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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Here I am," said the young girl, who at the sound of thecarriage had run down-stairs and whose face was radiant withjoy at seeing the count return safely. Bertuccio left. Everytransport of a daughter finding a father, all the delight ofa mistress seeing an adored lover, were felt by Haideeduring the first moments of this meeting, which she had soeagerly expected. Doubtless, although less evident, MonteCristo's joy was not less intense. Joy to hearts which havesuffered long is like the dew on the ground after a longdrought; both the heart and the ground absorb thatbenificent moisture falling on them, and nothing isoutwardly apparent.
2.  "It is certainly ten years since the house had beenoccupied," said Chateau-Renaud, "and it was quite melancholyto look at it, with the blinds closed, the doors locked, andthe weeds in the court. Really, if the house had notbelonged to the father-in-law of the procureur, one mighthave thought it some accursed place where a horrible crimehad been committed." Villefort, who had hitherto not tastedthe three or four glasses of rare wine which were placedbefore him, here took one, and drank it off. Monte Cristoallowed a short time to elapse, and then said, "It issingular, baron, but the same idea came across me the firsttime I came here; it looked so gloomy I should never havebought it if my steward had not taken the matter into hisown hands. Perhaps the fellow had been bribed by thenotary."
3.  "Probably you have some correspondent in Greece?"
4.  "You say so with an accent -- stay, you shall be convinced;take my clerk to the bank, and you will see him leave itwith an order on the Treasury for the same sum."
5.  "Yes, ask her for one of her liqueur cellarets, mine isincomplete; and tell her I shall have the honor of seeingher about three o'clock, and that I request permission tointroduce some one to her." The valet left the room. Albertthrew himself on the divan, tore off the cover of two orthree of the papers, looked at the theatre announcements,made a face seeing they gave an opera, and not a ballet;hunted vainly amongst the advertisements for a newtooth-powder of which he had heard, and threw down, oneafter the other, the three leading papers of Paris,muttering, "These papers become more and more stupid everyday." A moment after, a carriage stopped before the door,and the servant announced M. Lucien Debray. A tall youngman, with light hair, clear gray eyes, and thin andcompressed lips, dressed in a blue coat with beautifullycarved gold buttons, a white neckcloth, and a tortoiseshelleye-glass suspended by a silken thread, and which, by aneffort of the superciliary and zygomatic muscles, he fixedin his eye, entered, with a half-official air, withoutsmiling or speaking. "Good-morning, Lucien, good-morning,"said Albert; "your punctuality really alarms me. What do Isay? punctuality! You, whom I expected last, you arrive atfive minutes to ten, when the time fixed was half-past! Hasthe ministry resigned?"
6.  "Alas, I have still to recount the most distressing periodof my life. Anxious as you may suppose I was to behold andcomfort my dear sister, I lost no time in hastening toCorsica, but when I arrived at Rogliano I found a house ofmourning, the consequences of a scene so horrible that theneighbors remember and speak of it to this day. Acting by myadvice, my poor sister had refused to comply with theunreasonable demands of Benedetto, who was continuallytormenting her for money, as long as he believed there was asou left in her possession. One morning that he had demandedmoney, threatening her with the severest consequences if shedid not supply him with what he desired, he disappeared andremained away all day, leaving the kind-hearted Assunta, wholoved him as if he were her own child, to weep over hisconduct and bewail his absence. Evening came, and still,with all the patient solicitude of a mother, she watched forhis return.


1.  "Welcome home again."
2.  "But if any one should come here" --
3.  "Is it, then, that young man whom my friend the Count ofMonte Cristo has received into his house, and who is goingto marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"
4.  If Valentine could have seen the trembling step and agitatedcountenance of Franz when he quitted the chamber of M.Noirtier, even she would have been constrained to pity him.Villefort had only just given utterance to a few incoherentsentences, and then retired to his study, where he receivedabout two hours afterwards the following letter: --
5.  "You may."
6.  Winter approached. Mercedes had no fire in that cold andnaked room -- she, who was accustomed to stoves which heatedthe house from the hall to the boudoir; she had not even onelittle flower -- she whose apartment had been a conservatoryof costly exotics. But she had her son. Hitherto theexcitement of fulfilling a duty had sustained them.Excitement, like enthusiasm, sometimes renders usunconscious to the things of earth. But the excitement hadcalmed down, and they felt themselves obliged to descendfrom dreams to reality; after having exhausted the ideal,they found they must talk of the actual.


1.  "Oh," said Morcerf, "this repugnance, if repugnance it maybe called, is not all on my side."
2.  "Exactly; one comes from the Volga, and the other from LakeFusaro."
3.  "Which, I believe, does not contain one?" said Monte Cristo.
4.  "About half-past six."
5.   "An island situated on the other side of the equator, atleast two thousand leagues from here," replied the count.
6.  Chapter 24The Secret Cave.


1.  "Meaning to say," replied Dantes, with a smile which butill-concealed his trouble, "that if I were not a captain" --
2.  At the time the Countess of Morcerf returned to the rooms,after giving her orders, many guests were arriving, moreattracted by the charming hospitality of the countess thanby the distinguished position of the count; for, owing tothe good taste of Mercedes, one was sure of finding somedevices at her entertainment worthy of describing, or evencopying in case of need. Madame Danglars, in whom the eventswe have related had caused deep anxiety, had hesitated aboutgoing to Madame de Morcerf's, when during the morning hercarriage happened to meet that of Villefort. The latter madea sign, and when the carriages had drawn close together,said, -- "You are going to Madame de Morcerf's, are younot?"
3.  "You will then obtain the Golden Fleece, if you are still inthe ministry."
4、  "Yes."
5、  "And you will protect us, who are your children, against thewill of my father?" -- Noirtier cast an intelligent glanceat Morrel, as if to say, "perhaps I may." Maximilianunderstood him.




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      "Dear Valentine, you are a perfect angel, and I am sure I donot know what I -- sabring right and left among the Bedouins-- can have done to merit your being revealed to me, unless,indeed, heaven took into consideration the fact that thevictims of my sword were infidels. But tell me what interestMadame de Villefort can have in your remaining unmarried?"

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      "Well, would you believe it? directly my father caught thesound of your name he turned round quite hastily, and, likea poor silly thing, I was so persuaded that every one mustbe as much affected as myself by the utterance of your name,that I was not surprised to see my father start, and almosttremble; but I even thought (though that surely must havebeen a mistake) that M. Danglars trembled too."

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       Such was the state of affairs when, the day after hisinterview with M. de Boville, the confidential clerk of thehouse of Thomson & French of Rome, presented himself at M.Morrel's. Emmanuel received him; this young man was alarmedby the appearance of every new face, for every new facemight be that of a new creditor, come in anxiety to questionthe head of the house. The young man, wishing to spare hisemployer the pain of this interview, questioned thenew-comer; but the stranger declared that he had nothing tosay to M. Emmanuel, and that his business was with M. Morrelin person. Emmanuel sighed, and summoned Cocles. Coclesappeared, and the young man bade him conduct the stranger toM. Morrel's apartment. Cocles went first, and the strangerfollowed him. On the staircase they met a beautiful girl ofsixteen or seventeen, who looked with anxiety at thestranger.

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      "The son of a rich shipbuilder in Malta."

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    {  "I know it, and appeal to your penetration. You are of sosuperior a mind, nothing escapes you."

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      "Ah, diable -- bells did you say?"}

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      Faria then drew forth from his hiding-place three or fourrolls of linen, laid one over the other, like folds ofpapyrus. These rolls consisted of slips of cloth about fourinches wide and eighteen long; they were all carefullynumbered and closely covered with writing, so legible thatDantes could easily read it, as well as make out the sense-- it being in Italian, a language he, as a Provencal,perfectly understood.

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      "How can I, if her husband fails in controlling her?" askedLucien; "you know the character of the baroness -- no onehas any influence with her, and she does precisely what shepleases."

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       ...ngle in the second;

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    {  As he had now arrived at the door of his own house, whichadjoined the Palais de Justice, he entered, after having,coldly saluted the shipowner, who stood, as if petrified, onthe spot where Villefort had left him. The ante-chamber wasfull of police agents and gendarmes, in the midst of whom,carefully watched, but calm and smiling, stood the prisoner.Villefort traversed the ante-chamber, cast a side glance atDantes, and taking a packet which a gendarme offered him,disappeared, saying, "Bring in the prisoner."

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      "What?" said the latter with apparent coolness, but withdeep emotion, "have you another invalid?"