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1.LED照明企业“插足”冬奥会 这些LED标准你们知道吗?
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3.住建部曝光违规房企中介 天津四家公司被查处
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1. When contraband goods made from prohibited wildlife are seized in the United States, they find their way to the National Wildlife Property Repository near Denver. Pictures taken by Tristan Spinski from inside the facility — shoes made of leopard skin, a lamp made with zebra hooves, a sea turtle’s skull, an elephant foot stool — “testify to the human appetite for other species,” Rachel Nuwer wrote for The Times in July.
2. 单词inspection 联想记忆:
3. It was the lesson of the UK general election and it's the big 'takeaway' from Cannes too: prediction is a mug's game. All week the chatter was that Todd Haynes' lesbian love story Carol was set to collect the Palme d'Or – or that Holocaust drama Son of Saul from first-time director László Nemes would triumph. In the last few days a consensus began to form around The Assassin from Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien; according to British bookmakers, The Lobster was the one to beat. But when Jacques Audiard's Dheepan was announced as the winner, the response was a collective “really?” For all the pundits, critics' panels, insider gossip, statistics and God knows what else, few had picked it. Oh well: c'est la vie.
4. 4.Thank you so much! I just love it! – Because telling someone that their gift sucked would make me look like an insensitive jerk。
5. pandemic
6. Harvard topped the league table, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.


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1、养老业迎减税红包 明年市场规模或达7.8万亿
2、存款增速创40年新低 “消失”的存款搬家去了楼市和理财?
5、告别“公摊”计价 中国房价会涨吗?