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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Quite so. Round the world. Well, good-morning. I may drop you aline in the evening." As we passed the window I caught a glimpse ofthe inspector's smile and shake of the head. "These clever fellowshave always a touch of madness." That was what I read in theinspector's smile.
2.  "My uncle Elias emigrated to America when he was a young manand became a planter in Florida, where he was reported to havedone very well. At the time of the war he fought in Jackson'sarmy, and afterwards under Hood, where he rose to be a colonel.When Lee laid down his arms my uncle returned to his plantation,where he remained for three or four years. About 1869 or 1870 hecame back to Europe and took a small estate in Sussex, nearHorsham. He had made a very considerable fortune in the States,and his reason for leaving them was his aversion to the negroes,and his dislike of the Republican policy in extending thefranchise to them. He was a singular man, fierce and
3.  "Your hands, my dear sir. Your right hand is quite a sizelarger than your left. You have worked with it, and the musclesare more developed."
4.  "Only once, some years ago. I remember that it was full of papers.""There isn't a cat in it, for example?'
5.  .
6.  "Come," said I, laughing, "this is a little too much."


1.  "When had he a letter before that?"
2.  "And whom do you accuse?"
3.  "Well, well, give him that message. He can come in the morning, orhe can stay away. My work must not be hindered."
4.  "The carriage is our rendezvous, then?"
5.  "Yes, he was his heir, and the old boy is nearly eighty- cram fullof gout, too. They say he could chalk his billiard-cue with hisknuckles. He never allowed Godfrey a shilling in his life, for he isan absolute miser, but it will all come to him right enough.""Have you heard from Lord Mount-James?"
6.  "Undoubtedly."


1.  "That is easily got."
2.  But neither the official police nor Holmes's own small but veryefficient organization sufficed to clear away the mystery. Amid thecrowded millions of London the three persons we sought were ascompletely obliterated as if they had never lived. Advertisements weretried, and failed. Clues were followed, and led to nothing. Everycriminal resort which Shlessinger might frequent was drawn in vain.His old associates were watched, but they kept clear of him. Andthen suddenly, after a week of helplessness suspense there came aflash of light. A silver-and-brilliant pendant of old Spanish designhad been pawned at Bovington's, in Westminster Road. The pawner wasa large, clean-shaven man of clerical appearance. His name and addresswere demonstrably false. The ear had escaped notice, but thedescription was surely that of Shlessinger.
3.  .
5.   "Glorious!" gasped our host. "That makes our third man.""I had opened up inquiries in Birmingham," said the American, "andmy agent there has sent me this advertisement from a local paper. Wemust bustle and put the thing through. I have written to this manand told him that you will see him in his office to-morrow afternoonat four o'clock."
6.  "Well, I kept my knowledge to myself, and waited to see what wouldcome of it When we got back to Scotland it was easily hushed up, andnobody asked any questions. A stranger died by accident and it wasnobody's business to inquire. Shortly after Peter Carey gave up thesea, and it was long years before I could find where he was. I guessedthat he had done the deed for the sake of what was in that tin box,and that he could afford now to pay me well for keeping my mouth shut."I found out where he was through a sailor man that had met him inLondon, and down I went to squeeze him. The first night he wasreasonable enough, and was ready to give me what would make me free ofthe sea for life. We were to fix it all two nights later. When I came,I found him three parts drunk and in a vile temper. We sat down and wedrank and we yarned about old times, but the more he drank the lessI liked the look on his face. I spotted that harpoon upon the wall,and I thought I might need it before I was through. Then at last hebroke out at me, spitting and cursing, with murder in his eyes and agreat clasp-knife in his hand. He had not time to get it from thesheath before I had the harpoon through him. Heavens! what a yell hegave! and his face gets between me and my sleep. I stood there, withhis blood splashing round me, and I waited for a bit, but all wasquiet, so I took heart once more. I looked round, and there was thetin box on the shelf. I had as much right to it as Peter Carey,anyhow, so I took it with me and left the hut. Like a fool I left mybaccy-pouch upon the table.


1.  The mark which he was examining began upon the brasswork on therighthand side of the keyhole, and extended for about four inches,where it had scratched the varnish from the surface.
2.  "If I am to have a doctor whether I will or not, let me at leasthave someone in whom I have confidence," said he.
3.  "By the way," said the landlord in conclusion, "you are not the onlyfriend of Lady Frances Carfax who is inquiring after her just now.Only a week or so ago we had a man where upon the same errand.""Did he give a name?" I asked.
4、  "If you use the code which I have explained," said Holmes, "you willfind that it simply means `Come here at once.' I was convinced that itwas an invitation which he would not refuse, since he could neverimagine that it could come from anyone but the lady. And so, my dearWatson, we have ended by turning the dancing men to good when theyhave so often been the agents of evil, and I think that I havefulfilled my promise of giving you something unusual for yournotebook. Three-forty is our train, and I fancy we should be back inBaker Street for dinner."
5、  "That, of course, would open up the question as to what yourguarantee was worth."




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      "It's a lesson to you that you can't deceive me, ConstableMacPherson," said Lestrade, with dignity. "No doubt you thought thatyour breach of duty could never be discovered, and yet a mere glanceat that drugget was enough to convince me that someone had beenadmitted to the room. It's lucky for you, my man, that nothing ismissing, or you would find yourself in Queer Street. I'm sorry to havecalled you down over such a petty business, Mr. Holmes, but Ithought the point of the second stain not corresponding with the firstwould interest you."

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      "Yes, I have considered that. If the second word had borne anyresemblance to Murdoch- but it did not. He gave it almost in a shriek.I am sure that it was 'Mane.'"

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       "No doubt you think me mad?" said he.

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      Holmes shook his head impatiently.

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    {  I did so, and driven by the draught a coil of gray smoke swirleddown the corridor, while the dry straw crackled and flamed."Now we must see if we can find this witness for you, Lestrade.Might I ask you all to join in the cry of `Fire!'? Now then; one, two,three-"

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      On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I haveduring the last eight years studied the methods of my friendSherlock Holmes, I find many tragic, some comic, a large number merelystrange, but none commonplace; for, working as he did rather for thelove of his art than for the acquirement of wealth, he refused toassociate himself with any investigation which did not tend towardsthe unusual, and even the fantastic. Of all these varied cases,however, I cannot recall any which presented more singular featuresthan that which was associated with the well-known Surrey family ofthe Roylotts of Stoke Moran. The events in question occurred in theearly days of my association with Holmes, when we were sharing roomsas bachelors in Baker Street. It is possible that I might haveplaced them upon record before, but a promise of secrecy was made atthe time, from which I have only been freed during the last month bythe untimely death of the lady to whom the pledge was given. It isperhaps as well that the facts should now come to light, for I havereasons to know that there are widespread rumours as to the death ofDr. Grimesby Roylott which tend to make the matter even moreterrible than the truth.}

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      "Quite so. These are what one may call the private guests. Now, whatin the world is Mr. James Wilder doing in that den at this hour ofnight, and who is the companion who comes to meet him there? Come,Watson, we must really take a risk and try to investigate this alittle more closely."

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      He shrugged his shoulders.

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       "Nothing, until my uncle here began to speak loudly. I heard that,and I came down."

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    {  "Imperial Yeomanry, I fancy."

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      It showed the bust and face of a very beautiful woman. Holmesstooped over it.