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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Be easy on that score, M. Morrel; but do you think we shallbe permitted to see our poor Edmond?"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "Valentine," replied the young man, deeply affected, "I willnot say you are all I love in the world, for I dearly prizemy sister and brother-in-law; but my affection for them iscalm and tranquil, in no manner resembling what I feel foryou. When I think of you my heart beats fast, the bloodburns in my veins, and I can hardly breathe; but I solemnlypromise you to restrain all this ardor, this fervor andintensity of feeling, until you yourself shall require me torender them available in serving or assisting you. M. Franzis not expected to return home for a year to come, I amtold; in that time many favorable and unforeseen chances maybefriend us. Let us, then, hope for the best; hope is sosweet a comforter. Meanwhile, Valentine, while reproachingme with selfishness, think a little what you have been to me-- the beautiful but cold resemblance of a marble Venus.What promise of future reward have you made me for all thesubmission and obedience I have evinced? -- none whatever.What granted me? -- scarcely more. You tell me of M. Franzd'Epinay, your betrothed lover, and you shrink from the ideaof being his wife; but tell me, Valentine, is there no othersorrow in your heart? You see me devoted to you, body andsoul, my life and each warm drop that circles round my heartare consecrated to your service; you know full well that myexistence is bound up in yours -- that were I to lose you Iwould not outlive the hour of such crushing misery; yet youspeak with calmness of the prospect of your being the wifeof another! Oh, Valentine, were I in your place, and did Ifeel conscious, as you do, of being worshipped, adored, withsuch a love as mine, a hundred times at least should I havepassed my hand between these iron bars, and said, `Take thishand, dearest Maximilian, and believe that, living or dead,I am yours -- yours only, and forever!'" The poor girl madeno reply, but her lover could plainly hear her sobs andtears. A rapid change took place in the young man'sfeelings. "Dearest, dearest Valentine," exclaimed he,"forgive me if I have offended you, and forget the words Ispoke if they have unwittingly caused you pain."
4.  "You well know, Edmond, that I am no longer a reasoningcreature; I have no will, unless it be the will never todecide. I have been so overwhelmed by the many storms thathave broken over my head, that I am become passive in thehands of the Almighty, like a sparrow in the talons of aneagle. I live, because it is not ordained for me to die. Ifsuccor be sent to me, I will accept it."
5.  "I do not."
6.  "Do not be alarmed," said Beauchamp; "he will meet you. Myonly fear is that he will be too strong for you."


1.  "I own that your question embarrasses me, Valentine, for Icannot say that the count has rendered me any ostensibleservice. Still, as I have already told you I have aninstinctive affection for him, the source of which I cannotexplain to you. Has the sun done anything for me? No; hewarms me with his rays, and it is by his light that I seeyou -- nothing more. Has such and such a perfume doneanything for me? No; its odor charms one of my senses --that is all I can say when I am asked why I praise it. Myfriendship for him is as strange and unaccountable as hisfor me. A secret voice seems to whisper to me that theremust be something more than chance in this unexpectedreciprocity of friendship. In his most simple actions, aswell as in his most secret thoughts, I find a relation to myown. You will perhaps smile at me when I tell you that, eversince I have known this man, I have involuntarilyentertained the idea that all the good fortune which hisbefallen me originated from him. However, I have managed tolive thirty years without this protection, you will say; butI will endeavor a little to illustrate my meaning. Heinvited me to dine with him on Saturday, which was a verynatural thing for him to do. Well, what have I learnedsince? That your mother and M. de Villefort are both comingto this dinner. I shall meet them there, and who knows whatfuture advantages may result from the interview? This mayappear to you to be no unusual combination of circumstances;nevertheless, I perceive some hidden plot in the arrangement-- something, in fact, more than is apparent on a casualview of the subject. I believe that this singular man, whoappears to fathom the motives of every one, has purposelyarranged for me to meet M. and Madame de Villefort, andsometimes, I confess, I have gone so far as to try to readin his eyes whether he was in possession of the secret ofour love."
2.  "As I went away a purse fell at my feet -- it contained fiveand twenty louis; I raised my head quickly, and sawMercedes, who at once shut the blind."
3.  "And have you them yet?"
4.  "Nothing."
5.  "I believe all you tell me without questioning its meaning;for instance, you told me to live, and I did live; you toldme to hope, and I almost did so. I am almost inclined to askyou, as though you had experienced death, `is it painful todie?'"
6.  "A count, and a rich one too, eh?"


1.  "She belonged to one of the first families in Italy, Ithink, did she not?"
2.  "I will expose all."
3.  "What?" cried the magistrate, with an accent of horror andconsternation, "are you still harping on that terribleidea?"
4.  "Let me also ask you a question. Have you never seen any oneenter your room at night?"
5.   "Dear Valentine!"
6.  "Really? They can't be nice, though they do say `as fat as adormouse.' It is not a wonder they are fat, sleeping allday, and only waking to eat all night. Listen. Last year Ihad four apricots -- they stole one, I had one nectarine,only one -- well, sir, they ate half of it on the wall; asplendid nectarine -- I never ate a better."


1.  "Madame and most faithful wife."
2.  "`Stolen away in his infancy, either by an enemy of hisnoble family or by the gypsies.'"
3.  "Ah, Caderousse," said Andrea, "how covetous you are! Twomonths ago you were dying with hunger."
4、  "I think so."
5、  "Poor fellow, what is it?"




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      "No," replied Haidee, "he did not dare to keep us, so wewere sold to some slave-merchants who were going toConstantinople. We traversed Greece, and arrived half deadat the imperial gates. They were surrounded by a crowd ofpeople, who opened a way for us to pass, when suddenly mymother, having looked closely at an object which wasattracting their attention, uttered a piercing cry and fellto the ground, pointing as she did so to a head which wasplaced over the gates, and beneath which were inscribedthese words:

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      Dantes examined the various articles shown to him with thesame attention that he had bestowed on the curiosities andstrange tools exhibited in the shops at Marseilles as theworks of the savages in the South Seas from whence they hadbeen brought by the different trading vessels.

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       "The wise man, my child, has said, `It is good to think ofdeath.'"

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      "Yes. I made a vow at a time when I little thought I shouldever be able to accomplish it," said the unknown with asingular smile; "and I made some others also which I hope Imay fulfil in due season." Although Sinbad pronounced thesewords with much calmness, his eyes gave forth gleams ofextraordinary ferocity.

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    {  "The name of M. Noirtier," interposed Maximilian, "iscelebrated throughout Europe; he was a statesman of highstanding, and you may or may not know, Valentine, that hetook a leading part in every Bonapartist conspiracy set onfoot during the restoration of the Bourbons."

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      "Try to spend it all. They have some business with you, Ithink, from what they told me the day before yesterday. I,indeed, invited them here to-day on your account. I willintroduce you to them."}

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      "There, you see, wife," said the former, "this splendiddiamond might all be ours, if we chose!"

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       "Then," pursued the young man eagerly --

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    {  "Oh, yes," said Chateau-Renaud.

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      "I do not say that you ought not to fight, I only say that aduel is a serious thing, and ought not to be undertakenwithout due reflection."