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1. 以下是我们精选的本届科隆游戏展最值得关注的新游戏。
2. The expansion would be considered impressive in most markets, but it represents an ongoing slowdown for China, the world's second-largest film territory and a continual source of growth for Hollywood for the better part of a decade.
3. Chester Bennington
4. in无,fin范围-无范围的-无限的
5. 13. iPhone Reminders
6. Besides Edhec and HEC, Essec Business School, ESCP Europe and Skema Business School are in third, fourth and sixth places respectively.


1. There were more than 8m Chinese tourist arrivals in the country last year — up 36 per cent year-on-year, said Mr Wang. The numbers had continued to increase even after Seoul announced the deployment of Thaad, he added.
2. 现在甚至还出现了标准的煽动剧本。
3. 另一种看法是,油价在过去三年中的变动,是长期结构性变化的开始,预示着下一个50年里,能源价格按实际值计算将显著低于上一个50年。简单地说,持这种看法的人认为,供给的增长潜力超过需求增长。
4. Writing for a Comedy Series: Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, “Master of None” (“Parents”)
5. n. 慈善,慈善机关(团体), 仁慈,宽厚
6. 2100万人口的北京在2015年总消费达到了1.86万亿元,同比增长8.7%。仅消费一项就占据了城市70%的GDP增长。


1. Take solid and effective steps to cut overcapacity
2. 下面这条消息,可以给人带来一线希望:市价房的租金太高了,它们明年可能涨不了多少。“好消息是,租金不会再涨了,”米勒说,“坏消息是,它们很可能也不会下降。”
3. Officials with the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said the film industry in China kept a steady development momentum in 2016 amid the "new normal" of the country's economic development.
4. 这是光明的季节,也是黑暗的季节……
5. Consumer prices rose 2.3 per cent year-on-year, more than expectations of 1.8 per cent. That is the biggest rise since July 2014. They had risen 1.8 per cent in January.
6. 5.Emma Watson


1. 数月前,18岁的安娜·费斯·卡尔森在一张艾丽莎的宣传立板边照了张相,发布到了网上,她立刻变成了网络红人。
2. We believe our initiative of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a response to the call of our time, the government self-targeted reform of streamlining administration and delegating power is also to boost this public enthusiasm for business start-ups and making innovations.
3. The drama and the original game have a large fan base and enjoy great popularity in China, and even elsewhere in Asia.
4. 单词entertainment 联想记忆:
5. The sketch of a monkey in an ink painting was made by Chinese contemporary artist Han Meilin, who also designed the "Fuwa" mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The ink painting was deemed "cute" by most web users, and represents a traditional art style. The program producer named the monkey "Kang Kang", which means "healthy" in Chinese.
6. We will continue to encourage people to start businesses and make innovations.


1. 14. 《与外婆同行》(Grandma),导演:保罗·韦兹(Paul Weitz)。
2. 最佳轿车品牌:马自达
3. 在此次数据发布前,澳新银行(ANZ)经济学家表示他们预计1月份通胀将回暖,原因是粮食价格上涨,此外他们预计商品价格走低也会对CPI造成影响。

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