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1. Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
2. Beijing targets consumer prices inflation at 3.5 per cent, but weakening growth is keeping prices benign.
3. The girl, said to be from Shanghai, paid the man between 1,900 and 9,500 yuan every day over a two-month period through online payments using her mother's mobile phone and debit card.
4. n.
5. 4.Captain America: Civil War
6. Télécom Business School in France and Prague’s University of Economics have the most gender-balanced faculty, with exactly 50 per cent women, while Switzerland’s University of Zurich is the least balanced, with only 9 per cent. Switzerland’s IMD has the most international faculty, with 94 per cent of them from overseas, while faculty at Politecnico di Milano School of Management are all Italian.


1. n. 美德,德行,优点,贞操
2. 'The book is true to the character and keeps him as fans would want him, which is as the original hard-bitten guy,' he said.
3. 本文为与《创业者》杂志的合作内容。下文最初发表于。
4. Current edition of the World Cup is on pace to average more goals per game than any tournament since 1958.
5. But what about the tens of thousands of Irish fans? They're out of control.
6. Despots use the former as an excuse for repression and the latter to demand absolute obedience.


1. Li Xiaojin, a professor at Civil Aviation University of China's Economics and Management College, said that rapidly increasing numbers of flights and limited airspace for civil aviation are the major reasons for delays.
2. 然而抓捕犯罪团伙十分困难。非法肉类食品常常混藏在水果蔬菜等农产品之间,卡车司机收到好处费后也拒绝承认对此事知情。
3. 深化生态文明体制改革。
4. property
5. 如果没有别的,很明显,夏天交易期并不代表NBA赛季的停止,它只是换了个档而已。
6. How you think about your workbeing very popular in the west?


1. 他说,到1997-98年亚洲金融危机爆发时,美联储的回应已变得更加迅速,它退出了紧缩周期,担心东南亚的动荡会影响美国经济。
2. Belmonte's 1950 ticket will be displayed at a Zurich museum that is set to open in 2015, according to Jerome Valcke, FIFA's secretary general. "This is something rare we would like to have for the museum," he said.
3. As if 2016 hadn’t been hard enough for China’s workforce, an annual survey has revealed that more than half of the country’s white-collar employees got no year-end bonus ahead of the upcoming (and costly) lunar new year holiday.
4. 此外,华为在2016年最后一季度第一次实现了2位数的全球市场占有率。
5. v. 劳累,拉紧,过份
6. 读:炸-震动


1. 祝你在新的一年里身体健康,多福多寿。
2. 这一问题也打击了中国在WTO框架内获得市场经济地位的努力。中国声称,在其加入WTO满15周年的今年12月,应当自动获得市场经济地位。如果中国获得了该地位,那么这可能影响美国等国对中国发起反倾销案的能力,因为这将使他们不能用替代国的价格进行比价。
3. Other commentators, such as Raoul Leering, head of international trade analysis at ING, the Dutch financial group, fear the outlook is bleak even in the short term.

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