprised you by beating upon the pavement with my stick. I wasascertaining whether the cellar stretched out in front or behind.It was not in front. Then I rang the bell, and, as I hoped, theassistant answered it. We have had some skirmishes, but we hadnever set eyes upon each other before. I hardly looked at hisface. His knees were what I wished to see. You must yourselfhave remarked how worn, wrinkled, and stained they were. Theyspoke of those hours of burrowing. The only remaining point waswhat they were burrowing for. I walked round the corner, saw theCity and Suburban Bank abutted on our friend's premises, and feltthat I had solved my problem. When you drove home after theconcert I called upon Scotland Yard and upon the chairman of thebank directors, with the result that you have seen."
3.  "Well, if you were to pull down a bell-rope, Watson, where would youexpect it to break? Surely at the spot where it is attached to thewire. Why should it break three inches from the top, as this one hasdone?"
4.  "It is in Sussex, south of Horsham."
5.  "Do you know anything about her history?"
6.  "'No, no, we should have him loitering here always. Kindly turnround and wave him away like that.'


1.  "I would rather answer no questions," said Holmes.
2.  A small side door led into the whitewashed corridor from which thethree bedrooms opened. Holmes refused to examine the third chamber, sowe passed at once to the second, that in which Miss Stoner was nowsleeping, and in which her sister had met with her fate. It was ahomely little room, with a low ceiling and a gaping fireplace, afterthe fashion of old country-houses. A brown chest of drawers stood inone corner, a narrow white-counterpaned bed in another, and adressing table on the left-hand side of the window. These articles,with two small wickerwork chairs, made up all the furniture in theroom save for a square of Wilton carpet in the centre. The boardsround and the panelling of the walls were of brown, worm-eaten oak, soold and discoloured that it may have dated from the originalbuilding of the house. Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner andsat silent, while his eyes travelled round and round and up anddown, taking in every detail of the apartment.
3.  "'What do you want with me?' I asked.
4.  "Yes. I was speaking only half an hour ago to Mr. HenryBaker, who was a member of your goose club."
5.  "What is it, then?"


1.  "I have no idea what you are talking about. What have I to do withhired bullies?"
2.  "Exactly. That describes him very well. He is a bulky, bearded,sunburned fellow, who looks as if he would be more at home in afarmers inn than in a fashionable hotel. A hard, fierce man, Ishould think, and one whom I should be sorry to offend."Already the mystery began to define itself, as figures growclearer with the lifting of a fog. Here was this good and pious ladypursued from place to place by a sinister and unrelenting figure.She feared him, or she would not have fled from Lausanne. He had stillfollowed. Sooner or later he would overtake her. Had he alreadyovertaken her? Was that the secret of her continued silence? Could thegood people who were her companions not screen her from his violenceor his blackmail? What horrible purpose, what deep design, laybehind this long pursuit? There was the problem which I had to solve.To Holmes I wrote showing how rapidly and surely I had got down tothe roots of the matter. In reply I had a telegram asking for adescription of Dr. Shlessinger's left ear. Holmes's ideas of humourare strange and occasionally, offensive, so I took no notice of hisill-timed jest- indeed, I had already reached Montpellier in mypursuit of the maid, Marie, before his message came.
3.  "Yes, madam. he has been here."
4.  Once, I remember, as we passed over the Gemmi, and walked alongthe border of the melancholy Daubensee, a large rock which had beendislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared intothe lake behind us. In an instant Holmes had raced up on to the ridge,and, standing upon a lofty pinnacle, craned his neck in everydirection. It was in vain that our guide assured him that a fall ofstones was a common chance in the springtime at that spot. He saidnothing, but he smiled at me with the air of a man who sees thefulfillment of that which he had expected.
5.   "You can't bluff me, Count Sylvius." Holmes's eyes, as he gazed athim, contracted and lightened until they were like two menacing pointsof steel. "You are absolute plate-glass. I see to the very back ofyour mind."
6.  "Thick and horny in a way which is quite new in my experience.Always look at the hands first, Watson. Then cuffs, trouser-knees, andboots. Very curious knuckles which can only be explained by the modeof progression observed by-" Holmes paused and suddenly clapped hishand to his forehead. "Oh, Watson, Watson, what a fool I have been! Itseems incredible, and yet it must be true. All points in onedirection. How could I miss seeing the connection of ideas? Thoseknuckles- how could I have passed those knuckles? And the dog! And theivy! It's surely time that I disappeared into that little farm of mydreams. Look out, Watson! Here he is! We shall have the chance ofseeing for ourselves."


1.  It was evidently taken by a snapshot from a small camera. Itrepresented an alert, sharp-featured simian man, with thick eyebrowsand a very peculiar projection of the lower part of the face, like themuzzle of a baboon.
2.  "So that's that!" said Holmes. "And now, if you can spare thetime, Watson, we will get upon our way."
3.  "For God's sake, don't, Jack!" she cried. "I had a presentiment thatyou would come this evening. Think better of it, dear! Trust me again,and you will never have cause to regret it."
4、  .
5、  "Excellent! But I assure you you are mistaken about my allegedagents."




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      Mr. Jabez Wilson started up in his chair, with his forefingerupon the paper, but his eyes upon my companion.

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      "No, my dear fellow, you will go down. This may be some triflingintrigue, and I cannot break my other important research for thesake of it. On Monday you will arrive early at Farnham; you willconceal yourself near Charlington Heath; you will observe thesefacts for yourself, and act as your own judgment advises. Then, havinginquired as to the occupants of the Hall, you will come back to me andreport. And now, Watson, not another word of the matter until wehave a few solid steppingstones on which we may hope to get acrossto our solution."

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       "I need not appear in the matter at all," said Holmes to the evidentrelief of our melancholy acquaintance. "If I can clear it up I don'task to have my name mentioned."

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      How shall I ever forget that dreadful vigil? I could not hear asound, not even the drawing of a breath, and yet I knew that mycompanion sat open-eyed, within a few feet of me, in the same state ofnervous tension in which I was myself. The shutters cut off theleast ray of light and we waited in absolute darkness. From outsidecame the occasional cry of a night-bird, and once at our very window along drawn catlike whine, which told us that the cheetah was indeed atliberty. Far away we could hear the deep tones of the parish clock,which boomed out every quarter of an hour. How long they seemed, thosequarters! Twelve struck, and one and two and three, and still we satwaiting silently for whatever might befall.

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    {  "Well, Watson, what do you think of it?" Holmes asked, as we cameout into the main street. "Quite a little parlour game- sort ofthree-card trick, is it not? There are your three men. It must beone of them. You take your choice. Which is yours?"

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      Towards the end of July, 1907, there was a severe gale, the windblowing upchannel, heaping the seas to the base of the cliffs andleaving a lagoon at the turn of the tide. On the morning of which Ispeak the wind had abated, and all Nature was newly washed andfresh. It was impossible to work upon so delightful a day, and Istrolled out before breakfast to enjoy the exquisite air. I walkedalong the cliff path which led to the steep descent to the beach. As Iwalked I heard a shout behind me, and there was Harold Stackhurstwaving his hand in cheery greeting.}

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      Holmes smoked for some time in silence. Then he crossed the room,and shook our visitor by the hand.

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      "`Why, I wonder at that, for you are eligible yourself for oneof the vacancies.'

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       -THE END-

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    {  "Oh, Susan! Language!"

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      Mycroft Holmes took out a sheet of paper.