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1. 娱乐时尚:性感林赛罗韩大"血拼"
2. Christmas arrived on schedule for the U.S. auto industry as a spurt of sales put the wrapping on a surprisingly successful year. Analysts predicted that sales in December could hit a seasonally-adjusted rate of 17 million, which would be the first month at that rate in nearly six years. That would push 2013 sales up to a robust 15.7 million units.
3. 人类想知道“这是为什么?”
4. It's a travel pillow that bends to support your head in any position.
5. As the calendar flips to December it’s not too early to think about the inevitability of tanking. Who should do it, who should wait, and who shouldn’t ever consider it. Flanns and Zillz discuss.
6. 时尚界通常视历史为潜在灵感的百宝囊,可供随时汲取、混合搭配。即便如此,目前这一阶段对历史的依赖也太过极端。


1. 谷歌发布了今年用户搜索最多的热门榜单。
2. 扎克伯格还协助成立了一个名为FWD.us的游说团体,旨在推动美国的移民和教育改革。
3. A. O. Scott
4. About 40 per cent of entrepreneurs derive most of their income from their company with an average salary of about $194,000 compared to $171,000 for non-entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in Asia/Oceania seem to be the most successful. Nearly half (48 per cent) of them earn most of their income from their company and earn the highest salary ($251,000 on average), just ahead of those based in the Middle-East ($244,000).
5. Pork prices, which are heavily weighted in the food-focused basket of goods used to calculate consumer inflation, rose 4.8 per cent.
6. Google's top 10 searches for 2017–Global


1. Look no further than the title sponsor on their building—Smoothie King, a regional drink shop—to realize that the Pelicans have a serious relevancy problem. (By contrast, the NFL's Saints play in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome next door.)
2. 猛龙总经理马塞-尤吉利做了两笔交易,使猛龙有机会体验他们第二次东部决赛旅程:分别从魔术和太阳换来伊巴卡和塔克。
3. However, its alumni are the most mobile internationally, with 85 per cent of the class of 2014 having worked abroad.
4. A lot of the best James Bond theme songs sound like they belong in a lounge act. That's not a complaint, just an observation. For whatever reason, the English new wave act Duran Duran was given free reign to provide A View to a Kill with a new and exciting sound all its own. "A View to a Kill" was a hit song, and it probably would have been a success even without the James Bond connection. It's entertaining and cool and energetic, and it promises one hell of a good time. (Whether or not the movie actually lives up to that promise is a matter of some debate.)
5. Length of program: 21 months
6. succumb


1. The US has the most universities of any country in the overall ranking, with 221 schools earning a spot. The countries with the next-highest numbers of schools in the ranking are China and Japan with 136 and 76, respectively.
2. a
3. 2. You've suddenly become a Twitter thought leader。
4. New investment in Europe was up 28 per cent on the $18bn registered in 2014, a smaller increase than 2014’s doubling of the 2013 figure. Investment in the US was up 17 per cent compared on 2014’s level of $12.8bn.
5. “但书中又总是有人质疑他、说服他、跟他说‘慢着’。”
6. v. 决定,决心,确定,测定


1. It is interpreted that in general, college education facilitates a long-term income advantage.
2. 现在的假手除了具备手的外形外,几乎没有其他功能。当然,这些假手能够拿东西和保持身体平衡,但是它们缺乏人手最重要的功能之一——触感。装了假手的人在碰触到一样物品时,如果不用眼睛看,是没法判断东西的。
3. 在开放课程排行榜中,基于对参加课程高管的调查,瑞士洛桑国际管理发展学院在最重要的10项指标上得分特别高。该校在3项指标上排第一,在其他7项指标上都排前五。

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