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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  "Be easy on that score, M. Morrel; but do you think we shallbe permitted to see our poor Edmond?"
3.  "When?"
4.  "What time is it now?"
5.  "Ah," said Villefort, smiling, "I confess I should like tobe warned when one of these beings is in contact with me."
6.  "That is all very fine, Benedetto mio, but I know what I amsaying. Perhaps I may one day put on my best coat, andpresenting myself at the great gate, introduce myself.Meanwhile let us sit down and eat." Caderousse set theexample and attacked the breakfast with good appetite,praising each dish he set before his visitor. The latterseemed to have resigned himself; he drew the corks, andpartook largely of the fish with the garlic and fat. "Ah,mate," said Caderousse, "you are getting on better termswith your old landlord!"


1.  The inspector listened attentively; then, turning to thegovernor, observed, "He will become religious -- he isalready more gentle; he is afraid, and retreated before thebayonets -- madmen are not afraid of anything; I made somecurious observations on this at Charenton." Then, turning tothe prisoner, "What is it you want?" said he.
2.  "Yes." There was a kind of solemnity in this interrogation.Never had the struggle between mind and matter been moreapparent than now, and if it was not a sublime, it was, atleast, a curious spectacle. They had formed a circle roundthe invalid; the second notary was sitting at a table,prepared for writing, and his colleague was standing beforethe testator in the act of interrogating him on the subjectto which we have alluded. "Your fortune exceeds 300,000francs, does it not?" asked he. Noirtier made a sign that itdid. "Do you possess 400,000 francs?" inquired the notary.Noirtier's eye remained immovable. "Five hundred thousand?"The same expression continued. "Six hundred thousand --700,000 -- 800,000 -- 900,000?" Noirtier stopped him at thelast-named sum. "You are then in possession of 900,000francs?" asked the notary. "Yes."
3.  "You, madame, remained under the arbor; do you not remember,that while you were seated on a stone bench, and while, as Itold you, Mademoiselle de Villefort and your young son wereabsent, you conversed for a considerable time withsomebody?"
4.  * Lake Maggiore.
5.  "Still," said Chateau-Renaud, "Dr. d'Avrigny, who attends mymother, declares he is in despair about it. But whom are youseeking, Debray?"
6.  "Certainly; pray do so."


1.  "No. I gave the custom-house officers a copy of our bill oflading; and as to the other papers, they sent a man off withthe pilot, to whom I gave them."
2.  "True," said M. d'Avrigny; "we will return." The doctor wentout first, followed by M. de Villefort. The terrifiedservants were on the stairs and in the passage where thedoctor would pass. "Sir," said d'Avrigny to Villefort, soloud that all might hear, "poor Barrois has led toosedentary a life of late; accustomed formerly to ride onhorseback, or in the carriage, to the four corners ofEurope, the monotonous walk around that arm-chair has killedhim -- his blood has thickened. He was stout, had a short,thick neck; he was attacked with apoplexy, and I was calledin too late. By the way," added he in a low tone, "take careto throw away that cup of syrup of violets in the ashes."
3.  "Have mercy on my child, sir," murmured Villefort.
4.  "Approach, gentlemen," said Albert; "I wish you not to loseone word of what I am about to have the honor of saying tothe Count of Monte Cristo, for it must be repeated by you toall who will listen to it, strange as it may appear to you."
5.   "Your bills, at least, are the first that will fall due."
6.  "It is absurd," said Debray.


1.  Madame Danglars (who, although past the first bloom ofyouth, was still strikingly handsome) was now seated at thepiano, a most elaborate piece of cabinet and inlaid work,while Lucien Debray, standing before a small work-table, wasturning over the pages of an album. Lucien had found time,preparatory to the count's arrival, to relate manyparticulars respecting him to Madame Danglars. It will beremembered that Monte Cristo had made a lively impression onthe minds of all the party assembled at the breakfast givenby Albert de Morcerf; and although Debray was not in thehabit of yielding to such feelings, he had never been ableto shake off the powerful influence excited in his mind bythe impressive look and manner of the count, consequentlythe description given by Lucien to the baroness bore thehighly-colored tinge of his own heated imagination. Alreadyexcited by the wonderful stories related of the count by DeMorcerf, it is no wonder that Madame Danglars eagerlylistened to, and fully credited, all the additionalcircumstances detailed by Debray. This posing at the pianoand over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way ofprecaution. A most gracious welcome and unusual smile werebestowed on M. Danglars; the count, in return for hisgentlemanly bow, received a formal though graceful courtesy,while Lucien exchanged with the count a sort of distantrecognition, and with Danglars a free and easy nod.
2.  "It is probable; but there is no occasion to squeeze sohard."
3.  "And how did a leader of smugglers," continued Franz,"venture to build a vessel designed for such a purpose atGenoa?"
4、  "Ah," exclaimed Morrel, interrupting the count, "you hadonly lost your liberty, my father had only lost his fortune,but I have lost Valentine."
5、  "In the court are orange-trees in pots, turf, and clumps offlowers."




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      "So I am of these men; but there is another over me."

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       Haidee answered his remark with a melancholy smile. "Youwish me, then, to relate the history of my past sorrows?"said she.

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      "There has been no arrest."

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    {  "Yes, but those five millions and a half are not mine, andare only a proof of the great confidence placed in me; mytitle of popular banker has gained me the confidence ofcharitable institutions, and the five millions and a halfbelong to them; at any other time I should not havehesitated to make use of them, but the great losses I haverecently sustained are well known, and, as I told you, mycredit is rather shaken. That deposit may be at any momentwithdrawn, and if I had employed it for another purpose, Ishould bring on me a disgraceful bankruptcy. I do notdespise bankruptcies, believe me, but they must be thosewhich enrich, not those which ruin. Now, if you marry M.Cavalcanti, and I get the three millions, or even if it isthought I am going to get them, my credit will be restored,and my fortune, which for the last month or two has beenswallowed up in gulfs which have been opened in my path byan inconceivable fatality, will revive. Do you understandme?"

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      "To what do you refer? But pray sit down."}

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      "But," said Franz, looking round him uneasily, "where is theViscount? -- I do not see him."

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      "So young," said Albert, forgetting at the moment theCount's command that he should ask no questions of the slaveherself, "is it possible that you can have known whatsuffering is except by name?"

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       "Well," said Franz, "this time, Albert, I am bound to giveyou credit for having hit upon a most capital idea."

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    {  Bertuccio glanced through the door, which was ajar. Thecount watched him. "Good heavens!" he exclaimed.

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      "Ah, mon Dieu," exclaimed Danglars, "they have drawn on mefor 200,000 francs!"