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1. 在证监会分类的18个行业中,金融业高管以2736万元的年薪排名第一,地产业高管以1118万元的年薪位居次席。
2. 6. Cutting Down on Saturated Fats Could Preserve Your Memory
3. The total foreign trade volume between China and Germany reached 999.1 billion yuan (USD about 145.3 billion) in 2016, with a year-on-year growth of 2.6 percent, according to statistics released by China's General Administration of Customs.
4. 当然我们不可能列举出所有女性,这个榜单的评选范围仅限于那些名气较大的女星。下面就让我们来见识一下这些热辣美女吧。
5. 6. 《出租车》(Taxi),导演贾法·帕纳西(Jafar Panahi)。
6. 恭贺新禧,祝身体健康、事业发达。


1. n. 外表,外貌,出现,出场,露面
2. ['t?ɑ:t?]
3. 10. Knighted Penguin
4. 史赛克公司(Stryker)的创始人就是“翻身床”的发明者,借助这个设备,卧床的病人无需挪动身体就能改变在病床上的位置。顺其自然地,这家医疗设备制造商也向自家员工及其家属出借医疗床,分毫不收。
5. 汤姆·佩蒂
6. 3.在戛纳,他们说英语


1. Stand: Costco CEO Craig Jelinek refused to open on Thanksgiving Day
2. Recent years have seen a return of the bacterial infection, reaching numbers not seen since the 1960s, with admissions for a primary diagnosis more than doubling between 2010/11 and 2017/18, from 429 to more than 1,300.
3. A heartfelt coming-of-age story that perfectly captures the bittersweet transition from adolescence to dawning adulthood...
4. This has happened elsewhere.
5. 据悉,这个女孩来自上海,在两个月间每天都通过她妈妈的手机和银行卡,给这名男子网上支付1900元到9500元不等。
6. Hillary stays on: Clinton’s CV is chock full of firsts: The only first lady to become a U.S. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state. Now a private citizen, she continues to be one of the most watched and listened-to women on the planet. All bets on that she will be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and the free world’s presumptive next leader. She’s done little to quiet the chatter, including hitting the speaking circuit last month at an estimated $200,000 fee per event and inking a reported $14 million book deal.


1. n. 规章制度,草案,协议,外交礼仪
2. adj. 方便的,便利的
3. Rose Wang
4. Spending on medicines in "pharmergingmarkets" will rise more than 50 percent over the next five years, ThePharma Letter said, citing IMS.
5. Emily Ratajkowski managed to steal the show, opting for a seriously saucy twist on the classic ballgown. Opting for a semi-sheer lacey black number, the We Are Your Friends actress ensured her world-famous figure was on display.
6. While the FT online and full-time MBAs are not strictly comparable because the criteria used to judge them are slightly different, it is interesting to note that IE and Warwick Business School are among six schools to feature in both rankings.


1. 联合国世界知识产权组织(WIPO)、英士国际商学院和美国康奈尔大学联合发布的年度报告显示,全球第二大经济体正在赶追创新领域那些传统的领先者。目前,第一集团主要是由瑞士、瑞典、英国和美国引领。
2. 麦高恩说“让女性发怒还很难”,MeToo支持者“为自己编写了一部小说”,并没有直面好莱坞的本质。
3. China has continued to synchronize enterprises and institutions to raise the basic pension for over 100m retirees in 2017.

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