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1.本市集中调整2017年六项社保待遇标准 增加部分7月发放到位
4.百强房企市场份额升至58% 行业集中度加速提升
5.国家官员谈房地产税 将在市场回暖后继续推进


1. 包括圣诞购物季在内,第四季度的电脑出货量共计7190万台。IDC方面表示,这是自IDC公司开始追踪该数据以来最大的降幅。
2. They will get more creative in 2018, including on non-cash benefits. Bank of America, for example, has just introduced a programme allowing employees of the global banking and markets unit to take a sabbatical — on full pay — for up to six weeks in a year. There are conditions: people must have been with the bank for at least a decade, and can request the time once every five years, to a maximum of three. But in a memo circulated this week, seen by the Financial Times, chief operating officer Tom Montag urged eligible employees to consider it.
3. 今年,纽约市公寓的平均售价突破了100万美元(约合人民币623万元),这是一个影响深远的里程碑。随着城市人口的激增,错过了上一轮楼市繁荣期的社区,都见证了房价和楼盘数量的增长。
4. China has been making progress in terms of prevention and control of AIDS, said Wang Bin, an NHC official in charge of disease prevention, during the press conference.
5. The first is to view Asia as a market that has proved resistant to rapid development and will require significant structural and regulatory change before taking off. The second sees the possibility of sudden upside surprise.
6. 我们不会越俎代庖,不会超越区域去做不应是中国做的事情。


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1、开发商抢滩天津 首创一季度天津业绩超北京
2、人为制造房源紧张 福建一房产公司被调查
3、红木“囧途” 高身价已一去不复返
4、LED照明行业又现跨界剥离 行业竞争激烈外面世界更精彩?
5、传统媒体逐渐边缘化 橱柜企业需以用户为中心
6、2015一二线房价继续下滑 房地产暴利时代结束....


      Rents at the top end of the market have fallen 6.4 per cent, more sharply than in any other city except Nairobi, according to Knight Frank, the property company. Last year, just after prices fell in September, Adidas, the sportswear group, leased a 13,000 square foot shop in the city for 22 per cent less than its former occupier, Coach, the accessories brand.