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2.  "Instantly!"
3.  "Or Camille de Bois-Tracy."
4.  "Yes," cried D'Artagnan, raising his voice in turn, "I am here,my friend."
5.  "And you are going alone?"
6.  "In that case Porthos will assist us."


1.  The other three were occupied in opening an enormous flagon ofCollicure wine; these were the lackeys of these gentlemen.The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; andnothing when he was in that state of mind increased hisdepression so much as gaiety in others. Besides, he had anotherstrange fancy, which was always to believe that the causes of hissadness created the gaiety of others. Making a sign to LaHoudiniere and Cahusac to stop, he alighted from his horse, andwent toward these suspected merry companions, hoping, by means ofthe sand which deadened the sound of his steps and of the hedgewhich concealed his approach, to catch some words of thisconversation which appeared so interesting. At ten paces fromthe hedge he recognized the talkative Gascon; and as he hadalready perceived that these men were Musketeers, he did notdoubt that the three others were those called the Inseparables;that is to say, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
2.  "Because we dare not speak aloud in one or the other.""But why did you not dare to speak aloud, Planchet--because youare afraid?"
3.  "Oh, oh!" said D'Artagnan, comprehending the slight frown ofthe Musketeer. "It appears there is something freshaboard."
4.  Immediately, without any order being given or his place ofdestination indicated, the coachman set off at a rapid pace, andplunged into the streets of the city.
5.  And he drew nearer to her.
6.  "Really," said Athos to them, "you are not men but children,to let a woman terrify you so! And what does it amount to,after all? To be imprisoned. Well, but we should be takenout of prison; Madame Bonacieux was released. To bedecapitated? Why, every day in the trenches we gocheerfully to expose ourselves to worse than that--for abullet may break a leg, and I am convinced a surgeon wouldgive us more pain in cutting off a thigh than an executionerin cutting off a head. Wait quietly, then; in two hours, infour, in six hours at latest, Planchet will be here. Hepromised to be here, and I have very great faith inPlanchet, who appears to me to be a very good lad.""But if he does not come?" said D'Artagnan.


1.  Then turning his eyes from Milady to the paper, he read: "'Orderto conduct--' The name is blank," interrupted Lord de Winter."If you have any preference you can point it out to me; and if itbe not within a thousand leagues of London, attention will bepaid to your wishes. I will begin again, then:
2.  My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.
3.  "It was he, sire, it was he!"
4.  "Prodigiously," replied Athos in the name of himself and his comrades.
5.   "You will return alone, then?"
6.  "I have not that honor, monseigneur," replied the latter, hiseyes dazzled by the brilliant style in which D'Artagnan traveled."What, you don't know me?"


1.  Lastly, her hair, which, from being light in her youth, hadbecome chestnut, and which she wore curled very plainly, and withmuch powder, admirably set off her face, in which the most rigidcritic could only have desired a little less rouge, and the mostfastidious sculptor a little more fineness in the nose.Buckingham remained for a moment dazzled. Never had Anna ofAustria appeared to him so beautiful, amid balls, fetes, orcarousals, as she appeared to him at this moment, dressed in asimple robe of white satin, and accompanied by Donna Estafania--the only one of her Spanish women who had not been driven fromher by the jealousy of the king or by the persecutions ofRichelieu.
2.  My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.
3.  "But if he mistrusted you, how could he confide such an order toyou?"
4、  "What is that stupid fellow troubling himself about?" criedthe cavalier whom Milady had designated as her brother,stooping down to the height of the coach window. "Why doesnot he go about his business?"
5、  "Stop a bit," said the dragoon, placing his saber like aspit upon the two large iron dogs which held the firebrandsin the chimney, "stop a bit, I am in it. You cursed host! adripping pan immediately, that I may not lose a drop of thefat of this estimable bird."




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      "PARDIEU! I spoke of them because Porthos talked of themhimself, because he had paraded all these fine things before me.But be assured, my dear Monsieur D'Artagnan, that if I hadobtained them from any other source, or if they had been confidedto me, there exists no confessor more discreet than myself.""Oh, I don't doubt that," replied D'Artagnan; "but it seems to methat you are tolerably familiar with coats of arms--a certainembroidered handkerchief, for instance, to which I owe the honorof your acquaintance?"

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       Still more must be done. He must be made to speak, in order thathe might be spoken to--for Milady very well knew that hergreatest seduction was in her voice, which so skillfully ran overthe whole gamut of tones from human speech to language celestial.Yet in spite of all this seduction Milady might fail--for Feltonwas forewarned, and that against the least chance. From thatmoment she watched all his actions, all his words, from thesimplest glance of his eyes to his gestures--even to a breaththat could be interpreted as a sigh. In short, she studiedeverything, as a skillful comedian does to whom a new part hasbeen assigned in a line to which he is not accustomed.Face to face with Lord de Winter her plan of conduct was moreeasy. She had laid that down the preceding evening. To remainsilent and dignified in his presence; from time to time toirritate him by affected disdain, by a contemptuous word; toprovoke him to threats and violence which would produce acontrast with her own resignation--such was her plan. Feltonwould see all; perhaps he would say nothing, but he would see.In the morning, Felton came as usual; but Milady allowed him topreside over all the preparations for breakfast withoutaddressing a word to him. At the moment when he was about toretire, she was cheered with a ray of hope, for she thought hewas about to speak; but his lips moved without any sound leavinghis mouth, and making a powerful effort to control himself, hesent back to his heart the words that were about to escape fromhis lips, and went out. Toward midday, Lord de Winter entered.It was a tolerably fine winter's day, and a ray of that paleEnglish sun which lights but does not warm came through the barsof her prison.

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    {  "The same, perhaps," said he.

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      "You gave De Wardes a meeting on Thursday last in this veryroom, did you not?"}

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      "The duvil!" said the Swiss, "if she is as great a lady asher writing is large, you are a lucky fellow, gomrade!"Aramis read the letter, and passed it to Athos.

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      "Then," said Milady, "since you are as generous as you areloving--"

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       "After supper I exhibited the same marks of languor as on thepreceding evening; but this time, as I yielded to fatigue, or asif I had become familiarized with danger, I dragged myself towardmy bed, let my robe fall, and lay down.

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    {  "How? What do you say? Of whom do you speak? It is not of mywife, I hope!"

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      "What the devil!" said the host to himself. "Can he be afraid ofthis boy?" But an imperious glance from the stranger stopped himshort; he bowed humbly and retired.