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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And what do you believe?' His voice was stifled by sobs."I believe everything," said Athos biting his lips till the blood sprangto avoid sighing.
2.  "We have always some difficulty in believing such things, mypretty dear, were it only from self-love."
3.  "And now, gentlemen, that's well," continued the cardinal."I know what I wish to know; follow me."
4.  D'Artagnan left the hotel instead of going up at once toKitty's chamber, as she endeavored to persuade him to do--andthat for two reasons: the first, because by this means heshould escape reproaches, recriminations, and prayers; thesecond, because be was not sorry to have an opportunity ofreading his own thoughts and endeavoring, if possible, tofathom those of this woman.
5.  "Truly?"
6.  "Where shall I find the governor?"


1.  "Infamous task! impious task!" cried Milady, with the exultationof a victim who provokes his judge.
2.  "Neither is it my intention, monsieur, for this time I was seeking you;in the name of the king, I arrest you."
3.  "Constance? Constance?" replied the young man, "where are you? whereare you? My God!"
4.  "But what does this note contain?"
5.  "With those studs?"
6.  "That," continued the cardinal, "arose not only from afeeling of natural equity, but likewise from a plan I havemarked out with respect to you."


1.  "Admirable! You are rich then, my dear Monsieur Bonacieux?""I am comfortably off, monsieur, that's all; I have scrapedtogether some such thing as an income of two or three thousandcrown in the haberdashery business, but more particularly inventuring some funds in the last voyage of the celebratednavigator Jean Moquet; so that you understand, monsieur--But"cried the citizen.
2.  "It is one that becomes a man accustomed to look his enemies inthe face."
3.  D'Artagnan and Athos laughed aloud.
4.  Parpaillot."
5.   There was in all this, as may have been observed, one personageconcerned, of whom, notwithstanding his precarious position, wehave appeared to take but very little notice. This personage wasM. Bonacieux, the respectable martyr of the political and amorousintrigues which entangled themselves so nicely together at thisgallant and chivalric period.


1.  "It is you, sire, who have now incurred hers. And even if shewere to be seriously offended, I could well understand it; yourMajesty has treated her with a severity--"
2.  "Ay," said Porthos, "if we cannot leave the camp, ourlackeys may."
3.  "You speak very much at your ease, madame," said Bonacieux, hurtat the little interest his wife showed in him. "Do you know thatI was plunged during a day and night in a dungeon of theBastille?"
4、  "If my Lord suspects they have been stolen, perhaps the personwho stole them still has them in his hands."
5、  The favorite of two kings, immensely rich, all-powerful in akingdom which he disordered at his fancy and calmed again at hiscaprice, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, had lived one ofthose fabulous existences which survive, in the course ofcenturies, to astonish posterity.




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      "Matters go but badly," said Athos, smiling; "and we shall not bemade Chevaliers of the Order this time."

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      "What will you do with the letter, then?" asked Porthos."Come here, Grimaud," said Athos. Grimaud rose and obeyed. "Asa punishment for having spoken without permission, my friend, youwill please to eat this piece of paper; then to recompense youfor the service you will have rendered us, you shall afterwarddrink this glass of wine. First, here is the letter. Eatheartily."

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       Felton gently repulsed Milady, and she sank into a chair.Lord de Winter passed before the door without stopping, and theyheard the noise of his footsteps soon die away.

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      "Ah, you surprise me. I thought I had told you a most lamentablestory." And he looked at the young man as if he would read thebottom of his heart.

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    {  "You think then, as I do, that she deceives me?" said the king."I believe, and I repeat it to your Majesty, that the queenconspires against the power of the king, but I have not saidagainst his honor."

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      And yet, at the very door the Musketeer began to entertainsome doubts. The approach was not such as to prepossesspeople--an ill-smelling, dark passage, a staircase half-lighted by bars through which stole a glimmer from aneighboring yard; on the first floor a low door studded withenormous nails, like the principal gate of the GrandChatelet.}

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      "The lady had a cavalier shut up with her," said Athos, "butas notwithstanding the noise, this cavalier did not showhimself, it is to be presumed that he is a coward.""Judge not rashly, says the Gospel," replied the cardinal.Athos bowed.

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      "Wonderfully," said D'Artagnan; but I come to offer you a dress whichwill become you still better."

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       "No," said Porthos, "I expected some gentlemen of theneighborhood, who have just sent me word they could not come.You will take their places and I shall not lose by the exchange.HOLA, Mousqueton, seats, and order double the bottles!""Do you know what we are eating here?" said Athos, at the end often minutes.

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    {  "The devil!" murmured the king; "what must be done?""Sign an order for his release, and all will be said," repliedthe cardinal. "I believe with your Majesty that Monsieur deTreville's guarantee is more than sufficient."

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      "What, CAPITAL?"