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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  44 THE UTILITY OF STOVEPIPES
2.  There was an instant of profound silence between the twointerlocutors. It was evident that the cardinal wasweighing beforehand the terms in which he was about tospeak, and that Milady was collecting all her intellectualfaculties to comprehend the things he was about to say, andto engrave them in her memory when they should be spoken.Athos took advantage of this moment to tell his twocompanions to fasten the door inside, and to make them asign to come and listen with him.
3.  "That is he, that is he; but his name?"
4.  In short, the king, impatient, as has been said, had come byforced marches, and had that moment arrived with all hishousehold and a reinforcement of ten thousand troops. HisMusketeers proceeded and followed him. D'Artagnan, placedin line with his company, saluted with an expressive gesturehis three friends, whose eyes soon discovered him, and M. deTreville, who detected him at once.
5.  M. d'Artagnan, MM. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, after havinghad an entertainment at my house and enjoying themselvesvery much, created such a disturbance that the provost ofthe castle, a rigid man, has ordered them to be confined forsome days; but I accomplish the order they have given me byforwarding to you a dozen bottles of my Anjou wine, withwhich they are much pleased. They are desirous that youshould drink to their health in their favorite wine. I havedone this, and am, monsieur, with great respect,
6.  Ten paces from the door the cardinal made a sign to hisesquire and the three Musketeers to halt. A saddled horsewas fastened to the window shutter. The cardinal knockedthree times, and in a peculiar manner.


1.  Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account oftheir frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and aslately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobodycame, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heardfainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue duBac.
2.  "Monsieur and dear friend--"
3.  While Porthos and Mousqueton were breakfasting, with theappetites of convalescents and with that brotherly cordialitywhich unites men in misfortune, D'Artagnan related how Aramis,being wounded, was obliged to stop at Crevecoeur, how he had leftAthos fighting at Amiens with four men who accused him of being acoiner, and how he, D'Artagnan, had been forced to run the Comtesde Wardes through the body in order to reach England.But there the confidence of D'Artagnan stopped. He only addedthat on his return from Great Britain he had brought back fourmagnificent horses--one for himself, and one for each of hiscompanions; then he informed Porthos that the one intended forhim was already installed in the stable of the tavern.At this moment Planchet entered, to inform his master that thehorses were sufficiently refreshed and that it would be possibleto sleep at Clermont.
4.  "That I may relate my misfortunes for you to treat them asfables; that I may tell you my projects for you to go and betraythem to my persecutor? No, sir. Besides, of what importance toyou is the life or death of a condemned wretch? You are onlyresponsible for my body, is it not so? And provided you producea carcass that may be recognized as mine, they will require nomore of you; nay, perhaps you will even have a double reward.""I, madame, I?" cried Felton. "You suppose that I would everaccept the price of your life? Oh, you cannot believe what yousay!"
5.  "Ah, monsieur!"
6.  "But, A PROPOS," resumed M. de Treville, "what has become of yourthree companions?"


1.  Then D'Artagnan described the meeting which he had at thechurch, and how he had found that lady who, with theseigneur in the black cloak and with the scar near histemple, filled his mind constantly.
2.  "Do you think so?" answered D'Artagnan, but little convinced, ashe knew better than anyone else how entirely personal the valueof this letter was, and was nothing in it likely to temptcupidity. The fact was that none of his servants, none of thetravelers present, could have gained anything by being possessedof this paper.
3.  "Badly, monsieur, badly!" replied a voice which the young manrecognized as that of Planchet; for, soliloquizing aloud, as verypreoccupied people do, he had entered the alley, at the end ofwhich were the stairs which led to his chamber.
4.  "Sixteen pioneers, four soldiers."
5.   When left alone, the two friends at first kept an embarrassedsilence. It however became necessary for one of them to break itfirst, and as D'Artagnan appeared determined to leave that honorto his companion, Aramis said, "you see that I am returned to myfundamental ideas."
6.  Throwing down his spit, and ordering his wife to do the same withher broom handle, and the servants with their sticks, he set thefirst example of commencing an earnest search for the lostletter.


1.  The duke, however, was not dead. He recovered a little, reopened hiseyes, and hope revived in all hearts.
2.  "And I have the honor of assuring you that I killed one of themwith his own sword," said Aramis; "for mine was broken at thefirst parry. Killed him, or poniarded him, sir, as is mostagreeable to you."
3.  "That's correct; wait!"
4、  "Will you depart--will you depart, if I give you that youdemand?"
5、  "Nothing more easy."




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      "That's well! Now let us everyone retire to his own home," saidD'Artagnan, as if he had done nothing but command all his life;"and attention! For from this moment we are at feud with thecardinal."

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      "To Mlle. Michon, seamstress, Tours."

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       "How so?"

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      "You are right," said Felton, after having looked at Milady fromthe spot on which he stood without moving a step toward her. "Goand tell Lord de Winter that his prisoner has fainted--for thisevent not having been foreseen, I don't know what to do."The soldier went out to obey the orders of his officer. Feltonsat down upon an armchair which happened to be near the door, andwaited without speaking a word, without making a gesture. Miladypossessed that great art, so much studied by women, of lookingthrough her long eyelashes without appearing to open the lids.She perceived Felton, who sat with his back toward her. Shecontinued to look at him for nearly ten minutes, and in these tenminutes the immovable guardian never turned round once.She then thought that Lord de Winter would come, and by hispresence give fresh strength to her jailer. Her first trial waslost; she acted like a woman who reckons up her resources. As aresult she raised her head, opened her eyes, and sighed deeply.At this sigh Felton turned round.

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    {  "In French, EN AVANT. It is the password. He will give you ahorse all saddled, and will point out to you the road you oughtto take. You will find, in the same way, four relays on yourroute. If you will give at each of these relays your address inParis, the four horses will follow you thither. You already knowtwo of them, and you appeared to appreciate them like a judge.They were those we rode on; and you may rely upon me for theothers not being inferior to them. These horses are equipped forthe field. However proud you may be, you will not refuse toaccept one of them, and to request your three companions toaccept the others--that is, in order to make war against us.Besides, the end justified the means, as you Frenchmen say, doesit not?"

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      "I don't at all understand you, but I believe all you say tobe true. Let us return to my ring, or rather to yours. Youshall take half the sum that will be advanced upon it, or Iwill throw it into the Seine; and I doubt, as was the casewith Polycrates, whether any fish will be sufficientlycomplaisant to bring it back to us."}

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      D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"

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      The Musketeer advanced two steps, and pushed D'Artagnan asidewith his hand. D'Artagnan made a spring backward and drew hissword. At the same time, and with the rapidity of lightning, thestranger drew his.

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       "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.

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    {  "It is possible," said Milady.

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      "Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.""I wish you to obtain for me, from Monsieur Dessessart, leave ofabsence for fifteen days."