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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No," interrupted Mercedes, "but I have seen him whom Iloved on the point of murdering my son." Mercedes utteredthese words with such deep anguish, with an accent of suchintense despair, that Monte Cristo could not restrain a sob.The lion was daunted; the avenger was conquered. "What doyou ask of me?" said he, -- "your son's life? Well, he shalllive!" Mercedes uttered a cry which made the tears startfrom Monte Cristo's eyes; but these tears disappeared almostinstantaneously, for, doubtless, God had sent some angel tocollect them -- far more precious were they in his eyes thanthe richest pearls of Guzerat and Ophir.
2.  The baron, followed by the count, traversed a long series ofapartments, in which the prevailing characteristics wereheavy magnificence and the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth,until he reached the boudoir of Madame Danglars -- a smalloctagonal-shaped room, hung with pink satin, covered withwhite Indian muslin. The chairs were of ancient workmanshipand materials; over the doors were painted sketches ofshepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner ofBoucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons,harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charmingapartment, the only one throughout the great mansion inwhich any distinctive taste prevailed. The truth was, it hadbeen entirely overlooked in the plan arranged and followedout by M. Danglars and his architect, who had been selectedto aid the baron in the great work of improvement solelybecause he was the most fashionable and celebrated decoratorof the day. The decorations of the boudoir had then beenleft entirely to Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray. M.Danglars, however, while possessing a great admiration forthe antique, as it was understood during the time of theDirectory, entertained the most sovereign contempt for thesimple elegance of his wife's favorite sitting-room, where,by the way, he was never permitted to intrude, unless,indeed, he excused his own appearance by ushering in somemore agreeable visitor than himself; and even then he hadrather the air and manner of a person who was himselfintroduced, than that of being the presenter of another, hisreception being cordial or frigid, in proportion as theperson who accompanied him chanced to please or displeasethe baroness.
3.  "He was there."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Then the news originated" --
6.  "Certainly; and that is why M. and Madame de Saint-Meranhave died; that is why M. Noirtier was sentenced the day hemade you his heir; that is why you, in your turn, are to die-- it is because your father would inherit your property,and your brother, his only son, succeed to his."


1.  "No," said Morrel; "I am not mistaken. I have known him forten years, the last four of which he was in my service. Donot you recollect, I came about six weeks ago to plead forclemency, as I come to-day to plead for justice. Youreceived me very coldly. Oh, the royalists were very severewith the Bonapartists in those days."
2.  "Yet he considered you the cause of his father's dishonor,the cause of the fearful ruin which has fallen on my house."
3.  "Really," returned the count, "relate it to me, for itbegins to interest me." And the count, humming an air from"Lucia," went to sit down on a bench, while Bertucciofollowed him, collecting his thoughts. Bertuccio remainedstanding before him.
4.  "True, but some day they do them justice; and supposing asecond restoration, you would then pass for a great man."
5.  "What a bad calculator you are!" exclaimed Danglars, callingto his assistance all his philosophy and dissimulation. "Ihave made money at the same time by speculations which havesucceeded. I have made up the loss of blood by nutrition. Ilost a battle in Spain, I have been defeated in Trieste, butmy naval army in India will have taken some galleons, and myMexican pioneers will have discovered some mine."
6.  "Come, my friend," said Danglars, seeing that he made noimpression on Peppino, "you will not refuse me a glass ofwine?"


1.  "Yes, -- yesterday."
2.  "Yes," replied Madame de Villefort; "and, would you believeit, count" --
3.  The sick man was not yet able to speak, but he pointed withevident anxiety towards the door. Dantes listened, andplainly distinguished the approaching steps of the jailer.It was therefore near seven o'clock; but Edmond's anxietyhad put all thoughts of time out of his head. The young mansprang to the entrance, darted through it, carefully drawingthe stone over the opening, and hurried to his cell. He hadscarcely done so before the door opened, and the jailer sawthe prisoner seated as usual on the side of his bed. Almostbefore the key had turned in the lock, and before thedeparting steps of the jailer had died away in the longcorridor he had to traverse, Dantes, whose restless anxietyconcerning his friend left him no desire to touch the foodbrought him, hurried back to the abbe's chamber, and raisingthe stone by pressing his head against it, was soon besidethe sick man's couch. Faria had now fully regained hisconsciousness, but he still lay helpless and exhausted.
4.  "How did this happen?" said Morrel.
5.   "I beseech you, madame," replied Monte Cristo "not to spoilAli, either by too great praise or rewards. I cannot allowhim to acquire the habit of expecting to be recompensed forevery trifling service he may render. Ali is my slave, andin saving your life he was but discharging his duty to me."
6.  "Ah!" said Franz, "then you are a smuggler occasionally,Gaetano?"


1.  "Excuse me," said Morcerf, "but is it a play we are acting?"
2.  "Ah, indeed!" said the young man. "A desert island in themidst of the Mediterranean must be a curiosity."
3.  "What think you, Danglars," said one of the party, turningtowards him, "of this event?"
4、  "There's nothing gives you so much courage as good reasons,"continued the sailor; "and during that time the wind hadabated, and the sea gone down, but the water kept rising;not much, only two inches an hour, but still it rose. Twoinches an hour does not seem much, but in twelve hours thatmakes two feet, and three we had before, that makes five.`Come,' said the captain, `we have done all in our power,and M. Morrel will have nothing to reproach us with, we havetried to save the ship, let us now save ourselves. To theboats, my lads, as quick as you can.' Now," continuedPenelon, "you see, M. Morrel, a sailor is attached to hisship, but still more to his life, so we did not wait to betold twice; the more so, that the ship was sinking under us,and seemed to say, `Get along -- save yourselves.' We soonlaunched the boat, and all eight of us got into it. Thecaptain descended last, or rather, he did not descend, hewould not quit the vessel; so I took him round the waist,and threw him into the boat, and then I jumped after him. Itwas time, for just as I jumped the deck burst with a noiselike the broadside of a man-of-war. Ten minutes after shepitched forward, then the other way, spun round and round,and then good-by to the Pharaon. As for us, we were threedays without anything to eat or drink, so that we began tothink of drawing lots who should feed the rest, when we sawLa Gironde; we made signals of distress, she perceived us,made for us, and took us all on board. There now, M. Morrel,that's the whole truth, on the honor of a sailor; is not ittrue, you fellows there?" A general murmur of approbationshowed that the narrator had faithfully detailed theirmisfortunes and sufferings.
5、  "With this needle," said the abbe, as, opening his raggedvestments, he showed Dantes a long, sharp fish-bone, with asmall perforated eye for the thread, a small portion ofwhich still remained in it. "I once thought," continuedFaria, "of removing these iron bars, and letting myself downfrom the window, which, as you see, is somewhat wider thanyours, although I should have enlarged it still morepreparatory to my flight; however, I discovered that Ishould merely have dropped into a sort of inner court, and Itherefore renounced the project altogether as too full ofrisk and danger. Nevertheless, I carefully preserved myladder against one of those unforeseen opportunities ofwhich I spoke just now, and which sudden chance frequentlybrings about." While affecting to be deeply engaged inexamining the ladder, the mind of Dantes was, in fact,busily occupied by the idea that a person so intelligent,ingenious, and clear-sighted as the abbe might probably beable to solve the dark mystery of his own misfortunes, wherehe himself could see nothing.




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      "I will give you three," replied the stranger.

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      Chapter 73The Promise.

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       Now this solitude was peopled with his thoughts, the nightlighted up by his illusions, and the silence animated by hisanticipations. When the patron awoke, the vessel washurrying on with every sail set, and every sail full withthe breeze. They were making nearly ten knots an hour. TheIsland of Monte Cristo loomed large in the horizon. Edmondresigned the lugger to the master's care, and went and laydown in his hammock; but, in spite of a sleepless night, hecould not close his eyes for a moment. Two hours afterwardshe came on deck, as the boat was about to double the Islandof Elba. They were just abreast of Mareciana, and beyond theflat but verdant Island of La Pianosa. The peak of MonteCristo reddened by the burning sun, was seen against theazure sky. Dantes ordered the helmsman to put down his helm,in order to leave La Pianosa to starboard, as he knew thathe should shorten his course by two or three knots. Aboutfive o'clock in the evening the island was distinct, andeverything on it was plainly perceptible, owing to thatclearness of the atmosphere peculiar to the light which therays of the sun cast at its setting.

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      "And your slave?"

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    {  "What did he say in the letter?"

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      "Certainly. Did you hope to escape it because you were fourtimes guilty? Did you think the punishment would be withheldbecause you are the wife of him who pronounces it? -- No,madame, no; the scaffold awaits the poisoner, whoever shemay be, unless, as I just said, the poisoner has taken theprecaution of keeping for herself a few drops of herdeadliest potion." Madame de Villefort uttered a wild cry,and a hideous and uncontrollable terror spread over herdistorted features. "Oh, do not fear the scaffold, madame,"said the magistrate; "I will not dishonor you, since thatwould be dishonor to myself; no, if you have heard medistinctly, you will understand that you are not to die onthe scaffold."}

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      "What more is to be done?"

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      "Well, then, come along."

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       "What are you waiting for?" said Caderousse. "I hope I amnot the cause."

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    {  "Count." said Danglars, "are you speaking seriously?"

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      Monte Cristo gave the pen to Caderousse, who collected allhis strength, signed it, and fell back on his bed, saying:"You will relate all the rest, reverend sir; you will say hecalls himself Andrea Cavalcanti. He lodges at the Hotel desPrinces. Oh, I am dying!" He again fainted. The abbe madehim smell the contents of the phial, and he again opened hiseyes. His desire for revenge had not forsaken him.