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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; my son, and a sacred command."
2.  "Not old Cavalcanti?"
3.  "Hark!" said Morrel. They both listened; steps weredistinctly heard in the corridor and on the stairs.
4.  Monte Cristo shuddered; Antoine had been his jailer. He hadalmost forgotten his name and face, but at the mention ofthe name he recalled his person as he used to see it, theface encircled by a beard, wearing the brown jacket, thebunch of keys, the jingling of which he still seemed tohear. The count turned around, and fancied he saw him in thecorridor, rendered still darker by the torch carried by theconcierge. "Would you like to hear the story, sir?"
5.  "Yes, my dear count, I heard it; and the doctor added thatif another death occurred in a similar way he must appeal tojustice." Monte Cristo listened, or appeared to do so, withthe greatest calmness. "Well," said Maximilian, "death camea third time, and neither the master of the house nor thedoctor said a word. Death is now, perhaps, striking a fourthblow. Count, what am I bound to do, being in possession ofthis secret?"
6.  "No -- yes, he was. Now I recollect" --


1.  "Because you remain eternally encircled in a round ofgeneral conditions, and have never dared to raise your wingsinto those upper spheres which God has peopled withinvisible or exceptional beings."
2.  "Yes, let us do so." The landlord preceded the friendsacross the landing, which was all that separated them fromthe apartments of the count, rang at the bell, and, upon thedoor being opened by a servant, said, "I signori Francesi."
3.  "Well, it will be given to some one who has done nothing todeserve it," said Beauchamp; "that is the way the Academymostly escapes from the dilemma."
4.  "I know it, and I expected this result."
5.  "Fernand?"
6.  And as he spoke these words with a hoarse, choking voice, hestaggered towards the door, which was mechanically opened bya door-keeper. The whole assembly were dumb withastonishment at the revelation and confession which hadproduced a catastrophe so different from that which had beenexpected during the last fortnight by the Parisian world.


1.  "Yes; we have an instance here; it was by always offering amillion of francs to the governor for his liberty that anabbe became mad, who was in this chamber before you."
2.  "Ah, you are there," said she, at length, turning towardsFernand.
3.  "But he paid your ransom?"
4.  "My father howled aloud, plunged his fingers into the holeswhich the balls had made, and tore up one of the planksentire. But immediately through this opening twenty moreshots were fired, and the flame, rushing up like fire fromthe crater of a volcano, soon reached the tapestry, which itquickly devoured. In the midst of all this frightful tumultand these terrific cries, two reports, fearfully distinct,followed by two shrieks more heartrending than all, froze mewith terror. These two shots had mortally wounded my father,and it was he who had given utterance to these frightfulcries. However, he remained standing, clinging to a window.My mother tried to force the door, that she might go and diewith him, but it was fastened on the inside. All around himwere lying the Palikares, writhing in convulsive agonies,while two or three who were only slightly wounded weretrying to escape by springing from the windows. At thiscrisis the whole flooring suddenly gave way. my father fellon one knee, and at the same moment twenty hands were thrustforth, armed with sabres, pistols, and poniards -- twentyblows were instantaneously directed against one man, and myfather disappeared in a whirlwind of fire and smoke kindledby these demons, and which seemed like hell itself openingbeneath his feet. I felt myself fall to the ground, mymother had fainted."
5.   "Alas, your excellency is right," replied Bertuccio, "andGod made this infant the instrument of our punishment. Neverdid a perverse nature declare itself more prematurely, andyet it was not owing to any fault in his bringing up. He wasa most lovely child, with large blue eyes, of that deepcolor that harmonizes so well with the blond complexion;only his hair, which was too light, gave his face a mostsingular expression, and added to the vivacity of his look,and the malice of his smile. Unfortunately, there is aproverb which says that `red is either altogether good oraltogether bad.' The proverb was but too correct as regardedBenedetto, and even in his infancy he manifested the worstdisposition. It is true that the indulgence of hisfoster-mother encouraged him. This child, for whom my poorsister would go to the town, five or six leagues off, topurchase the earliest fruits and the most temptingsweetmeats, preferred to Palma grapes or Genoese preserves,the chestnuts stolen from a neighbor's orchard, or the driedapples in his loft, when he could eat as well of the nutsand apples that grew in my garden. One day, when Benedettowas about five or six, our neighbor Vasilio, who, accordingto the custom of the country, never locked up his purse orhis valuables -- for, as your excellency knows, there are nothieves in Corsica -- complained that he had lost a louisout of his purse; we thought he must have made a mistake incounting his money, but he persisted in the accuracy of hisstatement. One day, Benedetto, who had been gone from thehouse since morning, to our great anxiety, did not returnuntil late in the evening, dragging a monkey after him,which he said he had found chained to the foot of a tree.For more than a month past, the mischievous child, who knewnot what to wish for, had taken it into his head to have amonkey. A boatman, who had passed by Rogliano, and who hadseveral of these animals, whose tricks had greatly divertedhim, had, doubtless, suggested this idea to him. `Monkeysare not found in our woods chained to trees,' said I;`confess how you obtained this animal.' Benedetto maintainedthe truth of what he had said, and accompanied it withdetails that did more honor to his imagination than to hisveracity. I became angry; he began to laugh, I threatened tostrike him, and he made two steps backwards. `You cannotbeat me,' said he; `you have no right, for you are not myfather.'
6.  "Pardon me, you are right. I am a brute. But I was going totell you that I met M. de Morcerf the other day."


1.  "Monsieur Morrel," said Valentine to the young man, who wasregarding her with the most intense interest, "mygrandfather, M. Noirtier, had a thousand things to say,which he told me three days ago; and now, he has sent foryou, that I may repeat them to you. I will repeat them,then; and since he has chosen me as his interpreter, I willbe faithful to the trust, and will not alter a word of hisintentions."
2.  The darkness lasted two hours longer; then by degrees a coldlight crept through the Venetian blinds, until at length itrevealed the objects in the room. About this time thenurse's cough was heard on the stairs and the woman enteredthe room with a cup in her hand. To the tender eye of afather or a lover, the first glance would have sufficed toreveal Valentine's condition; but to this hireling,Valentine only appeared to sleep. "Good," she exclaimed,approaching the table, "she has taken part of her draught;the glass is three-quarters empty."
3.  "Certainly; it will only cost you a discount of 5,000 or6,000 francs." The receiver started back. "Ma foi," he said,"I prefer waiting till to-morrow. What a proposition!"
4、  "Then I will go alone."
5、  "Come, come," said he, "will the Restoration adopt imperialmethods so promptly? Shot, my dear boy? What an idea! Whereis the letter you speak of? I know you too well to supposeyou would allow such a thing to pass you."




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      "Fortunately, I have them, though," said Monte Cristo.

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      "Really, your manner of speaking" --

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       "Why," said Danglers, "in the letter -- I believe I have itabout me" -- here he felt in his breast-pocket -- "yes, hereit is. Well, this letter gives the Count of Monte Cristounlimited credit on our house."

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      "Yes; well?"

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    {  "I am sorry to say I must do so, madame, I only came toremind you of your promise for Saturday."

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      "Oh, you are a man of God, sir," cried Caderousse; "for noone knew that Edmond had given you this diamond, and youmight have kept it."}

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      "It is quite wonderful, Mr. President, how entirely you haveread my thoughts," said Benedetto, in his softest voice andmost polite manner. "This is, indeed, the reason why Ibegged you to alter the order of the questions." The publicastonishment had reached its height. There was no longer anydeceit or bravado in the manner of the accused. The audiencefelt that a startling revelation was to follow this ominousprelude.

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      "I did not mention that, because the signature seemed to meso strange."

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       "Pardieu, every one exists."

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    {  Danglars felt the irony and compressed his lips. "You will,I trust, excuse me, monsieur, for not calling you by yourtitle when I first addressed you," he said, "but you areaware that we are living under a popular form of government,and that I am myself a representative of the liberties ofthe people."

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      "Indeed, I did; and what does he mean by his news fromGreece?"