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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the centre of the cell, in a circle traced with afragment of plaster detached from the wall, sat a man whosetattered garments scarcely covered him. He was drawing inthis circle geometrical lines, and seemed as much absorbedin his problem as Archimedes was when the soldier ofMarcellus slew him.
2.  "Strange child," murmured the baroness.
3.  "What would be the advantage of waking the porter?" --
4.  "Come," said Caderousse, wiping his large knife on hisapron, "if I did not like you, do you think I should endurethe wretched life you lead me? Think for a moment. You haveyour servant's clothes on -- you therefore keep a servant; Ihave none, and am obliged to prepare my own meals. You abusemy cookery because you dine at the table d'hote of the Hoteldes Princes, or the Cafe de Paris. Well, I too could keep aservant; I too could have a tilbury; I too could dine whereI like; but why do I not? Because I would not annoy mylittle Benedetto. Come, just acknowledge that I could, eh?"This address was accompanied by a look which was by no meansdifficult to understand. "Well," said Andrea, "admittingyour love, why do you want me to breakfast with you?"
5.  "In the first place, because I had spoken much of you tohim, as you may believe; and in the second, because hedelighted to see a countrywoman take so lively an interestin his success."
6.  "A man who holds a sword in his hand, and sees a mortalenemy within reach of that sword, and does not fight, is acoward! Why is he not here that I may tell him so?"


1.  "And now," said Morrel, "leave me alone, and endeavor tokeep your mother and sister away."
2.  answered nothing, he simply raised his head, which had beencast down before, and looked at the doctor with amazement.
3.  "Let him follow me; I will take him to his cell."
4.  "No." The two notaries looked at each other in muteastonishment and inquiry as to what were the real intentionsof the testator. Villefort and his wife both grew red, onefrom shame, the other from anger.
5.  "But what have you done?" asked Franz. "Speak out, there's aworthy fellow."
6.  "`Morrel, Morrel,' cried my father, `stop a bit;' thenknitting his brows into a deep frown, he added, `surely thiscannot be one of the Morrel family who lived at Marseilles,and gave us so much trouble from their violent Bonapartism-- I mean about the year 1815.' -- `Yes,' replied M.Danglars, `I believe he is the son of the old shipowner.'"


1.  * ,600,000 in 1894.
2.  "Ask the Vicomte de Morcerf."
3.  "I know -- the famous hashish!"
4.  "Indeed?" said Danglars, becoming pale.
5.   "Certainly."
6.  "Easily," said Monte Cristo.


1.  "Calls himself, do you say?"
2.  "Perfectly."
3.  "I did. Aided by the remaining fragment, I guessed the rest;measuring the length of the lines by those of the paper, anddivining the hidden meaning by means of what was in partrevealed, as we are guided in a cavern by the small ray oflight above us."
4、  "Nothing of the kind, sir," replied Danglars: "if such hadbeen the case, I only should have been to blame, inasmuch asI was aware of all these things when I made the engagement.No, do not seek any longer to discover the reason. I reallyam quite ashamed to have been the cause of your undergoingsuch severe self-examination; let us drop the subject, andadopt the middle course of delay, which implies neither arupture nor an engagement. Ma foi, there is no hurry. Mydaughter is only seventeen years old, and your sontwenty-one. While we wait, time will be progressing, eventswill succeed each other; things which in the evening lookdark and obscure, appear but too clearly in the light ofmorning, and sometimes the utterance of one word, or thelapse of a single day, will reveal the most cruelcalumnies."
5、  "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.




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      An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."

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      "His opinion of me is altered for the better, then?"

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       This time Danglars had double reason to understand, for ifthe word and gesture had not explained the speaker'smeaning, it was clearly expressed by the man walking behindhim, who pushed him so rudely that he struck against theguide. This guide was our friend Peppino, who dashed intothe thicket of high weeds, through a path which none butlizards or polecats could have imagined to be an open road.Peppino stopped before a pit overhung by thick hedges; thepit, half open, afforded a passage to the young man, whodisappeared like the evil spirits in the fairy tales. Thevoice and gesture of the man who followed Danglars orderedhim to do the same. There was no longer any doubt, thebankrupt was in the hands of Roman banditti. Danglarsacquitted himself like a man placed between two dangerouspositions, and who is rendered brave by fear.Notwithstanding his large stomach, certainly not intended topenetrate the fissures of the Campagna, he slid down likePeppino, and closing his eyes fell upon his feet. As hetouched the ground, he opened his eyes. The path was wide,but dark. Peppino, who cared little for being recognized nowthat he was in his own territories, struck a light and lit atorch. Two other men descended after Danglars forming therearguard, and pushing Danglars whenever he happened tostop, they came by a gentle declivity to the intersection oftwo corridors. The walls were hollowed out in sepulchres,one above the other, and which seemed in contrast with thewhite stones to open their large dark eyes, like those whichwe see on the faces of the dead. A sentinel struck the ringsof his carbine against his left hand. "Who comes there?" hecried.

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      "You shall see." Gaetano consulted with his companions, andafter five minutes' discussion a manoeuvre was executedwhich caused the vessel to tack about, they returned the waythey had come, and in a few minutes the fire disappeared,hidden by an elevation of the land. The pilot again changedthe course of the boat, which rapidly approached the island,and was soon within fifty paces of it. Gaetano lowered thesail, and the boat came to rest. All this was done insilence, and from the moment that their course was changednot a word was spoken.

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    {  "Then you have my promise, Maximilian."

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      "To the king?"}

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      "`"Excuse me, gentlemen," said the general; "you may notacknowledge Louis XVIII., but I do, as he has made me abaron and a field-marshal, and I shall never forget that forthese two titles I am indebted to his happy return toFrance."

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      "Madame," replied Danglars, "the horses were notsufficiently quiet for you; they were scarcely four yearsold, and they made me extremely uneasy on your account."

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       "Upon my word," cried the old man, "you make short work ofthis kind of affair. Arrived here only yesterday morning,and married to-day at three o'clock! Commend me to a sailorfor going the quick way to work!"

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    {  "Sire, I am sorry to tell your majesty a cruel fact; but thefeeling in Dauphine is quite the reverse of that in Provenceor Languedoc. The mountaineers are Bonapartists, sire."

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      "But you cannot break it off in this way; the Morcerfs aredepending on this union."