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1. 中国正考虑出售在政府补贴政策下累积的过剩储备。
2. May the beauty and joy of New Year remain with you throughout the new year!
3. Wages will finally accelerate after years of stagnation
4. infect+ion→传染;感化
5. 6、A股保卫战
6. Technology is hardly a brand new phenomenon in the legal world — many firms now have partnerships with AI and machine-learning businesses, while some have set up their own “incubators” or invested in lawtech start-ups. But the trend has reached critical mass and will accelerate sharply in 2018.


1. 201202/172834.shtml
2. 作为2014年资本计划的一部分内容,这家总部位于加州旧金山的银行表示将把股票回购量增加3.50亿股,总额达到近170亿美元。它还将派息提高约17%,达到了每股0.35美元。
3. But the UK courts may land a heavy blow on ride-hailing app Uber. In 2017, the California-based company failed to persuade an appeal judge that two of its London drivers are independent contractors. In 2018, the test case will go to the Court of Appeal and possibly to the Supreme Court. If Uber loses the case and is told to assume the responsibilities of an employer, the implications will ripple far and wide.
4. 没有什么比老板所说和所做不一样更糟糕了,也没有什么比守信用更重要了。就像经理们一定要相信他们的团队,员工一定要相信他们的老板心中会为他们带来最佳利益。
5. 1. Cannes has a dirty underbelly
6. 智能床垫


1. In addition, the top-ranking cities typically performed poorly in costs and culture and lifestyle. China's "cities of opportunity" continue to face challenges when it comes to building cities that satisfy the needs of the populace and provide a high quality of life.
2. The film critics of The New York Times — Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott — share their picks for the best movies of the year.
3. Revenge epic The Revenant was named best drama picture and DiCaprio and Inarritu walked to the stage to collect it together.
4. 问:你有觉得自己的哪部作品被低估了,或者希望它能够更火一点吗?
5. 根据美国影院业主协会的数据显示,2015年全球影院收益达383亿美元创新高,中国贡献了68亿美元的票房收入,较上一年增长了近五成。
6. 单词muscular 联想记忆:


1. adj. 平的,与飞机有关的
2. Investigators have arrested one youth and one 18-year-old in connection to the July 9th shooting.
3. 在面试中,每个人都说自己又很强的团队合作能力,快速的学习能力。告诉我一些别的好嘛。
4. In comparison, second-tier cities reported worsening congestion, an increase of 3.7% on average, with Chongqing, Changchun, Jiaxing and Shenyang leading the rate of growth at over 7%.
5. The office predicts the number of football schools will increase to 20,000 this year and reach 50,000 by 2025.
6. 推特方面日前表示,在今年8月弗吉尼亚州夏洛特维尔爆发种族骚乱后,奥巴马发布的一条推文是今年转推量第2多的推文,转推量达170万次以上。


1. cheerfulness
2. con全部+fid相信+ent表示形容词,“…的”→自信的
3. 但我预计其他银行将效仿此举。在不涨薪的前提下,任何让优秀员工保持活力和积极性的办法都值得考虑。

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