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1. 3. 《聚焦》(Spotlight),导演:汤姆·麦卡锡(Tom McCarthy)。
2. 2. Google Docs
3. 但是,在秀台上和零售店里,那种情感上的认同消失了。那么,我们还剩下什么?
4. This will bring in some money and help you make connections, Frederickson says. It can also help you polish skills that you can lose while out of work: "being fast, multitasking, answering questions quickly and succinctly."
5. loan
6. 该报告还指出,自2013年以来,中国已成为全球最大的工业机器人市场。并且在近年来,中国国内的供应商通过提供更多高端产品,正在向供应链上游进军。


1. 民主党能在中期选举中重新夺回美国众议院多数党地位吗?
2. Even if they played an imperfect game, the Golden State Warriors managed to maintain their perfect start.
3. 问:在过去的几次采访中,你都提到了你和角色之间的联系。那么在目前播放的Aldnoah Zero重,你觉得你和伊奈帆之间的联系是什么?
4. 欧洲出现了债务危机。日本面临自然灾害。曾经是全球亮点的新兴市场也失去了光芒。近来意大利、埃及和泰国等国频现政治危机,这或许表明全球市场可能将出现新一轮动荡。
5. The show airs on CBS December 4.
6. Deepening reform in major sectors and key links


1. "Our data show that the user gave her age as 28, not 13, as reported in the media," the employee said.
2. 单词extravagant 联想记忆:
3. 新年来临,祝新年快乐,愿你时时刻刻幸福欢乐!
4. in无,fin范围-无范围的-无限的
5. [p?'tenl]
6. “The impact of lower prices on the slide in profits is worsening,” he said.


1. 2010年中国的计生政策将发生变化吗?
2. n. 改革,改良
3. Pop superstar Gaga also took home the award for best actress in a limited television series or movie for her role as the villainous Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. The Born This Way singer made an emotional speech as she was awarded a Golden Globe for her role in the HBO hit.
4. Finally, only two schools join the open ranking for the first time this year. Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University comes straight in at 32 and Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona is ranked 68th out of 75.
5. The slower acceleration also tracks with trends in real estate investment, which felt a (slight) bite from property purchasing curbs in top-tier cities last month as nation-wide sales also decelerated in both volume and value terms.
6. In a bid to change their looks, 20 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 49 in Seoul, the country's capital city, admitted they had gone under the knife.


1. nutrition
2. 据美国艾美仕医疗信息研究所周四发布的名为《全球用药:展望2018》的报告,2013年的药品费用支出提高了7个百分点,而2014年的药品总支出将达1.06万亿美元。
3. adj. 可能的,潜在的

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