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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Methinks'twere well we pack'd him quietly away.Siebel
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  Margaret
4.  If nature boon, or subtle sprite, Endow your soul with pinions; Then follow toyon rosy height, Through ether's calm dominions!Orchestra (pianissimo)
5.  Mephistopheles
6.  Grey is, young friend, all theory: And green of life the golden tree.Student


1.  Come hither, Sirrah! join our company!
2.  Dame Martha!
3.  Captur'd there within is one! Stay without and follow none! Like a fox in ironsnare, Hell's old lynx is quaking there,
4.  The Lord, The Heavenly Hosts. Afterwards Mephistopheles.The three Archangels come forward
5.  Ah, if I slept alone! To - night The bolt I fain would leave undrawn for thee;But then my mother's sleep is light, Were we surprised by her, ah me! Uponthe spot I should be dead.
6.  Ay truly! that is just the proper tone! He wearies me, and would with thanksbe paid!


1.  Inquisitive Traveller
2.  (To the Monkeys)
3.  I in his presence needs must blush for shame.
4.  You must not name it to your mother! It would to shrift, just like the other.Margaret
5.   Student
6.  Frosch


1.  You deepen my dislike. The youth Whom you instruct, is blest in sooth! Totry theology I feel inclined.
2.  Well! Well! I'll leave you to yourself with pleasure, A serious tone you hardlydare employ. To part from one so crazy, harsh, and cross, Were not in truth agrievous loss. The live - long day, for you I toil and fret; Ne'er from hisworship's face a hint I get, What pleases him, or what to let alone.Faust
3.  I pray you do!
4、  Servant Girl
5、  (She opens the window.)




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      To and fro, Then from durance is he freed! Can ye aid him, spirits all, Leavehim not in mortal thrall! Many a time and oft hath he Served us, when atliberty.

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      Margaret (walking towards home)

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    {  Faust

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      The poor guitar! 'tis done for now.}

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      His presence chills my blood. Towards all beside I have a kindly mood; Yet,though I yearn to gaze on thee, I feel At sight of him strange horror o'er mesteal; That he's a villain my conviction's strong. May Heaven forgive me, if Ido him wrong!

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    {  Oh, holy man! methinks I have you there! In all your life say, have you ne'erFalse witness borne, until this hour? Have you of God, the world, and all itdoth contain, Of man, and that which worketh in his heart and brain, Notdefinitions given, in words of weight and power, With front unblushing, and adauntless breast? Yet, if into the depth of things you go, Touching thesematters, it must be confess'd, As much as of Herr Schwerdtlein's death youknow!

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