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1. Obama scored narrow wins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire - all states that Romney had contested - while the only swing state captured by Romney was North Carolina, according to network projections。
2. 这款高端机型将成为苹果产品阵容的一名新成员,加入去年发布的、升级步伐较小的iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus的行列。
3. 除了跳舞,玛蒂还唱歌和表演,她已经出演了电视剧《美女上错身》(Drop Dead Diva)和《奥斯汀与艾丽》(Austin & Ally)。
4. The advantages for schools seem clear: they enjoy the benefits of bright graduates who would otherwise have gone straight into consulting.
5. Switzerland, Sweden and the UK again occupied the top three slots in the ranking. Fifteen of the top 25 economies in the GII come from Europe.
6. 精准加力补短板。


1. Technology:Cadillac will introduce high-resolution video streaming in the rearview mirror, which improves the field of vision by about four times greater than a traditional mirror by removing obstructions like pillars and passengers. Just the thing for aging Cadillac drivers with stiff necks. Coming next: a “beep, beep, beep” signal like that used by garbage trucks whenever the car is driven in reverse.
2. 我倒是并不担心费城、凤凰城和明尼苏达的球队。他们队伍都很年轻,都在重建的路上。如果他们能够取得进步,那很好,就算没有,他们也能获得高顺位的选秀权。而篮网队则是另一个故事了,我们稍后会讨论到他们。
3. 8.Show Appreciation
4. Influenced by the current economic situation, and resource relocation in China's financial market, the banking industry is away from the high-speed growth period, the expert added.
5. ['k?midi]
6. Whether China opens the stock floodgates or not will be a major price-driver in cotton and sugar — and potentially also in corn, soyabean or vegetable oil — markets in 2017, the bank said in its report.


1. 4. Statistician
2. GDP growth of around 6.5 percent, or higher if possible in practice.
3. fF&h#Y~]lvc
4. n. 温室,暖房
5. Meme-sharing Facebook groups have become a new college tradition, Mic reported last week, with students across the country trading inside jokes and fighting battles with rival universities via screenshot and caption.
6. "I'm not really worried about it, honestly," Bryant said. "My shooting will be better."


1. 7成以上受访者表示,实现自我价值是创业的最大动机。
2. The People’s Bank of China has long intervened in foreign-exchange markets to hedge against excessive volatility. Since August, however, such intervention has expanded from the domestic spot market, which covers daily transactions, to include the offshore renminbi market in Hong Kong, as well as both onshore and offshore futures markets, traders say.
3. Female and male participants typically have similar profiles at the start of their EMBA.
4. 年度最佳艺人:卢克·布莱恩
5. People are still looking at old masters for pleasure, if not as lucrative investments. Sotheby’s said 6,000 people visited its Dec. 5 to 9 viewing, compared with the 6,400 who saw its Impressionist and contemporary sales in June. At the lower end of the price scale, many historic paintings do find a market — Christie’s and Sotheby’s day sales of old master paintings on Dec. 9 and 10 had solid-enough selling rates of 67 and 65 percent apiece.
6. 推进国际贸易和投资自由化便利化。


1. 单词adolescent 联想记忆:
2. 中国的股市能否重回6000点?
3. The Bloomberg soft commodities index has gained 21 per cent, compared with 24 per cent for industrial metals and 1.5 per cent for energy.

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