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1. The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.
2. 8.Show Appreciation
3. 格温妮丝·帕特罗(Gwyneth Paltrow)曾出演《莎翁情史》(Shakespeare in Love)获最佳女主角奖,并成为好莱坞明星。为了避免在发表获奖感言时出现混乱,她却把小金人藏了起来,因为“这东西吓坏我了”。
4. 历史学家希望解开有关理查三世的谜团,公开证据以反驳他杀害了两个年轻侄子的说法,重点关注他在位两年期间的成就,包括建立了保释制度和法律援助制度。
5. Grab your rolling bag, and pack your patience. The holiday air travel season is about to begin. And if you want to have a stress-free trip, the best advice we can give is to fly west.
6. awkward


1. We will take solid steps to pursue a new type of urbanization.
2. "Pandas used to be really difficult to breed in captivity, but the Chengdu base and other zoos around the world have cracked the problem and now there are around 400 in captivity," Mr Marven said.
3. 艾伦是一名优秀的喜剧演员并凭借自2003年起主持由她自己名字命名的脱口秀节目而被观众喜爱熟知。
4. “From one son of the South and sports fanatic to another, my hat’s off to you,” tweeted Bill Clinton, the former US president, in response to the article.
5. Last year was especially striking because global heat records were broken or tied in every month except January and April, researchers said.
6. The dumbest 'smart' objects of 2016


1. 去年,在报名参考的139万人中,只有93万人最终进入了考场。
2. 1 October
3. 《极盗车神》
4. Faber laughs at Bernanke's remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin 'tapering, or scaling back it's stimulative quantitative easing (QE) program later this year.' Yes, laughed.
5. 以人民币计算,12月份出口环比成功增长0.6%,超过了收缩0.1%的预期,不过仍大大低于11月份5.9%的增幅。以人民币计的进口增长10.8%,是预期4.8%的增幅的两倍以上,不过仍比上个月低2.2个百分点。
6. Effectively strengthening environmental protection


1. 联系方式:Debbie McNally, Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty, (612) 388-1790;
2. 3.3M公司
3. 5.你午饭谈了四个小时那么久或者有太多的牙医预约。
4. "Migration should be an option, a choice. But for 200 million people, it's a necessity," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview.
5. 但是,斯蒂文森称“这或许反映出美国在保护本国钢铁制造商方面比欧盟更大胆”。
6. The statement said: "We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture."


1. Don't Make Yourself Too Comfortable
2. Winners at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards :
3. The values of the citizenry are a democracy’s most important asset.

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