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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, I saw it by the side-lights when I was stepping into thecarriage. It was a chestnut."
2.  The big constable, very hot and penitent, sidled into the room."I meant no harm, sir, I'm sure. The young woman came to the doorlast evening- mistook the house, she did. And then we got talking.It's lonesome, when you're on duty here all day."
3.  "Well, I should think so, indeed!"
4.  A four-wheeler was at the door at eleven, and in it we drove to aspot at the other side of Hammersmith Bridge. Here the cabman wasdirected to wait. A short walk brought us to a secluded road fringedwith pleasant houses, each standing in its own grounds. In the lightof a street lamp we read "Laburnum Villa" upon the gate-post of one ofthem. The occupants had evidently retired to rest, for all was darksave for a fanlight over the hall door, which shed a single blurredcircle on to the garden path. The wooden fence which separated thegrounds from the road threw a dense black shadow upon the innerside, and here it was that we crouched.
5.  "I am a hop merchant myself, and as I have an income of seven oreight hundred, we found ourselves comfortably off and took a niceeighty-pound-a-year villa at Norbury. Our little place was verycountrified, considering that it is so close to town. We had an innand two houses a little above us, and a single cottage at the otherside of the field which faces us, and except those there were nohouses until you got halfway to the station. My business took meinto town at certain seasons, but in summer I had less to do, and thenin our country home my wife and I were just as happy as could bewished. I tell you that there never was a shadow between us until thisaccursed affair began.
6.  "'Because during the last few nights I have always, about three inthe morning, heard a low, clear whistle. I am a light sleeper, andit has awakened me. I cannot tell where it came from-perhaps fromthe next room, perhaps from the lawn. I thought that I would justask you whether you had heard it.'


1.  "It came here."
2.  "The clerk Gorot has been shadowed all these nine weeks, but withoutresult. We can show nothing against him."
3.  "That will do, Mr. Wilson. I shall be happy to give you anopinion upon the subject in the course of a day or two. To-day isSaturday, and I hope that by Monday we may come to a conclusion.""Well, Watson," said Holmes when our visitor had left us,"what do you make of it all?"
4.  "No, sir; I had a telegram."
5.  "Exactly- one of the richest men in Kent- Lady Brackenstall is inthe morning-room. Poor lady, she has had a most dreadful experience.She seemed half dead when I saw her first. I think you had best seeher and hear her account of the facts. Then we will examine thedining-room together."
6.  "And now the matter had begun to straighten itself out


1.  1903
2.  "What of it? What do you mean?"
3.  "Exactly. That expresses it. And it is only a patient who has anobject in deceiving his surgeon who would conceal the facts of hiscase."
5.   "'Now that shows real application!' he cried. 'That is the way toprosper! You won't mind my testing you, will you? Let me see. Howare Ayrshires?'
6.  But there was no great difficulty in the first stage of myadventure. Upper Swandam Lane is a vile alley lurking behind thehigh wharves which line the north side of the river to the east ofLondon Bridge. Between a slop-shop and a gin-shop, approached by asteep flight of steps leading down to a black gap like the mouth ofa cave, I found the den of which I was in search. Ordering my cab towait, I passed down the steps, worn hollow in the centre by theceaseless tread of drunken feet and by the light of a flickeringoillamp above the door I found the latch and made my way into along, low room, thick and heavy with the brown opium smoke, andterraced with wooden berths, like the forecastle of an emigrant ship.Through the gloom one could dimly catch a glimpse of bodies lying instrange fantastic poses, bowed shoulders, bent knees, heads thrownback, and chins pointing upward, with here and there a dark,lack-lustre eye turned upon the newcomer. Out of the black shadowsthere glimmered little red circles of light, now bright, now faint, asthe burning poison waxed or waned in the bowls of the metal pipes. Themost lay silent, but some muttered to themselves, and others talkedtogether in a strange, low, monotonous voice, their conversationcoming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, eachmumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words ofhis neighbour. At the farther end was a small brazier of burningcharcoal, beside which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat atall, thin old man, with his jaw resting upon his two fists, and hiselbows upon his knees, staring into the fire.


1.  "Suppose that Cadogan West wished to make his way into thebuilding after hours; he would need three keys, would he not, beforehe could reach the papers?"
2.  "Yes, some of us are a little too much inclined to be cock-sure, Mr.Holmes," said Lestrade. The man's insolence was maddening, but wecould not resent it.
3.  "I will not see him. I will not see him." Then she seemed towander off into delirium. "A fiend! A fiend! Oh, what shall I dowith this devil?"
4、  "Criminals?" said Holmes. "Plural?"
5、  "I think that I may go so far as to say, Watson, that I have notlived wholly in vain," he remarked. "If my record were closed to-nightI could still survey it with equanimity. The air of London is thesweeter for my presence. In over a thousand cases I am not awarethat I have ever used my powers upon the wrong side. Of late I havebeen tempted to look into the problems furnished by nature rather thanthose more superficial ones for which our artificial state ofsociety is responsible. Your memoirs will draw to an end, Watson, uponthe day that I crown my career by the capture or extinction of themost dangerous and capable criminal in Europe."




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      "They use none. There is a stove. The bell-rope hangs from thewire just to the right of my desk. Whoever rang it must have comeright up to the desk to do it. But why should any criminal wish toring the bell? It is a most insoluble mystery."

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      "I have some hopes."

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       "To smoke," he answered. "It is quite a three pipe problem,and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes." Hecurled himself up in his chair, with his thin knees drawn up tohis hawk-like nose, and there he sat with his eyes closed and hisblack clay pipe thrusting out like the bill of some strange bird.I had come to the conclusion that he had dropped asleep, andindeed was nodding myself, when he suddenly sprang out of hischair with the gesture of a man who has made up his mind and puthis pipe down upon the mantelpiece.

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      "Does she know about the Austrian episode?"

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    {  "Well, there seems to me to be only one possible solution. Mr.Rucastle seemed to be a very kind, good-natured man. Is it notpossible that his wife is a lunatic, that he desires to keep thematter quiet for fear she should be taken to an asylum, and that hehumours her fancies in every way in order to prevent an outbreak?""That is a possible solution-in fact, as matters stand, it is themost probable one. But in any case it does not seem to be a nicehousehold for a young lady."

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      "Women of the De Merville type do not act like that. She wouldlove him the more as a disfigured martyr. No, no. It is his moralside, not his physical, which we have to destroy. That book will bringher back to earth- and I know nothing else that could. It is in hisown writing. She cannot get past it."}

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      "Plain enough, but what's at the back of it? Raising the price onme, or afraid to tackle it, or what? I've a right to a plain answer.""Well, perhaps you have," said Holmes. "I'll give you one. This caseis quite sufficiently complicated to start with without the furtherdifficulty of false information."

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      "Is she gone, Watson? Is there a spark left? Surely we are not toolate!"

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       "Very good. Of course it was of the utmost importance to prevent youfrom thinking better of it, and also to keep you from coming intocontact with anyone who might tell you that your double was at work inMawson's office. Therefore they gave you a handsome advance on yoursalary, and ran you off to the Midlands, where they gave you enoughwork to do to prevent your going to London, where you might have bursttheir little game up. That is all plain enough."

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    {  "Indeed, Holmes! What is it?"

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      "Oh, you must not discourage me, Mr. Holmes. I know that all is wellwith him. There is so keen a sympathy between us that I should know ifevil came upon him. On the very day that I saw him last he cut himselfin the bedroom, and yet I in the dining-room rushed upstairs instantlywith the utmost certainty that something had happened. Do you thinkthat I would respond to such a trifle and yet be ignorant of hisdeath?"