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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Twenty minutes, twenty tedious minutes, passed thus, thenten more, and at last the clock struck the half-flour. Justthen the sound of finger-nails slightly grating against thedoor of the library informed Valentine that the count wasstill watching, and recommended her to do the same; at thesame time, on the opposite side, that is towards Edward'sroom, Valentine fancied that she heard the creaking of thefloor; she listened attentively, holding her breath till shewas nearly suffocated; the lock turned, and the door slowlyopened. Valentine had raised herself upon her elbow, and hadscarcely time to throw herself down on the bed and shade hereyes with her arm; then, trembling, agitated, and her heartbeating with indescribable terror, she awaited the event.
2.  "And do you know," said Valentine, "what reason grandpapagives for leaving this house." Noirtier looked at Valentineto impose silence, but she did not notice him; her looks,her eyes, her smile, were all for Morrel.
3.  "What matter? you know I take but little sleep, and I do notsuppose you are very much inclined for it either." Bertucciobowed, and resumed his story.
4.  "We no longer know any one, madame."
5.  "My good friend," said the man in the cloak, "excuse me forsaying that you seem to me precisely in the mood to commitsome wild or extravagant act."
6.  "But she saw no one?"


1.  "Then the carbineers scoured the country in differentdirections, but in vain; then, after a time, theydisappeared. Vampa then removed the stone, and Cucumettocame out. Through the crevices in the granite he had seenthe two young peasants talking with the carbineers, andguessed the subject of their parley. He had read in thecountenances of Luigi and Teresa their steadfast resolutionnot to surrender him, and he drew from his pocket a pursefull of gold, which he offered to them. But Vampa raised hishead proudly; as to Teresa, her eyes sparkled when shethought of all the fine gowns and gay jewellery she couldbuy with this purse of gold.
2.  "If my unknown be as amiable as she is beautiful," saidAlbert, "I shall fix myself at Rome for six weeks, at least.I adore Rome, and I have always had a great taste forarchaeology."
3.  "What think you of that?" inquired Franz.
4.  "Unhappy girl, unhappy girl!" murmured Danglars, turningpale, for he knew from long experience the solidity of theobstacle he had so suddenly encountered.
5.  "Indeed? And is the reason known?"
6.  "The story sent you from Yanina."


1.  Any one who had quitted Marseilles a few years previously,well acquainted with the interior of Morrel's warehouse, andhad returned at this date, would have found a great change.Instead of that air of life, of comfort, and of happinessthat permeates a flourishing and prosperous businessestablishment -- instead of merry faces at the windows, busyclerks hurrying to and fro in the long corridors -- insteadof the court filled with bales of goods, re-echoing with thecries and the jokes of porters, one would have immediatelyperceived all aspect of sadness and gloom. Out of all thenumerous clerks that used to fill the deserted corridor andthe empty office, but two remained. One was a young man ofthree or four and twenty, who was in love with M. Morrel'sdaughter, and had remained with him in spite of the effortsof his friends to induce him to withdraw; the other was anold one-eyed cashier, called "Cocles," or "Cock-eye," anickname given him by the young men who used to throng thisvast now almost deserted bee-hive, and which had socompletely replaced his real name that he would not, in allprobability, have replied to any one who addressed him byit.
2.  On the bed, at full length, and faintly illuminated by thepale light that came from the window, lay a sack of canvas,and under its rude folds was stretched a long and stiffenedform; it was Faria's last winding-sheet, -- a winding-sheetwhich, as the turnkey said, cost so little. Everything wasin readiness. A barrier had been placed between Dantes andhis old friend. No longer could Edmond look into thosewide-open eyes which had seemed to be penetrating themysteries of death; no longer could he clasp the hand whichhad done so much to make his existence blessed. Faria, thebeneficent and cheerful companion, with whom he wasaccustomed to live so intimately, no longer breathed. Heseated himself on the edge of that terrible bed, and fellinto melancholy and gloomy revery.
3.  "Listen, Valentine. Have you never experienced for any onethat sudden and irresistible sympathy which made you feel asif the object of it had been your old and familiar friend,though, in reality, it was the first time you had ever met?Nay, further, have you never endeavored to recall the time,place, and circumstances of your former intercourse, andfailing in this attempt, have almost believed that yourspirits must have held converse with each other in somestate of being anterior to the present, and that you areonly now occupied in a reminiscence of the past?"
4.  In the court showing his merchandise, was a tradesman whohad been admitted with the same precautions. The baronessascended the steps; she felt herself strongly infected withthe sadness which seemed to magnify her own, and stillguided by the valet de chambre, who never lost sight of herfor an instant, she was introduced to the magistrate'sstudy. Preoccupied as Madame Danglars had been with theobject of her visit, the treatment she had received fromthese underlings appeared to her so insulting, that shebegan by complaining of it. But Villefort, raising his head,bowed down by grief, looked up at her with so sad a smilethat her complaints died upon her lips. "Forgive myservants," he said, "for a terror I cannot blame them for;from being suspected they have become suspicious."
5.   In a quarter of an hour he was entering the house in the Ruedu Helder. As he alighted, he thought he saw his father'spale face behind the curtain of the count's bedroom. Albertturned away his head with a sigh, and went to his ownapartments. He cast one lingering look on all the luxurieswhich had rendered life so easy and so happy since hisinfancy; he looked at the pictures, whose faces seemed tosmile, and the landscapes, which appeared painted inbrighter colors. Then he took away his mother's portrait,with its oaken frame, leaving the gilt frame from which hetook it black and empty. Then he arranged all his beautifulTurkish arms, his fine English guns, his Japanese china, hiscups mounted in silver, his artistic bronzes by Feucheresand Barye; examined the cupboards, and placed the key ineach; threw into a drawer of his secretary, which he leftopen, all the pocket-money he had about him, and with it thethousand fancy jewels from his vases and his jewel-boxes;then he made an exact inventory of everything, and placed itin the most conspicuous part of the table, after puttingaside the books and papers which had collected there.
6.  "Probably."


1.  An overhanging rock offered him a temporary shelter, andscarcely had he availed himself of it when the tempest burstforth in all its fury. Edmond felt the trembling of the rockbeneath which he lay; the waves, dashing themselves againstit, wetted him with their spray. He was safely sheltered,and yet he felt dizzy in the midst of the warring of theelements and the dazzling brightness of the lightning. Itseemed to him that the island trembled to its base, and thatit would, like a vessel at anchor, break moorings, and bearhim off into the centre of the storm. He then recollectedthat he had not eaten or drunk for four-and-twenty hours. Heextended his hands, and drank greedily of the rainwater thathad lodged in a hollow of the rock.
2.  "And is she gone?"
3.  "Sir!" exclaimed the young man, quite astounded, "I hope nofalse report" --
4、  "You, madame, remained under the arbor; do you not remember,that while you were seated on a stone bench, and while, as Itold you, Mademoiselle de Villefort and your young son wereabsent, you conversed for a considerable time withsomebody?"
5、  "No, Valentine, I assure you such is not the case. I wasobserving you both when you were walking in the garden, and,on my honor, without at all wishing to depreciate the beautyof Mademoiselle Danglars, I cannot understand how any mancan really love her."




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      "How attentively he looked at you."

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      "A change."

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       "Am I to consider this as part of my income on account?"

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    {  "But," asked the visitor, "do you know why he came toFrance?"

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      "Are you fond of horses, count?"}

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      "Was he liberated, then?"

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      "An hour and a half."

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       "They do, indeed. May I inquire if you are acquainted withMadame Danglars?"

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    {  "Come," said Danglars, "will you take a million?"

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      "To surround the scaffold with twenty of my best men, who,at a signal from me, will rush forward directly Peppino isbrought for execution, and, by the assistance of theirstilettos, drive back the guard, and carry off theprisoner."