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1. Sebastian Payne
2. the truly embarrassing press conference from Vlade Divac, the leaks of Vivek Ranadive's lust for Buddy Hield, and the failure to sell off a host of spare veteran roster parts that theoretically could have been turned into picks.
3. 安妮-西尔万沙萨尼(Anne-Sylvaine Chassany)
4. 他们在培养核心球员,寻求合适的角色球员。他们可是湖人队啊,对他们而言,很有可能会有一到两个有实力的自由球员主动投怀送抱。
5. London, meanwhile, is expected to welcome 18.88 million visitors this year.
6. It is a timely warning. His findings, he writes, “point to a heightened risk of emerging market crises in the coming years as the Fed continues to normalise interest rates”.


1. 《至暗时刻》
2. vaccine
3. 1.Fingers That Store Digital Files
4. 谷歌英国的搜索结果分为热门趋势搜索榜和搜索次数排行榜。
5. Sixty Vocab:
6. ['temp?r?ri]


1. v. 引导,指挥,管理
2. 《经济学人》的数据显示,在2010年,亚洲的整形手术总量超过了580万例,而在美国这个数字仅为450万多一点。
3. China’s trade surplus grew to Rmb496.2bn last month from Rmb382.1bn in December. Economists expected it to inch higher to Rmb389bn. In dollar terms, China’s trade surplus rose to $63.29bn from $60.09 in December and versus expectations of $60.6bn.
4. 亲朋好友称Ross是一个充满活力有梦想的女孩子,她走到哪里,都会被她点亮。她去世后几天,她的母亲Alicia Jesquith告诉记者,女儿突然离世,她需要一个答案。
5. Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that can make you sick.
6. Don’t cry for the WTO


2. Chen is followed by Yang Huiyan, the 35-year-old heiress to Country Garden, a property development company based in Guangdong. Yang is worth 48.5 billion yuan.
3. Two Chinese universities have been placed in the top 20 of this year's Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, according to data released last Thursday.
4. 《人物》评选的电影史上35位美人(1)
5. 4.嘘声不仅仅是个手势
6. During a town hall hosted by MSNBC on last Monday night, host Rachel Maddow asked Clinton whether she would match a campaign promise Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made good on earlier this year.


1. [in'spekn]
2. 《受虐待经历影响的瑞典“女权主义外交政策”倡导者》(Sweden’s Proponent of ‘Feminist Foreign Policy,’ Shaped by Abuse)
3. 4.You Don't Like Most of Your Coworkers

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    Import growth lifted year-on-year to a pace of 17.7 per cent for the period, up from 17.2 per cent a month earlier and beating an expected rate of 11.3 per cent.

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    More advanced components are in short supply, however, which could leave many customers waiting long after September to get hold of the new iPhone. That presents an opportunity for rivals such as Samsung’s new Note 8 or Essential, the smartphone maker led by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, which is targeting premium customers such as Apple’s with its slick $699 device. Google is also said to be preparing a new version of its Pixel smartphone, which has proved popular with early adopters.

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    Also important to EMBA entrepreneurs was the support of their school and alumni network. About three-quarters of entrepreneurs thought that both the school and their alumni network were helpful or very helpful when setting up their company. “Alumni support was key to getting the idea vetted and getting the right contacts needed for the business”, said one.

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    Kristen Stewart definitely did some 'butt' kicking at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2013 on Saturday. The star strutted down the purple carpet in a dazzlingly deep blue and black top and tiny shorts that had a miniscule checkerboard pattern. Kristen was nominated for two awards at the live show - Favorite Movie Actress for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and Favorite Female Buttkicker for Snow White and the Huntsman.